Weekend Open Thread: The Worst President in US History!

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*Where do we begin?  Sadly, we weren’t alive when Warren Harding or Andrew Jackson were around.  All we get are the news reports from those times, usually partisan in nature and paid for by some Special Interest persons.  Think of all the pressure from the Railroad Magnates, Emerging Rich Industrialists, the Rockefellers, the Edisons, and ultra rich of the Great Gatsby days… The New York Times and Yellow Journalism aside.  Bon Voyage Titanic!  The Lusitania was a troop transport vessel.  Remember the Maine!

So being restricted honestly by the years in which we actually saw, listened and perhaps voted for these mavens of the motley…..who became our national leader…….for either four or eight years……well……all in all, a pretty sad array of personnel….that is for sure.  Being born under Presidency of FDR was pretty bad.  Everyone knew FDR was smart, but his ailing heath (wheelchair bound)…..made for a pathetic figure against the backdrop of Joseph Stalin and Winston Churchill. The Marshall Plan, now heralded as the great savior of Western Democracy didn’t actually have full support in 1946-47.  American’s had always been the consummate “short term pragmatists.”  “What’s in it for me?”  So, with great elan…….Iowa farmers soon found out that “the Government” was going to buy their overflow corn and send it to feed the starving folks of Europe.  The Construction Industry soon grasped that their was a lot of money to made by creating new growth and industry in Europe.  Plenty of out of work labor…..which could be had for a song and lots of rich Government Contracts to take advantage of on a “Cost Plus” Bases.  “Win…Win!”  So, ah heck maybe that FDR guy wasn’t as bad as we thought.  But Harry Truman?

Harry Truman is famous for a few things: (1) Dropping the Atomic Bomb on Japan – twice; Hiroshima and Nagasaki!  (2) The sign on his desk: “The Buck stops here!”, which is quite funny when you think about the fact that Harry was supported by the Organized Crime backed Pendergast Political group back in Missouri.  During the Potsdam Conference with Churchill and Stalin….Stalin regarded Harry and a dupe!  And (3)  His wife Bess and his piano player daughter Margaret.  Having to listen to that piano playing on the radio was pure hell.  In those days luckily we had Horace Heit and his Musical Knights, Ted Mack and the Original Amateur Hour and Dick Cantino who played “Lady of Spain” on his accordion. We also had Harry Owens and the Royal Hawaiians broadcasting from Honolulu on Sundays and of course Championship Wrestling from the Olympic Auditorium with Baron Michelle Leone, The Garabaldi Brothers, Lord Blears and of course Haystack Calhoun.  When FDR died and Harry took charge things were brutal…….First of all, he had to offer up Farm Subsidies or otherwise called Price Supports to buy off the Farm Belt.  Secondly, he beats Dewey by a whisker in the 1948 Election and Thirdly,  we go to war in Korea, because we needed a stimulus to the economy, in a deep recession after WWII –  and after some Korean military set backs and recoveries – Harry relieves General Douglas “I will return!” MacArthur!  This didn’t go over so well with our veteran population and the piano playing and singing from the White House was wearing pretty thin.  Harry of course had mixed reviews as a President and in 1953 finally went back to Independence, Missouri to wake up every morning to Margaret having her next piano recital.  There was always a feeling that Harry was dirty……..but he played “the dupe” so well….that everyone thought he was too stupid to steal from the government or anyone else.  Who knows?  Radio icons Gabriel Heater and Walter Winchell made us think and gave us some inside info….to complain about over our morning breakfast at the local coffee shop.

Dwight D. Eisenhower, had been the first Five Star General to serve as the President of the United States.  He had to battle Douglas MacArthur…….but both were huge ego driven guys.  “Ike” just seemed to be able to cover it better.  Eight years of Mimi and Dwight and Golf on wet days and the final sign off of the the Korea Conflict -38 Parallel (Kiss your sister end of hostilities)……and of course Ozzie and Harriet, David and Ricky Nelson.  “Sputnik”, Yuri Gagarin…the U-2 Spy Flight – Francis Gary Powers…..the Cold War….Joe McCarthy Hearings….and of course…..the improper campaign funding issue of Richard Nixon……”the Checkers Speech”, to answer why he got $18,000 dollars from an unknown source.  Farm Subsidies continued –  White House Chief of Staff – Sherman Adams refused to answer questions to Congress (Contempt) about an Oriental Rug and Vicuna Coat his wife received from an unknown source.  We liked Ike and Mimi…….the housing market and auto industry flourished during his years in office and the roads got better and the launch of the Space program took off with targeting school kids with math, science and English.  “I Love Lucy”,”Texaco Star Theater”, “The Honeymooners” and  “Ed Sullivan”.  Ike ran twice against another bald guy:  Adlai Stevenson.  Nelson Rockefeller was then Governor of New York..and…..well…you know the rest. (He passed away riding high in the saddle with his mistress in 1979!)  Wasn’t old enough to vote for Ike….but probably would have.

Then came JFK, John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Jackie!  No matter what you say about JFK……he was clever.  JFK may have been a spoiled rich kid, but he served in the Navy as a PT Boat Commander, during WWII.  JFK was Catholic…..a big deal at the time.  JFK had no problem using family in Government jobs….including his brother Bobby as Attorney General.  JFK barely beat Richard Nixon.  The Nixon sweat on the upper lip did him in…..during the debates.  The Media didn’t like Nixon much either…..he was a known as a lying sack of potatoes and even though JFK could play Political Dodgeball with the best of them…….JFK was never known as “gross or vulgar”.  JFK was just considered “Jockular” and his many double entendre remarks were considered lightly colorful.   Nixon was course, down in the dirt politician that used whatever he could to demean his many opponents.  They say JFK had affairs with Marilyn Monroe and Judith Exner Campbell (Sam Giancana’s old girlfriend).

The 60’s were a time of Sex, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll.  Nixon could never adjust to any of that.  JFK seemed to embrace it.  Jackie was the  Cultural Icon, with fashion and elegance – even though she could swear with the best of them.  Jackie’s outside persona became the epitome of First Ladyisms.  During the 1960 election, was still too young to vote for Nixon or JFK.  Supported Nixon…..but did not vote for him in 1964…..voted for George Wallace!  JFK was a revolutionary and what followed to a travesty to the history of our country.  After the JFK Assassination:  Malcolm X, Huey Newton, MLK, RFK with many other attempts on celebrity lives….which included Bob Dylan (the motorcycle accident), Marvin Gaye (his father did it?),  Janis Joplin…(drugs? by who?).  J. Edgar Hoover, LBJ and the Texas Cabal of rich co-conspirators…..took out those in our society that were impacting the economy and the social fabric.  What do they say:  “Let those without sin…..cast the first stone!”  Glad to say…we never voted for any of them.

Then came LBJ, the Vietnam War, getting the black kids off the streets through the draft.  Getting the smart ass kids that drop out of college into the draft.  Weaseling the Voting Right Act and taking credit for it, taking away the Kennedy Legacy.  War on Poverty, nonsense and unfunded mandates, LBJ was one of the most vile, despicable characters to ever hold the White House.  LBJ had been dirty from start to finish.  The Kennedy’s hated LBJ.  When LBJ beat Barry Goldwater in 1964……..we had voted for Goldwater.  When Hubie Humphrey ran against Nixon in 1968…..we voted for George Wallace.   No good choices!  LBJ was notably one of the top five worst Presidents of all time.  In 1972, when Nixon ran for re-election…..we voted for George Wallace again, the American Independent running to bring our troops home from Vietnam.  After Nixon abdicated office before Impeachment and Gerald Ford became President along with Nelson Rockefeller as his Vice President…..after the Israelis bombed our American ship Liberty in 1967 and generally our country became a Saturday Night Live Action Series.  Gerald Ford “pardoned Richard Nixon”, Kissinger was still pulling the strings Internationally and our terrible withdrawal from Vietnam in the last days of April of 1975 was terrible and despicable.  Nixon did one good thing:  He helped to create the Environmental Protection Agency……probably just a political chip for Nixon.  Meanwhile, our Intelligence ship the Mayaguez was brutally attacked and taken by the Cambodians in May of 1975,  13 to 41 American service members died……

In 1976, “the Big Peanut” (Not Howard Schulz)  and Governor from Georgia ran on “bringing us back to our roots”.  A wet rag could have beaten Jerry Ford and soon Jimmy, Billy, Lillian and Rosalynn Carter were our new “First Family”.  The influx of displaced immigrants from Vietnam was immense……locating millions in the deserts of California and around the country.  All immigrants got a stipend of $1700 bucks a month to take care of their rent and re-location costs.  If they wanted to got to college or learn English they got an additional $1200 a month.  The Nixonian changes to going off the Gold Standard back in 1968 started to create larger complications in the Global Banking picture.  Interest rates rose to 22% and inflation went to 22% and unemployment was soon approaching 22%.  The chickens were coming home to roost and Carter got to get all the credit.  His message of “America needs to expect less in the future!” was not only ill advised but blatantly stupid.  Pulling out of the 1976 Olympic Games, because Russia had invaded Afghanistan was really stupid…..on our 200th Anniversary as a nation.  The Oil Cartels of the Middle East were arm twisting and our cars with 10 MPG average mileage was really hurting our economy.  This was a message Administration:  “We ain’t got it!”  Kind of reminds us of what is going on today.  The news was always so bad….we had to turn to sports for a little comedy relief.  Jim Healy was once of our favorites.  The Steelers were kickin it and the Houston Oilers had a great team with Billy “White Shoes” Johnson.  In baseball, “The Yankees” were as strong as ever……

The Carter years were a total joke and Billy Beer was only a small highlight film.  “Whatever could go wrong…did go wrong!” and when Ronald Reagan and Nancy took the stage……it was like watching The “Showtime” LA Lakers play Slippery Rock…..  When Al Haig called the Kremlin on election day and told them that he had all their launch codes and for them to stand down……or when he called the Iranians and told them 22 Nukes were pointed directly at them and to return our hostages…….and when….and when……..well, obviously some “Nutcase” called John Hinckley Jr., whose daddy just so happened to be George H.W. Bush’s best buddy, and Jodie Foster had done this movie with Robert DeNiro called “Taxi Driver” and the guys name was Travis Bickle…….and ….and…..well….this was all pretty bizarre and made for great television news.  “The Gipper” recovered……turned the country around with his positive energy and the help of International Banking………eight years of modern day “Just say No!”…..to big government, drugs and Aids!  The classic Reagan moment was at the end of his eight years…..even dealing with “Iran Contra”…….and saying as he got on Marine One to leave the White House…..”OK, we’ve done ours……now its up the next guy!”  The Reagan years were classic American History…..Tip O’Neill having a beer with “The Gipper” and America took a licking and kept on ticking!  The “Tear Down this Wall” Speech in Berlin said it all.  The Savings and Loan disaster and the Keating 5……….never gained much traction against “The Gipper”.

George H.W. Bush road in on the eight year Reagan coat tails.  “His pledge to ‘watch my lips – no new taxes!”…..put him over Mikey Dukakis and Lloyd Bentsen……even though he picked J. Danforth Quayle as his running mate……the biggest insult to US Government since Abraham Lincoln had to choose Andrew Johnson as his running mate.  “Desert Storm was a nice touch…..” playing the savior of the rich moguls of Kuwait….against the evil Saddam and his two sons.  It was a nice diversion however and made for a death threat against George H. W. by Saddam and company. Bush had the great team, Bush had the momentum and Bush was no Reagan!  Barbara kept George H.W. in the game……. Barbara was a tough mom and a great American.  But then she couldn’t do it all and sure enough George backed up on his No Tax Pledge and he started pushing NAFTA……which upset Ross Perot, who appeared on Larry King and said….”This guy is no Reagan! So, I might have to run for President myself!”.

Ross had been the major money behind going to Vietnam and trying to find our still captured soldiers….alive and dead.  Ross, knew the D.C. System and was able to buy a whole bunch of land on the way to his big project:  Love Field….in Dallas/Ft. Worth.  He was able to buy up all the land along the Federal Highway and made a bundle.  Meanwhile, some “ex- long haired – cracker – draft dodger – ex Governor ” from Arkansas and his cute wife Hillary, who just so happened to have served on the Congressional Watergate Investigation into Richard Nixon….along with some lawyer/actor named Fred Thompson…….was challenging George H.W. and Barbara.   Meanwhile, Ross Perot actually made it to the Presidential Debates…and then George H.W. had some of his buddies from the CIA to call Ross and tell him to pull out of the race or his daughter and other family members might die soon.   Lost is all of this mayhem……..was that Bill and Hillary Clinton were making huge back door deals to get to the Presidency and sure enough……..Ross pulled out….and then thought better and said he was still going to run….losing his momentum in the process of course……and George H.W. and Barbara ……….were sitting there doing their “We are too old for this  – – – t…..” routine.

Bill and Hillary Clinton won the election…..it was not pretty.  Ross’s party United We Stand…..had taken nearly 14% of the vote…in the process….which was a side deal ….we are sure.  All this to make certain that his enemy George H.W. never won the second time.  The Clinton’s picked some real doozies for cabinet members.  Janet Reno was awful and the rest of the list was long and painful.  From Waco, Whitewater and Ruby Ridge…to Elian Gonzales……..serious stuff just kept happening.  Then came the Monica Lewinsky Scandal and the rest is history.  It was literally eight years of hell and high water.  The Clinton’s had to bail out Mexico to the tune of $30 Billion dollars.  Meanwhile, the Asian Tigers were taking a lunch as well….and we had to bail those folks out too.

The big Clinton wins were the supposed big financial windfall and budget surplus as well as the passage of NAFTA!  What never was discussed was how Clinton kept the middle class tax increases of the George H. W. Bush era and kept hammering the middle class in the process.  He did get us into a meaningless war in Yugoslavia and bombed an Aspirin Plant in Afghanistan.  The war on so-called “Ethnic Cleansing” was about to take-off!  Meanwhile, all our textile manufacturing was going to the Philippines, Indonesia and Srilanka….while all our hard manufacturing including steel was going to China, Japan and Korea.  Auto manufacturing and the Film Industry was fleeing to Canada and thousands of small parts manufacturers, Autos and Truck plants were off to Mexico – all under the name of  so-called “Maquiladoras”.  Guess Mexico was going to make more than M-80 fireworks, huarache sandals, serapes and dirty comic books….during the Clinton years?

One of the sons of George H.W. Bush was George W. who had been the Governor of Texas……and his lovely bride of many years Laura.  George W. and Laura were just plain likable.  They were running against Al and Tipper Gore (The Clinton’s Vice President)……who were not as likable.  This became one of the most contested elections in American history.  The voting system can under huge scrutiny in a variety of states……but mainly in Florida…..where “Hanging Chad” was not a porn star, but a ridiculous attempt at reading the voter’s intent.  The whole election hung on the decision of the Supreme Court…….  George W. and Laura won!  George W. and Laura had to put around them the so-called Republican establishment “A-Team”, or as Bob Dylan might call them “The Masters of War”.  The Clinton’s had taken tax money from the people and soon because of NAFTA….there were going to be NO NEW JOBS for about six years.  Something had to happen to boost the economy.  George W. thought it might be good idea to return some cash to the people the Clinton’s had taken it from.  Every American Tax Payer got a $600 dollar check in the mail.  Then we got another $400.  Nice.

Meanwhile, “Weapons of Mass Distraction” became a major playing card.  Did Saddam still have Nukes, Chemical, Biological or a Big Pharma plant in Baghdad?  One thing was for sure…..the Iraqis had some seriously colorful cast of characters:  Chemical Ali, Baghdad Bob, Quesay Huesay and 47 more that made it onto playing cards that our troops were able play poker with.  But heck, we already had 911…. our very own US Commercial Airliners  crashing into the World Trade Center……killing thousands on television.  We had a reason to go to war in Afghanistan where the Al-Queda practiced their evil trade.  To Iraq, where the evil Saddam Hussein, who we had supported for years….was suddenly “a very bad actor”…that needed to be taken out.  We had the team:  Rumsfeld, Baker, Colin Powell, Dick Chaney……..we had the guns……the Brown and Root, the Ratheons, the GE’s and by golly “this would not stand!”.   So for eight years, we watched the war, the loss of of our personal freedoms, the rise of the internet and while we weren’t watching:  Hedge Funds, Derivatives, Phony Home Ownership, Phony Real Estate Price Hikes, rising State and Local Taxes……….Bernie Madoff was in his heyday.  Enron, which George H.W. Bush was an investor with Ken Lay and Jeff Skillings took the State of California to near bankruptcy.  The “A-Team” and George W and Laura held back the tide until 2007 when the wheels came off………the world banking crisis was upon us.  Every nook and cranny of the European Union and Western Democracies was in a serious mess.  From Iceland to every little State and local Investment bank around the world.  Ireland too.  Pretty sad….when millions and millions of people lost their homes and their life savings.  And all we had to show for it was the most popular T-shirt of the time:  “Time to step into some serious Shiite!”  But then who knew who was Sunni and who was a Shitte, or what that even meant?  When George W and Laura left the White House…..it was sort of a mixed relief that they had made it out without a truly major scandal in the Administration.

As the Republicans ramped up with Senator John McCain…….or otherwise known as the “Manchurian Candidate” and his selection for a running mate:  Sarah Palin, the newly retired Governor of Alaska……..the grist for Saturday Night Live was monumental.  Every time Palin said something or brought out her husband and daughter or talked about anything…..the whole Republican establishment shuddered.  This was a George H.W. Bush moment……..take the so-called strong candidate and put a “weak knee” as the backup.  Palin had the ability to make most people want to throw up, every time she opened her mouth.  We still can’t remember what John McCain was running on….or what issues he actually wanted to talk about.

Meanwhile, 2008 for the Democrats was also convulsive.  Al Gore tickled the ivories and made a little noise, but Hillary Clinton had staked her flag on being the first woman to run for President on the Republican or Democratic ticket.  Only one small thing stood in Hillary’s way…….some young black first term Senator from Illinois……Barack Hussein Obama.  What?  Someone had to be drinking the wrong cool aid.  How in the world could some black kid run against Hillary Clinton and expect to win?  Obama plainly, didn’t have a chance.  Hillary had the Women’s vote:  52% and counting…… Hillary had the track record.  Two terms as First Lady and a couple of terms in the US Senate.  Hillary had the money, the backing of the banks, the backing of the pharmaceutical companies, the chemical companies and the war machinery of the United States.  Looked like Hillary was going to simply walk away with the nomination.  But something happened:  The black kid had a good rap, he was top rated lawyer, a community organizer, was born in Hawaii, had a white mom and black daddy from Kenya.  His black wife Michelle, was sharp as tack and also had the book learnin’.  It was obvious from the beginning that Barack and Michelle were a team…..and that captured the imagination of the American people.  They had that same likability that George W and Laura had.  Shock of all shocks, Barack Hussein Obama becomes the First Black Nominee of the Democratic Party for President of the United States.  Hillary was crushed……and she couldn’t believe it.   And then the clincher, Barack chooses Maverick Senator Joe Biden and his lovely wife Jill to be his running mate.  As Al Michaels said at the Olympics Russian/US Hockey match:  “Do you believe in miracles?”

This was a monumental moment for the United States.  Was it possible that Social Justice actually had a chance in the United States?  Everyone thought he would pack his cabinet with black folks.  He didn’t.  Everyone thought that he could never pull the US out of the World Hedge Fund and Derivative Depression.  But he did pull us out.  Everyone thought that we would soon turn us into a Communist Nation……..we didn’t.  Everyone thought that it was impossible to pass Health care for people with pre-existing conditions and other demands of the Insurance and Medical Industries.  Yet, he did.  Everyone thought that having a black President would mean the end of political power in the Global Economy……instead he took charge and led the world on Global Warming, Banking Reforms, Consumer Protections…….and more.  The Republicans had a answer however:  “Just say no!”  Make Obama a One Term President.  Delay, Obstruct, Fight tooth and nail, Demean him in public and the chambers of Congress.  Refuse his appointments, Refuse to submit to anything that our First Black President wanted to do.

Barack and Michelle, Joe and Jill……got re-elected in 2012 over the Republican choice Mitt Romney, the former Governor or Massachusetts and son of George Romney the American Motors founder., but the Democrats lost the House of Representatives and fought to draw in the Senate.  The “Just say no!” philosophy of the Republicans continued unabated.  There is a thought that Barack won both times because he left the 2nd Amendment Issue alone.  He left the action on the 2nd Amendment to the Congress.  Among all his Presidential Executive Orders……none broached the 2nd Amendment.  In retrospect it seems a very wise choice in spite of a variety of mass murders by people doing drugs and having assault style firearms in the process.  Another nice move was to select Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.  This is another method on how to secure the base.  Obama had three major scandals that may in fact no even be considered scandals by anyone by the Republican base – Benghazi (Regarding Hillary Clinton’s action or lack of them when the Ambassador Chris Stevens to Libya was killed along with three other security folks), The IRS Controvery (Regarding the targeting of so-called Republican Conservative Groups by denying their 501-C3 Status for Political Activity) and the so-called ‘Fast and Furious’ Operation of the Department of Justice run by Attorney General Eric Holder – regarding selling guns to Mexican Cartel Members…in order to track drug and firearm sales throughout both the United States and Mexico – with two DEA Agents losing their lives in the process.)

The Presidential Election of 2016 was certainly one of the most bizarre, twisted and wonderous that we have ever experienced.  Were their others that were more shocking?  Perhaps, but we were not alive at the time to give anyone a run down.  This one, we were front row center and totally amazed  by events and the reactions of both parties.  George Orwell wrote something in 1949 called “1984”, all about a time when someone named “Big Brother” would control the world.  Ray Bradbury, the Science Fiction writer then wrote “Fahrenheit 451”, in 1953 about burning every book  – just as they did during “the Hitler Era”.  Also, Kurt Vonnegut wrote something called “Player Piano” in 1952 about how automation would replace every single human worker one day.  In 1967, zoologist Desmond Morris wrote about the human condition….in “The Naked Ape”.  Finally, film writer Robert Ardrey wrote in 1966, “The Territorial Imperative”, about groups and ethnics global issues.  Followed in 1970, by an update of Jean Jaques Rousseau’s “The Social Contract”.  Now realizing that most folks will not spend the time to research or read any of these words of wisdom….it should be said that if you have some old issues of Robert K. Browns “Soldier of Fortune” Magazine, or can revisit some “Covert Action” Magazine articles on the web by Noam Chomsky……you might be able to draw a fair idea of “What the hell is going on in our society?!”  Of course if you really want to go back you can revisit “Origin of the Species” by Charles Darwin back in 1859……just before the Great US Civil War for some gratuitous insight!

Heck, the election of 2016 was Hllary’s for the taking.  She had the full backing of the Obama Administration, the Republicans were in total disarray…trying to sort out a candidate from one of 16….one dumber or more outrageous than the next (Jeb Bush included!). Hillary had the women’s vote no doubt, the Hispanic vote and all the major states were in her pocket (New York and California).  All Hillary had to do was dummy up and she could be first Women President of the United States.  But Hillary doesn’t like to listen to anyone.  Anyone! Hillary, would not tone down her screeching, her wild arm movements and her attacks on the Republican Truck Driving, Gun Toting, Bible Carrying and Coal Burning Base.  Hillary, couldn’t resist putting a finger into the eye of all those nasty Republicans that had been beating her up constantly about Benghazi and about using her home server for Government communications. “The Deplorables” she called them!  When you are part of the Establishment, the rules of engagement are far different from those who portend to be “A non politician!”  Donald Trump may have been a fully vulgar, despicable, dirty dealing businessman…..but ……. people expected more from Hillary.  The people expected Hillary to be Presidential and talk about War and Peace, about Clean Energy, about Innovation and new jobs and educational opportunities  – for all Americans.  Hillary needed a “Vision Thing” and just couldn’t produce anything but, “I have worked my entire life for women’s rights!”.  So?  Who cares Hillary, what are you going to do for us “lately”.  Meanwhile, the Trumpster continued his rants against the machine.  Anything that sounded good “that day”….was grist for the mill.  “The Great Tweetster” could reinvent the wheel from the comfort of the Trump Tower or Mar-a-lago………”give everyone cake”…..since he doesn’t drink or smoke.  Although the Trumpster lost the popular vote by 3 million votes….it didn’t matter…..he got Pennsylvania and Florida and Michigan.

The future of our country is now “up in the air”.  We may have no future, we may have no past.  We may be facing total extinction as a specie because we chose the wrong person to President of the United States…..because nobody could beat Trump and Bernie could not beat Hillary.  Will a special prosecutor named Mueller be able to bring out the entire truth?  Will the “Fourth Estate” finally fall like a leaf from the tree of life and land on muddy ground?  Will it be found that “Military Intervention” is just like the last tweet from Big Brother, just another diversion?  Will Robotics and DNA Sequencing, 3-D Manufacturing, Solar Powered Turbine Self Driving, Self Re-charging autos replace every gasoline vehicle on the planet in 10 years?  Will 93 million Americans that are taking Opioids be able to break that habit? Will Americans finally be able to pay Global prices for their prescription drugs?  Will Americans ever be able to have affordable health care?  Will the truth ever be known about “What the hell is going on?”

—————————————-*Stay tuned…….more to come!

[Added Aug. 7:  This has been retrofitted as your Weekend Open Thread.  You know what to do.]

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