Last Day of Filing for (Most) June Primary Races: Your One-Stop Briefing Shop!

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Could Royce and Issa really arise tomorrow from the political dead? Read on!


With the possible exception of some late filing reports due from from Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and San Diego Counties, this is the most recent full report of where things stand as we head into the last day of filing for OC’s June primary races.

Friday is the last day for candidates to file for races in which the incumbent — term-limited Governor Jerry Brown, for example — is not eligible to seek re-election.  (In races where an incumbent could file for re-election, but doesn’t get through the door of their home county’s Registrar of Voters’ office by 5:00 p.m. — Ed Royce’s CA-39 and Darrell Issa’s CA-49 being presumed examples — the deadline is extended until Wednesday with the incumbent barred from re-entering the race.)  So we’re overdue for a clear look at who’s in and who’s out, just before the lineup for most races are set.  We’ll start with the state executive races — where OC could yet make what passes for big news — and work our way all the way down past AD-74 to the final County race (it’s Treasurer-Tax Collector, if you’re the type to skip ahead to the last page.)

But first — stay alert for the possibility of the shocker story of the year. I find that in politics it usually pays to imagine the worst thing that could happen, rather than taking what seems to be developing for granted.  We have a huge possible “worst thing” today: and I doubt that my fellow Democrats are prepared for it.

We’ve known for months that Representatives Ed Royce and Darrell Issa were leaving their seats (although Issa has been rumored to still be interested in staying in Congress.)  What if they just changed their minds today and filed for re-election?

Well, a Democrat might say, that’s not a problem: we’d just beat them!  No we wouldn’t — not if we didn’t have candidates capable of doing so locked and loaded by 5:00 p.m. today!

Royce and Issa are leaving the door open for filing to continue until Wednesday by failing to file for seats for which they are eligible to seek re-election.  What people seem to forget is that, by that same token, they could file today and slam those doors shut, possibly catching their opponent’s flat-footed.  After all, they’re leaving because they presume that they would otherwise lose — but what if they look at the competition as of 4:00 today and say “against that line-up, I don’t think I would lose”?

If Royce or Issa take a look at the lineup in their races and decide that they like how weak it looks, and they jump back in, filing abruptly ends five days earlier than expected.  This may seem like longshot, but with so many freaking Democrats in the races and unable to get out once they’ve declared their candidacy, it could be tempting.  One key indicator here as to whether this is possible is: how many Republicans, and which ones, have actually filed, rather than just announcing?  For example, would Royce really betray his protege Young Kim, whom he’s already endorsed, and who’s already committed to being on the ballot in CA-39?  My answer is: sure!  In fact, even if he doesn’t actually want to run again, he might be able to help her by catching Democrats flat-footed, before they’ve finished filing.

We’ll get to that possibility in due time.  (Or you can skip down to CA-39 and CA-49 now.)  First. let’s start at the top of the ballot, with the …


Speaking of candidates with a flair for the dramatic, the only interesting contribution OC has to make in any of the state executive races regards whether Travis (the Peacock)  Allen actually gets into the Governor’s race or not.  Travis, fourteen months (appropriately enough) after accusing Democratic legislators of supporting teen prostitution — before dropping mention of this (alleged) atrocity because apparently Travis Allen doesn’t care enough about stopping teen prostitution to continue talking about it once the photo shoot is over — still, as of the day before filing ends, has not actually signed up to run for Governor in what is presumably still his home county!  He’s making all of the moves one would expect of a hapless and doomed gubernatorial candidate — a rally in Buena Park, calling on Attorney General Sessions to sue his state — but if he’s in a car accident on the way to the OC ROV this morning and spends more than 9 hours in the hospital, he’s not running after all.  Is the AN … TICI … … … … PATION killing you?  Apparently, it’s what Travis is relying on to get into the headlines.  So STAY OUT OF TRACTION, TRAVIS!  We need you on the stump, explaining your silence on the teen prostitution issue that vaulted you almost into the public eye.

In other OC takes on state races, Konstantinos Roditis is definitely in the race against State Controller  Betty Yee, which will allow him to say at dinner parties for the rest of his life that he ran for statewide office and got his name in the paper — and not much else.  See, Travis, that’s how it’s done!  Even Nickolas Wildstar ponied up to run for Governor here in OC, Travis!  Will you truly allow the banner of then-OC’s gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari to remain furled?

(My guess, as you’ll see below, is: bet on the “Travis is not running for Governor” position while you can still get decent odds.  I think that he’ll go back yo AD-72 to hold the seat for his party before Josh Lowenthal nabs it.  And he may lose there even then!  And if you think that I’m using reverse psychology to make sure than Travis does run for Governor — well, you’d expect me deny it either way, wouldn’t you?)

The only other state seat for which anyone halfway notable from OC seems to be running is the 4th District Board of Equalization — a Board from which  the legislature has stripped most of its power — in which Republican Greg Raths and Democratic-ish Ken Lopez-Maddox (who finally finished filing) seek to succeed Diane Harkey.  Twelve people have filed in OC to run for U.S. Senate as well, including none of the people who have any chance to win.

OK, on to the races that matter more to OC:


Yes, Congress.  It’s all about Congress this year.  That will be written on 2018 Democratic Party tombstones.  (Do you doubt me?  Just wait until we get to CA-45.)

39th District

The big news here is that — as predicted weeks ago, just before a bunch of Democratic insiders got upset at me for making Michelle Duman feel bad for squeezing a decent NPP out of the race just so that she could lose — Karen Lee Schatzle (who could have won that AD-65 if allowed a 1-on-1 against Stephen Choi) has instead been displaced into running for CA-39, a much more important race, and one where she has a decent chance of making the runoff against one of the Republicans.  She filed her declaration of candidacy on Thursday.  That’s not long enough ago for her to already register as being on the ballot, but unless her check bounces she has done everything she has to do to make it.

Not that much has changed from yesterday: the three people who have officially qualified on the OC ballot are Democrat Suzi Park Leggett (not a likely factor except as a possible spoiler), and Republicans Young Kim (Leggett’s likely “spoilee”), and Shawn NelsonMai Khanh Tran (another possible spoilee) also completed her irrevocable filing in CA-39.  Gil Cisneros filed his nomination papers here in OC, but not his crucial Declaration of Candidacy.  (He also hasn’t filed a ballot designation or a candidate statement, both of which he’ll need.)  So pay attention to that fact: if Royce gets in by 5:00 while Cisneros just assumes that he’ll have until Wednesday to file, Royce locks Cisneros and his multi-millions out of the race.  (Get the picture now?  Jay Chen has received his nomination papers in LA, but not yet filed them.  Andy Thorburn hasn’t yet made his move — if he does at all.  Bob Huff hasn’t filed.  Take those four out of the picture and maybe Royce starts to feel a little more chipper.)

In fact, do you know the only people who have filed in LA?  Ted Alemayhu, an American Independent, has filed.  Fullerton Democrat Herbert Lee has filed in LA County, which from what I recall is the incorrect county in which he should file, because he doesn’t live there.  NPP Phil Liberatore has filed. Camilla Kuo Liou, who may be an intended spoiler as well, also filed nomination papers in LA.  The only serious candidates who have filed in LA are Andrew Sarega of La Mirada, who also just filed his candidate statement in OC, and Mai Khanh Tran — who again, if I recall correctly, has to file her nomination papers in OC rather than LA, presuming that she still lives here.

That crew would not keep Royce out of the race — and neither would Steve Cox, the only candidate to file in San Bernardino County.  If there’s anyone to scare Royce off, it would be someone who has filed in OC.  Right now, that means Suzi Park LeggettYoung Kim (whom Royce can’t ask to remove herself from the ballot, but he can ask her not to campaign), NPP Karen Lee Schatzle, and Shawn Nelson.  Those last two names are the only ones who might keep Royce out of the race if he wants in — and I think that he’d guess, correctly, that he would beat either in a runoff.  If Cisneros and and Tran complete their registration in the correct county today, that could change things.  If not — well, you not only read it here first, but I doubt that you’ll be reading it anywhere else.  It all turns on whether Royce thinks he can resuscitate his career by slamming the door today.

If you’re awaiting news on Democrats Nathan TroutmanSophia AlexanderTed Rusk, and Cybil Steed,; Republicans John CullumMark GaouetteSteve Vargas, and Michael McKay; or “other” Melissa “Sharkie” Garza; maybe check back this weekend.  (Maybe not.)

45th District

Five candidates are now on the ballot.  They are:

  • Republican incumbent Mimi Walters
  • NPP John Graham
  • Democrat Kia Hamadanchy
  • Democrat Katie Porter, and, as of yesterday
  • Democrat Brian Forde

Highly conspicuous by his absence is Democrat Dave Min, who has filed only sigs in lieu and his filing fee — and last made a peep over a week ago. It’s a shock that he’d leave it until the last minute if he wants to run, and it’s a bigger shock if he’s decided that he won’t run after all.  And that brings us to a personal aside:

As I’ve mentioned in passing, I filed a complaint against Min’s receiving his endorsement — but it wasn’t directly based on Min’s actions, but because CDP Chair Eric Bauman granted the endorsement based on a voice vote while ignoring my call for a “division of the house.”  Then again, I was pissed off at Min because he and his staff were reportedly involved in some literal assaults on and blocking of signature gatherers seeking removal of his endorsement — and (speaking as one not in this particular loop) it’s possible that the party has decided that he shouldn’t run, and let him know that.  I honestly don’t know.

I think that Democrats survive a race including just Porter, Forde, and Hamadanchy by getting one of them into the top two against Mimi Walters.  I don’t see who else in this field is going to take enough votes from Mimi or from independents to close out the front-runner.

46th District

Four candidates now appear to have completed the requirements to qualify for the ballot:

  • Incumbent Democrat Lou Correa
  • Republican Russell Rene Lambert
  • NPP Ed Rushman
  • NPP Will Johnson

Lambert has not yet officially qualified, though.  None of the other candidates made a move yesterday.  Expect Correa vs. Lambert in November.

47th District

One candidates is on the ballot (from LA County), one looks to be on the ballot from OC, and two more from LA are on the board inasmuch as I can follow their report (which is better than San Bernardino’s but far inferior to OC’s).  No new important news, except (of course) that Schatzle’s out.

  • Incumbent Dem Alan Lowenthal is on the ballot

On the board:

  • [OC] Republican John Briscoe, seems to have completed the process
  • [LA] Republican David Michael Clifford, filed nomination papers
  • [LA] Peace & Freedom Party’s Lee Harrison Chauser, hasn’t filed

48th District

(Watch for my “Columbo” moment at the end of this one; it will be worth it!)

In two days, we went from five of the 19 (!) candidates on the board qualifying for the ballot on this one what looks like about 10 — with the Democrats experiencing the dreaded “clustercrash” (not its real name) in its full inglory.  Incumbent Republican Dana Rohrabacher will make the runoff with the lion’s share of Republican votes; here’s the field from which the other will be gleaned (candidates newly added to the likely “qualified” list are marked with a [*]:

  • Democrat Hans Keirstead
  • Democrat Tony Zarkades
  • Democrat Rachel Payne
  • Democrat Harley Rouda [*]
  • Democrat Omar Siddiqui [*]
  • Democrat Laura Oatman  [*]
  • Democrat Michael Kotick [*]
  • Democrat Deannie Schaarsmith [*]
  • Republican John Gabbard
  • Republican Stelian Onufrei [*]
  • Libertarian Brandon Reiser [*]

It is barely possible to be more screwed by two days of developments than Dems have been screwed here.  Democrats have gone from their vote being divided three ways — which is survivable! — to their vote being divided eight ways.  Not even the addition of one Republican is good news: if you believe (as I tend to) that Onufrei is a better candidate than Gabbard, then Republicans now have a more viable possibility for an R vs. R runoff.  The sole clearly good piece of news for Dems is a Libertarian entering the race; on the other hand, if young Republicans feel that it’s safe to abandon Dana for Reiser, then Reiser becomes a legitimate possibility to make the runoff.  I have little idea how charismatic those last three names on the list are — but one of them could very well be getting Democratic votes in November.

This is an instance where the party endorsement — which went to Keirstead — probably is something that Democrats will have to respect if they want a Dem in the runoff.  Personally, I rate Keirstead tied with Rouda at #4 on my list below Oatman, Payne, and Siddiqui — but I don’t know that that matters now.  Just as CA-45 looks better than expected, CA-48 looks worse.  While endorsements generally don’t matter much, this is a case where they might, as Dems look for something to hold onto to maintain their bearings.  Unfortunately, different voters trust different authorities, so the benefit to be gained is limited.

Here’s your Columbo moment — which I’m going to milk.

And yet … something about the candidate log still disturbs me — and it’s possibly good news (of a mild and bittersweet sort) for Dems.  If Dana Rohrabacher qualified for the ballot on March 5 (as he did), why did Scott Baugh — who was supposedly preparing to run only if Dana withdrewpay his filing fee and receive the necessary papers he’d need to file on … March 7, two days AFTER Dana was committed to the race?

I think that Baugh probably reads the daily Candidate Filing Logs in a race he’s considering, so I find it hard to avoid the inference that Baugh IS going to file on Friday and run against Dana in earnest — sloughing Stelian and Gabbard off to the side — to try to get into a 1-on-1 runoff with him, and perhaps beat him.

On the bright side for Dems, maybe this splits the Republican vote enough for a Dem to make the top two.  On the other hand, not with eight candidates, most likely!  The real question would become:  for whom do Democrats vote in such a runoff?  Why, Dana — of course!  Dana will be there a mere handful of more years, tops.  Baugh would likely be there for decades — and 2020 may still be a good year to beat Dana even if we Dems have completely munged up 2018 in CA-48.  And a Treacherous Baugh vs. Dangerous Dana race would create enough enmity among the GOP that Dems might — even without being in the runoff — benefit downballot (where most of those eight candidates ought to be.)

49th District

(Remember: unless Issa emerges from the politically dead by tomorrow — and it could happen — this will go until next Wednesday.)

Four candidates have qualified for the ballot from OC, and three more from San Diego.  They are:

  • [SD] Democrat Doug Applegate (who also has a candidate statement in OC)
  • [SD] Republican Craig Nordal
  • [SD] K9 Party’s Robert Pendleton
  • [OC] Democrat Mike Levin
  • [OC] Republican Brian Maryott
  • [OC] Republican Diane Harkey
  • [OC] Republican Mike Schmitt

Besides those seven, there are 14 other names on the board in OC and and 13 other names on the board in San Diego.  Happily, 4 of them overlap, so that’s only 24 other candidates — but still, that’s a total of 29!

In OC (duplicates with San Diego in italics):

  • Democrat Supriya Christopher, who has filed nothing
  • Republican Joshua Schoonover, who filed in SD plus a candidate statement in OC
  • Republican Rocky Chavez, who has NOT yet filed in his home county of SD but has filed a candidate statement in OC
  • Republican Joshua Hancock, who has filed sigs in lieu only
  • Republican Christina Borghese, who has filed sigs in lieu only
  • Republican David Arnold, who has filed nothing

New news!  A Democrat named Davis Goodman entered the race on Thursday as well.  No declaration of candidacy filed as of noon, though.

In SD, which provides almost no info on progress towards completion of filing  and also doesn’t report candidate party identification, so it’s provided only when otherwise known:

  • Democrat Sara Jacobs
  • Democrat Paul Kerr
  • Republican Rocky Chavez
  • Republican Kristin Gaspar
  • Republican Joshua Hancock
  • Republican Joshua Schoonover
  • Republican David Medway
  • ??? Daniel Perlman
  • ??? Danielle St. John
  • Democrat Christina Prejean [reportedly withdrawn before filing]

Do you really wonder why I think that Issa may look at this list and then sneak back in Friday afternoon tomorrow and take his chances after all?  If nothing changes — such as Rocky Chavez or Kristin Gaspar filing today, then all he has to do is beat Diane Harkey to get a runoff against one of the Democrats.  Applegate would give him trouble, but Levin would be trying to fight the richest man in Congress based on a money-based, rather than people-powered, campaign.  A lot can happen between now and November, Issa might figure — as he enters the ROV office at 4:55 to lock the door on Chavez and Gaspar.  I’d take the odds on this longshot!


29th District (Replacement if Recall Succeeds)

Democrat Kevin Carr

Unclearly affiliated small-“l” libertarian Joshua Ferguson

Republican Bruce Whitaker

And two from the sleuthing of Ryan Cantor, who also reports that the filing deadline for this race is April 4.

[LA] Republican Ling-Ling Chang

[LA] Republican George Shen

I don’t see where Ling-Ling Chang has filed in LA, but it may be that LA has the recall-replacement race on a different page.  For her not to run after getting the party endorsement in OC would be odd.  I presume, but do not know, that the filing deadline is today and not next Wednesday.

32nd District — unexpired term

Vicky Santana is the only announced candidate here, but has not completed filing.

32nd District — full term

Three Democrats from LA have filed candidate statements in OC to accompany their filings for Tony Mendoza’s seat.  They are:

  • Ali Taj
  • Vicky Santana
  • Rudy Bermudez

The LA ROV’s site says says that Taj, Santana, and Bermudez,  have all filed, and they add some other names:

  • Tony Mendoza himself, attempting to reclaim the seat from which he just resigned
  • Bob Archuleta
  • David Castellanos
  • Vivian Romero
  • Ion Sarega (not clear whether related to Andrew, but Andrew’s in this district)

Have fun with it, central Buena Park!

34th District

On the ballot:

  • Incumbent Republican Janet Nguyen
  • Democrat Tom Umberg

Also on the board:

  • [OC] Democrat Jestin Samson, filed sigs in lieu, nomination papers, and fee
  • [LA] Democrat Akash Hawkins of Long Beach.

36th District

  • [OC] Incumbent Republican Pat Bates
  • [SD] Democrat Marggie Castellano


55th District

Three candidates are officially on the ballot:

  • [LA] Incumbent Republican Phillip Chen
  • Republican Scott Lebda 
  • [LA] Democrat Gregg Fritchle

Also on the board: in OC

  • Democrat Melissa Fazli (seems to have qualified)
  • Republican James Gerbus (hasn’t filed Declaration of Candidacy)
  • [LA] Republican Sharon Suzanne Butler

Butler is from Brea.  She hasn’t signed up in LA, so that doesn’t matter, but she hasn’t filed in OC, and that does matter.  My bet is that she won’t be running.  Dems could be shut out here, but probably won’t be.

65th District

  • Incumbent Democrat Sharon Quirk-Silva is on the ballot
  • Republican Alex Coronado is not.  She has filed only signatures in lieu

68th District

  • Incumbent Republican Steven Choi is on the ballot
  • Democrat Michelle Duman has paid her fee, but filed nothing
  • NPP Karen Schatzle was squeezed out of the race

At this point, the prospect that Duman might not complete filing after her presence in the race pushed Schatzle out is too painful to consider.  You might as well file, Michelle.

69th District

  • Incumbent Tom Daly has paid his fee and filed his nomination papers., but is not yet on the ballot
  • No one else is even on the board.  There will presumably be a write-in, if some minor party doesn’t get to this seat first.  Democrats won’t file because Daly is a Democrat and Republicans won’t file because Daly is a Republican.

72nd District

  • Incumbent Travis Allen is eligible to run for re-election, but has not filed.  So this will remain open until next Wednesday– unless Allen backs out of the Governor’s race and files for this one by Friday at 5:00 p..m., shutting the door on new entries into the race.  I do not consider that to be especially unlikely

Three candidates are already on the ballot:

  • Democrat Josh Lowenthal
  • Republican Greg Haskin
  • Republican Tyler Diep

Two others are not:

  • Democrat Lenore Albert-Sheridan (hereinafter, “Lenore A-S“) has  filed signatures in lieu, but doesn’t seem keen to take on this race
  • Republican Long Pham paid his filing fee, but has not filed anything.  That the OCGOP apparently prefers Tyler Diep to Long Pham is a sad commentary

73rd District

Two candidates are on the ballot:

  • Incumbent Republican Bill Brough
  • Democrat Scott Rhinehart

Also on the board:

  • Democrat Lisa Young has filed nothing.
  • Democrat Kelley Price has filed nothing.
  • Republican Brick Christensen has filed nothing.
  • Republican Ed Sachs has paid his fee only.
  • NPP Drew Hall has filed nothing.

So I think that we have our runoff already arranged.

74th District

Two candidates are on the ballot:

  • Incumbent Republican Matthew Harper
  • Republican Katherine Daigle

Three others are also on the board:

  • Democrat Cottie Petrie-Norris seems to have done everything needed to qualify.
  • Democrat Karina Onofre has paid her fee but filed nothing.
  • Democrat Ryan Ta has filed sigs in lieu and nomination papers and paid his fee — but has not filed a declaration of candidacy.

If Ta gets in, an R vs. R runoff does not look unlikely here.  If not, then Daigle will be hard pressed to make the runoff against Harper.  Petrie-Norris is very popular among both party people and activists in the district.  Onofre was, I believe, lobbied hard to stand down and showed a lot of maturity in doing so, if she doesn’t file.  She’s one of the few conservative-leaning Democrats that I seem to like more than the rest of the party — based on my positive sense of her character.


  • In Office 13, Judge Ted Howard is on the ballot.  Franklin Dunn looks likely to join him.
  • In Office 15, Judge Marc Kelly is on the ballot.  Lenore A-S has filed her sigs in lieu, her fee, her declaration of intent, and her special qualifications form — back on February 7 — but not yet her declaration of candidacy.  A source told me that there was some challenge to her qualifications, but I cannot imagine why!  (At least. I cannot imagine why here in writing without getting another demand letter from her. for a retraction)


County Superintendent of Schools

Incumbent Al Mijares has not qualified for the ballot; nor has he done anything beyond filing his sigs in lieu to move towards doing so.  Why the teacher’s unions don’t already have a candidate in this race is beyond me.

County Board of Education Trustee Area 2

  • Mari Barke is on the ballot
  • Incumbent David Boyd seems to have done everything needed to join her.
  • Matthew Nguyen has done everything needed to get on the ballot as well.

Remember, there is no runoff for these races!  Plurality winner in June wins!

County Board of Education Trustee Area 5

There is no sign that incumbent Linda Lindholm is running, so unless that changes this is going to be open until Wednesday.   Three candidates are already on the ballot:

  • Lisa Sparks
  • Kimberly Clark
  • Mary Navarro

Two others are not:

  • Dan Draitser, who has filed nothing
  • Mike Dalati, perennial candidate, filed the necessary papers yesterday — but will forego a candidate statement (as will Clark.)    I don’t get this strategy, which I still believe is why Joe Dunn didn’t make the 2016 runoff against Lou Correa.  Well, here comes another test of the theory!


District 2

  • Incumbent Republican Michelle Steel is on the ballot
  • Brendon Perkins has filed his sigs in lieu and that’s it
  • Michael Mahony has not even done that

If no Democrat runs here — and I don’t know whether Perkins or Mahoney are blue — this would be a major failure on the part of the DPOC and its supporters.  It’s not like this race coming up this cycle is some sort of surprise.  Steel is tough, due to her bank account, so it’s a good place for a leftist brawler to run on issues.  ANY FRIENDS OF THE HOMELESS OR HEALTHCARE ADVOCATES OUT THERE?

District 4

Shawn Nelson is termed out here, which means that filing for this race ends tomorrow.  (Maybe a week too late, as you’ll see.)  Three candidates are currently on the ballot:

  • Democrat Cynthia Aguirre
  • Democrat Joe Kerr
  • Republican Lucille Kring

Three other candidates are not:

  • Republican Tim Shaw did step up yesterday and should qualify for the ballot.  Bye-bye, Lucille!
  • Democrat Rose Espinoza has paid her fee but filed nothing
  • Democrat Doug Chaffee, a new entry, has completed the steps to get onto the ballot.

The rap on Espinoza is that she’s diffident about campaigning.  She’s fueling that sense of her here again.  At this point, she should just pack it in — four Dems (none of them a patsy) versus two Reeps is a recipe for no Dem making the runoff — and she’s the only one of the six not yet in the race.

District 5

Only one candidate in this race — incumbent Lisa Bartlett — and she’s not on the ballot, apparently lacking only a declaration of candidacy.  Come on, South County Dems!  You’re SO ACTIVE — why would you let this one pass you by?  Could you maybe spare a congressional candidate or two for a good cause?


No one is as yet on the ballot.

  • Incumbent Claude Parrish scompleted the process needed to get on the ballot — including a candidate statement.
  • Richard B. Ramirez completed his filing, including a candidate statement.  (I don’t know if this is the one from OCVMP and Los Amigos.)
  • Nathaniel Fernandez Epstein completed his filing and looks like he’ll be on the ballot — although without a candidate statement

(Note: Like other county offices, this is NOT a “top-two” race.  A 50%+1 victory closes the race off for the year, and that’s virtually certain with only two candidates.)


  • Incumbent Eric Woolery is on the ballot.
  • Toni Smart has paid her fees and filed her special qualification form — but not yet her declaration of candidacy.  It’s today for her or not at all!


  • Incumbent Hugh Nguyen is on the ballot.
  • Perennial candidate Steve Rocco is on the ballot.
  • No one else is running, so this will be over in June, unless it’s a tie.  Which it won’t be.

District Attorney-Public Administrator

  • Incumbent Republican malfeasor Tony Rackauckas did finally file yesterday, after this blog shamed him.  He is facing the biggest challenge he’s faced since his first (or maybe second) election.
  • Todd Spitzer, longtime nemisis of said malfeasor, is also on the ballot.
  • Lenore A-S entered the race and appears to have qualified for the ballot.  No word yet from the California Supreme Court, to my knowledge.
  • Brett Murdock filed his papers yesterday — including a candidate statement! — and looks set to join the Republicans on the ballot.
  • Miji John Vellakkatel, who I’m told is a prosecutor from LA County (who I presume lives here, but do not know) has still made no actual formal move to file.  My bet is that he drops out and endorses Murdock, for whom he’d be a very plausible top deputy.  (No inside info there.)


With incumbent Sandra Hutchins departing in what she would probably deny is disgrace, unless I miss my mark this position will be open until Wednesday.  Three candidates are in the mix; the first two kisted are on the ballot:

  • Don Barnes is, if I recall correctly, Hutchins’s chosen successor.
  • David Harrington is, with the same caveat, the Republican who ain’t her choice.
  • Duke Nguyen is the Great Democratic Hope in this race.  He’s paid his filing fee, but that’s all so far.

Treasurer-Tax Collector

Incumbent Shari Freidenreich is the only one on the ballot — and, in fact, the only one running.  OJB will consider endorsing her.


Here is just a list of the updated filings that could matter from the OCROV’s noon report.  This probably captures changes only through sometime between 9 and 11 a.m., unless the previous day’s report was not fully updated  (I’m not going to bother them with those sorts of questions on their busiest day of the year.)

  1. In CA-39, Republican John Cullum looks like he will make it onto the ballot.  Good news for Dems in a race where they badly need it.
  2. Also in CA-39, Republican Steve Vargas looks like he will make it onto the ballot.  As Vargas has a Republican following in Brea, this is even better news for Dems.
  3. Also in CA-39, Democrat Mai Khanh Tran is officially on the ballot, but that was already factored in yesterday.
  4. Also in CA-39, Democrat Andy Thorburn went through the process today and it looks like he is officially on the ballot.  This means that if Ed Royce does re-enter the race, he will face a tough enough field that he would surely regret it, so Royce can now return to his political grave.
  5. Also in CA-39, Democrat Gil Cisneros went through the process this morning and completed his filinf, turning in his declaration of candidacy with and a candidate statement and ballot designation.  (My guess is that the latter were not yet ready yesterday, which is why the declaration wasn’t filed.)
  6. In CA-46, Russell Rene Lambert’s ballot designation worksheet is on its way to the Secretary of State.  He’s not yet listed as being on the ballot, but it seems a foregone conclusion.
  7. In CA-48, same situation with the SOS, all but confirming that Stelian Onufrei will be on the ballot.
  8. Also in CA-48, same situation again with the SOS, except that Michael Kotick is already listed as being on the ballot.  I can’t explain the discrepancy.
  9.  Also in CA-48, ditto the above for Omar Siddiqui, who is listed as being on the ballot.
  10. Also in CA-48, NPP Kevin Kensinger completed the process and looks set to qualify to be on the ballot.
  11. Also in CA-48, Republican Scott Baugh filed his nomination papers, but still not his declaration of candidacy.  He’s probably waiting on the ballot designation and candidate statement, and if he doesn’t make it back today with or without them to be sworn in with his declaration of candidacy he will not be on the ballot.  The timing of all of this remains mysterious.  This is unusually disorganized for Baugh.  Was this a snap decision?  If so, what suddenly snapped?
  12. In CA-49, Democrat Paul Kerr filed a candidate statement, implying that he has in fact filed today in his native San Diego County.  That further divides up the Democratic vote down there.
  13. In SD-34, Democrat Jestin Samson has filed papers that should qualify him for the ballot.
  14. In AD-55, Republican James Gerbus  has filed papers that should qualify him for the ballot.
  15. Also in AD-55, Democrat Melissa Fazli’s paperwork is headed to the SOS, and she appears to have qualified.
  16. In AD-74, Democrat Ryan Ta filed his declaration of candidacy and appears to have qualified for the ballot.
  17. Also in AD-74, Democrat Karina Onofre completed her paperwork — without a candidate statement, it seems — and looks to have qualified for the ballot.  This is dated March 8, by the way, so last night’s report doesn’t seem to have included everything.  (Or maybe there was a special later edition than the one I saw stamped at around 8:30 p,m.)
  18. In County Board of Education Area 5, Dan Draitser appears to have finished up and should have qualified for the ballot.
  19. In the Assessor’s race, Richard Ramirez filed his declaration of candidacy and seems to have qualified for the ballot.
  20. Also in the Assessor’s race, Claude Parrish filed his declaration of candidacy and seems to have qualified for the ballot
  21. Rounding out the Assessor’s race, Nathaniel Fernandez Epstein filed his declaration of candidacy and seems to have qualified for the ballot.
  22. And finally, in the race for Sheriff, Duc Nguyen came through this morning and appears to be qualified for the ballot.

About Greg Diamond

Somewhat verbose worker's rights and government accountability attorney, residing in northwest Brea. General Counsel of CATER, the Coalition of Anaheim Taxpayers for Economic Responsibility, a non-partisan group of people sick of local corruption. Deposed as Northern Vice Chair of DPOC in April 2014 when his anti-corruption and pro-consumer work in Anaheim infuriated the Building Trades and Teamsters in spring 2014, who then worked with the lawless and power-mad DPOC Chair to eliminate his internal oversight. Occasionally runs for office to challenge some nasty incumbent who would otherwise run unopposed. (Someday he might pick a fight with the intent to win rather than just dent someone. You'll know it when you see it.) He got 45% of the vote against Bob Huff for State Senate in 2012 and in 2014 became the first attorney to challenge OCDA Tony Rackauckas since 2002. None of his pre-putsch writings ever spoke for the Democratic Party at the local, county, state, national, or galactic level, nor do they now. A family member co-owns a business offering campaign treasurer services to Democratic candidates and the odd independent. He is very proud of her. He doesn't directly profit from her work and it doesn't affect his coverage. (He does not always favor her clients, though she might hesitate to take one that he truly hated.) He does advise some local campaigns informally and (so far) without compensation. (If that last bit changes, he will declare the interest.)