Last Dance… (WOT)

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How boring is this constant Trump vs Trump scenario getting?  His popularity is at 49% and getting more popular every day.  Yeah, the American public know what “good” is.  85% of the American population has never left their American homeland.  That leaves the 15% that have immigrated from someplace else.  No one wants to ask many serious questions anymore.  Right now, all the rage is about 1968 and the Vietnam war and the ramifications to our society.   Well, Bob Dylan said it best:  “Masters of War”.  He also did a great: “Talkin World War III Blues! And of course ” Subterranean Homesick Blues!” Yep, we lost Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy right after LBJ said he wasn’t going to run again for President.  LBJ had already taken out Malcolm X and JFK……so just a couple more folks gone was no big deal.    Anyway, LBJ, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon are starting to look like nice guys compared to the current White House resident.  Does anyone honestly think that he actually knows what a Global Economy is or how it works?

Well, as Inflation blows the doors off the economy of most Americans:  Gasoline up 33%, Prescription Drugs up 33%, Cost of  Rent and Housing up 33%, Targeting Goods from China (Soon to go up 33%), Targeting NAFTA Goods….which includes plenty of automobiles and light trucks (Soon going up to 33%)….the cost of paper goods, food and anything that contain metal (Soon up 33%)….well, we are now starting to get the picture…..that by upsetting China (Now totally rejecting our GMO Soybeans, Wheat and Corn as well as our Jack Daniels Whiskey.) that maybe the cost of those stuff animals it going to shoot up quickly!  Yes fellas and gals….the wheels are soon coming off the trailer.  When we have to send our troops to Yemen to help the Sunni Saudi’s……you know we have problems!  When we can’t even shut down the Opium Poppy supply of Afghanistan after 17 years……you know we have some problems.  When we have to artificially pump up the cost of a barrel of oil in order to save the Russian economy….you know we have some problems.  When we go from total Energy Independent (under Obama) to Energy poor and still sending refined gasoline to Asia….you know we have some problems.  When we want to go with Iran and have to have our Israeli buddies set the stage….you know we have some problems. When we have to bring in polluted oil from Canada on the Keystone and Dakota Pipelines and pollute of Midwest Water Table….you know we have some problems.

America! A place for growth by bringing in immigrants (now-shutting down the borders so the entire real estate market falls like a rock) so The Trumpster Companies and family can buy these properties for a song….and wait till the Democrats take over next year to make billions!  Heck, maybe we are just totally off the mark.  Maybe we are the fake news?  Maybe, when people look in the mirror…..they see Trump, not even themselves anymore!  Every time this guy goes to brush his teeth, it gets covered by CNN, MSNBC or Fox News!  Why?  They never covered Obama speaking to the Girl Scouts of America.  Is anyone as sick to their stomachs as we are….just trying to watch the news?  The only bright spot seems to feature Kim Jong Un, President Xi and Prime Minister Moon.  Amazing really!  Little did we know that North Korea was going to win the Nobel Peace Prize and enter into a grand Unification of the Korea Peninsula!  But then Kim is born on Elvis Presley’s birthday!  Who would have thought?

So some serious questions: (1) Can the Democrats take back the House of Representatives in November? (2) Can the unimaginable happen and have the Democrats take back the United States Senate in November, 2018 too? (3) Can the Democrats roll back over 100 things that the Trump Administration done, before 2020? (4) Can Stormy Daniels create her own Hotel Chain with Trump’s money? (5) Can over 10 Trump Administration Officials be found guilty of wrong doing before November 2018?  (6) Can we get rid of all the Trump coverage and Big Pharma Ads on television before November of 2018?  (7)  Will the Israeli’s ever agree to a Two-State Solution?  Ah, there are probably another 25 more things, but we will stop our wish list right there!

Donna Summer was the Disco Queen of the 1980’s and one of her best songs was:  “Last Dance”.  She also did one that is also quite appropriate:  “Works Hard for the Money”! which of course applies to the Trump Administration.  Anyway, if you have time, write down your three wishes for 2018 and let us know!

[Edited to add: this post has been designated as your official Weekend Open Thread.  Yakkity-yak.]

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