Roussan on the homeless: “Taming the Corporate Beasts”

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As many already know, the Greedy Corporate Beasts of our World continue to crush and destroy the lives of many in Anaheim, USA and the world. Not only is there a war being waged against the middle class, but also against the homeless and poor of Anaheim and elsewhere. Unless laws change to protect the rights of the homeless and poor, middle class taxpayers will likely lose more money as the city of Anaheim and other cities are sued for violating the rights of poor and homeless Americans. 

The lack of change in oppressive laws in Anaheim shows horrible stewardship of taxpayer dollars. The Anaheim Council refuses to create laws that protect every right of the American people, and instead has created discriminatory laws that continue to violate the rights of poor Americans(including Vets, the disabled, and the mentally ill) to their own shame. Thankfully more are beginning to see this discrimination and are getting involved in activism in Anaheim, but sadly the Anaheim City Council still has not changed discriminatory laws that attack the poor and homeless. Currently in Anaheim it is still illegal to camp, store property or use essential items such as sleeping bags and tarps in any public space under AMC Chapter 11, so what is a homeless person to do? (See also AMC §§ 11.10.030, 11.10.040,,, and, and/or Cal. Penal Code §  647(e).)

The Anaheim City Council has been confronted by others and myself numerous times on this issue, but no change in law has come. Arrests, property confiscation, and fines have all been levied at the poor and homeless because of these oppressive laws. Of course when people are not affected by oppressive laws since they exist in a higher tax bracket, such people as the Anaheim Mayor and City Council are not placing change high on their agenda. This is why it is also crucial to elect more officials who are not heavily endowed with wealth, people that come from poorer areas of society, including those from the homeless population. Such people will be much more likely to be a voice for those in need especially if they have been involved in activism work in the past. Here is one video showing when I spoke last month against such oppressive laws in Anaheim, and of course I have many more videos after years of speaking at Anaheim City Hall. 

Recently various homeless activists also came to join forces to fight against oppressive laws and the lack of affordable housing and home sustaining job opportunities in Orange County. The following video includes a message from Eve Garrow from the ACLU, as well as a clip of me speaking about ideas we had on how to bring change from one group I worked with at the meeting in Santa Ana.  This video also has a clip regarding child slave labor, one more horrible result of Corporate Greed. It obvious many with money and power could care less about human life. Like JESUS said, you can’t serve GOD and money. I encourage everyone who cares about those in need to go to both the County Commission meetings and the Anaheim City Council meetings to demand more affordable housing, home sustaining job opportunities and legal protection for the poor and homeless. The more voices we have the better. You can also feel free to join my Facebook group, “Homeless Advocates for CHRIST”, and you can email me at to get involved, for more info, to share your ideas or for questions. Your prayers and support are truly appreciated as we work to defend the rights of those in need here and elsewhere. I do hope to hear from you!

– R. Joshua Collins ( Founder – “Homeless Advocates for CHRIST”)

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