Global Swarming goes Swimmingly Under Trump!

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If one was to listen to the mavens at Breitbart News one might think we were living in the Eisenhower years.  We have John Foster Dulles, as our Secretary of State and Oveta Culp Hoppy (then Health Education and Welfare) as our Ambassador to the UN.  We have Herb Brownell Jr. as our Attorney General, Robert B, Anderson as our Secretary of Treasury and of course the great J. Edgar Hoover as the Director of the FBI with a life long appointment and Richard M. Nixon as Vice President.  What a team!  But then, we had Lucy and Desi during those years instead of Saturday Night Live.  We loved Mamie however….she was Aces!  Ike was great, he didn’t do much but played a lot of golf.

In the fabulous 50’s we had cars that couldn’t stop, fenders fell off and bumpers that could smash anything!  We even had Championship Wrestling and Mickey Mantle and Ted Williams.  We had great diners, terrible fresh produce and lots of very bad ingredients finding there way into our food and pesticides.  The Coal Miners all suffered from Black Lung Disease, and the Mississippi flooded regularly.  There were huge tornadoes in the mid-west and the south.  There were terrible gas refinery explosions in Texas.  We were winding down from the Korean War, and we kept importing tin toys from Japan, which were probably polluted with nuclear waste from Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  People used lots of cancer causing solvents and things to clean auto parts, industrial work and manufacturing of shoes, textiles, autos, bearings and machine parts.  The roadside diners served the best hamburgers, cokes, fries and pies and cakes – but no one was fat.  They didn’t eat them….every day.  There were no Big Gulps or Diet Coke! Every girl that worked in those diners was cute as could be.  Otherwise they were older tough cookies that really knew how to take care of their customers.  The only place we could export our cars to was Cuba and Hawaii.  No one else wanted those barges and gas guzzlers.

Toxic pollution was all around us, and the average person was really old about 50.  People were either dead or dying by the age of 58.  Folks left their kids all their worldly belongings.  Folks worked their fingers to the bone to scratch out a living.  The state of Health Care in our country was great……Doctor’s even made House Calls.  However, many didn’t know much and the age of Specialization was starting to raise its ugly head.  There were Cardiologists, Dermatologists, Brain Surgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons and of course General Practitioners that knew a lot about little and big things and knew what they didn’t know.  Dr. Ben Casey and Dr. Kildare were on the TV in the 60’s.  Yep, Healthcare and Big Pharma were just coming into their own.  There was no Medical Device Industry….they had X-Rays and eye balls to determine breaks, tumors and lung issues, along with Floroscopes to see your toes in your new shoes and then get cancer.  The Steel, Auto and Furniture Industries had polluted Lake Erie and a 1000 waterways around our nation.  The Toxic Waste Dumps were starting to build up and no one knew where to put any of the Nuclear Waste from those early days of the Nuclear Power Plants.  Off shore drilling of Oil off the coast of California and Gulf Coast had already had terrible catastrophic results from time to time.  Hurricanes rained hell on Florida, Texas and the Gulf Coast States.  Lots of people died.  Most people went to church on Sunday!

In the 1980’s, after the Carter years of “less being more”, it became apparent that our consumer driven economy could not sustain the constant pressures of pollution on our country.  Oil Rigs and Strip Mining was creating a terrible “blight” on our environment.  Many National Parks became polluted and uninhabitable.  General Eisenhower had always said that the “Atoms for Peace” program would bring a world that was non-polluting, by using Nuclear Energy all around the world.  The thought followed that by sending our most polluting industries off shore to other countries, we could profit in many ways.  We could try new technologies that might be dangerous here in the U.S.  We could get the rewards of low cost labor in those 2nd and 3rd world countries.  We could find more efficient ways of shipping those goods back to the United States (Container Ships) at an affordable cost.  We could sell the overflow of those goods in the markets that we produced them in overseas – even if the sale price was reduced in those markets.  We could find new sources of Natural Resources and use theirs, rather than use ours.  We could create “the New Mercantilism of the 20th Century”.

As the years went by, the United States still had a tremendous competitive advantage when it came to Agricultural and Dairy products.  Those products were soon finding a demand in the Global Resort markets of the world.  American farmers and dairymen were sending our best products to the Five Star Hotels and Resorts where American Tourist went to spend their tourist dollars.   By the time that Bill Clinton took office – NAFTA and CAFTA and many trade agreements in Southeast Asia seemed the easiest and cheapest way for U.S. Companies to produce goods and not pay high dollar Union Wages in the process. “Miquelidoros” soon flooded our border towns on the Mexican side, just as they had on the Canadian side – like Windsor which produced Ford Engines and parts just a couple of miles from Detroit.  The 2nd, 3rd and 4th Dominoes of the Global Society fell quickly and were followed by the World Banking System.  Everyone into the pool.  No one stands apart.  Yugoslavia was an example of a country that didn’t want to play the “International Banking Game”.  They were promptly invaded and in the end made to thumb under.

The Global Swarming and Warming issue has been a serious epidemic.  Japan is a toxic mess, China is a toxic mess, India is a toxic mess and soon Africa will be a toxic mess.  In the words of Steven Hawking:  “We have about 100 years left on this planet!”  Toxic dumps include the oceans of the world.  Toxic Dumps include the air that it swept around the Global on something called the “Jet Stream”.  If for example North Korea launches a Nuclear Warhead into Japan, in less than two days the Nuclear fall out will be across the whole of the north of the United States…..all the way to New York and Washington D. C..  This happened quickly to Sweden, Norway and Finland after Chernobyl.

The solutions of course are shocking.  Doable and very shocking.  (1) No more fossil fuels.  The Tesla Model of Solar Powered Turbine Cars around the Globe will be a start.  (2)  Create DNA Cures for Medicine.  Every person could be offered a customized cure schedule for their healthcare needs. (3)  Create 3-D Manufacturing for all parts and electronics.  (4)  Clean up our Oceans and recycle the bad stuff collected.  (5)  Admit that we have a Global Society and a Global problem that will either be addressed or life on this planet will vanish in less than 100 years. (6) Admit to controlling the weather, which we have done for the last 30 least!  In 100 years we will more than double the population of the Globe.  It might even happen in 50 years.  So, not to worry…eh?

Global Swarming goes Swimmingly Under Trump!  Rolling back environmental standards and taking a back seat in the Global discussion on this issue….seems a little naive….to us!

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