Another CA-48 Dem withdraws & backs Rouda – thank you Michael Kotick!

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Michael, Harley.

So the latest from the 48th Congressional District (Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa and Newport down to Laguna Beach) is this:  Michael Kotick, the 3rd or 4th highest polling Democrat in the race to beat Dana Rohrabacher and Scott Baugh, has followed in the footsteps of Laura Oatman, dropped out of the race and backed Democratic frontrunner Harley Rouda, whose fundraising also dwarves that of the others.

Laura and Michael will remain on the ballot – it’s too late for them to get off – but they are asking their followers to work for and support Harley.  There now remain three Democrats actively campaigning for themselves – DPOC insider choice scientist Hans Keirstead, Rachel Payne who emphasizes being a woman, and Omar Siddiqi who emphasizes being a minority.  (We hope Rachel and Omar soon follow the honorable leads of Laura and Michael.)

Kotick (it’s like they’re all characters in a sitcom pilot) was the YOUNG GUY, who appealed to the MILLENNIALS with his youthful energy and progressive Bernie Sanders politics.  We hope Michael is successful in getting these folks behind Harley, who’s looking increasingly like the only hope for change in my old home district.  This comes the same day as Harley gets the coveted endorsement of California’s LaborFed. Increasingly we wonder what the DPOC was thinking when they went with the erratic Hans. 

Anyways, here’s Michael’s video statement, click the link if it doesn’t show:

Our campaign has some big news. As of today, I am withdrawing my candidacy from the #CA48 congressional race. When I entered this race, one of my top priorities was to see Dana Rohrabacher defeated by a Democrat in November. Under California's top-two primary system, the current crowded field of 16 candidates does not ensure this will happen. Our country is laced with division and the most important job for those who care about their community is to bring people together. Each Democratic candidate would represent our community well. Moving forward, I will be supporting Harley Rouda. Harley has shown a consistent commitment to building support from the community-up and continues to gain momentum and momentum wins races. I maintain a firm commitment to serving the community and actively engaging to help defeat Dana Rohrabacher and elect Democrats up and down the ballot in Orange County. I am deeply grateful for your support throughout this campaign. This country and our communities are worth fighting for and we’re not done yet.

Posted by Michael Kotick for Congress on Wednesday, April 11, 2018

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