One Planet… One Corporation!

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In the 1960’s when George Wallace was challenging Richard Nixon and Hubert Humphrey…….the buzz words were telling:  “Reordering our priorities” was the halcyon call from both the Republicans and the Democrats.  “There isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties!” was the Wallace call to arms.  The Republicans wanted to spend money on Military Arms that could be sold around the world, making giant profits for American Companies.  The Democrats wanted to spend millions of dollars on domestic programs and infrastructure to create jobs here in the United States.  Wallace was in addition to being a racist and bigot was a “fiscal conservative”, railing against “Foreign Aid to countries that hate us”, railing against “Fiat Currency which causes rapid inflation!”, railing against “Federal Intervention into States Rights issues like Education”, Railing against “Foreign Entanglements and Trade Deals which would ship American Jobs overseas – even if that meant lower consumer prices!”

Richard Nixon was elected and immediately engaged with China along with Henry Kissenger.  The idea was simple, take half a billion Chinese off the farms in China and put them to work in factories, making American and Euro Products – thusly giving the Chinese a kick to their economy and we would in turn send them food, technology and ways to create a modern society.  Eisenhower tried to do this with  India, but India always had a Hindu/Muslim problem.  In the Buddhist Religion, it is always about “YOU”.  In the Hindu/Muslim religions it is always about “ME”.  The failure to engage comprehensively in India, meant minimal Trade Engagement, which was spotty and required high levels of pay offs and political hand wringing.  The process was too slow in India, almost as bad as in Italy – with their 24 political parties.  In China, the central Government could act quickly and make monumental judgments which could affects hundreds of millions of starving Chinese, every year the rains failed the crops or the over production choked all the domestically closed markets.  The opening to China would feed almost a billion people and provide a never ending source of consumers, provided American and Euro goods under Chinese labels and licenses.

What Nixon failed to reveal of course was that American Jobs were going to go away over time.  The United States would have to rely on its seemingly never ending supply of technological advances and innovation to create and replace “the now Buggy Whip Jobs” of the past.  The Steel Industry was one of the first to go.  Nixon was not brilliant, just resourceful and remembered that at the end of World War II we had sent all our Gold Mining Equipment and Heavy Duty Trucks to the Soviet Union….under the so-called “Lend Lease Act of FDR”.  The concept was to re-monitize the Soviet Union, so it could afford to buy American Wheat and Corn.   Truman did that with the help of John Foster Dulles!  Rather than go to Russia and re-build it as we had to in Europe….they could dig their own Gold, utilize their great Oil Reserves and Uranium and pull themselves out of the doldrums of poverty and starvation.  Europe could buy their oil, The World Bank would take their new found Gold Reserve.  It worked and created what we now call the history of:  The Cold War!  American Arms Makers, Aircraft and the new technology Transistor Industry took the United States into Muscle Cars, Motorola and Sony Radios (made in Japan), with low-cost labor and priced to get Americans into the the “Digital Age”….as far back as 1960!   Welcome to the Cold War!

The old German Axiom however, had to soon be employed:  “At War – or Re-Building!” was the way to keep the economy going.  Releasing innovation too fast would soon create the Ross Perot “Giant Sucking Sound” of jobs leaving our domestic market and headed for low cost manufacturing labor markets…..the Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and many others.  Our CIA had to keep busy with Regime Changes to make sure we had truly “Free Trade Markets – for American Goods” – not necessarily the other way round.  As LBJ launched the war in Vietnam to keep “Black Boys and Liberal White Boys and assorted Independent thinkers” off the activist streets of America,  lots of folks died.  Millions of Vietnames, Millions of Cambodians, 58,000 plus American boys with over 500,000 injured or maimed in the process between LBJ and Richard Nixon.  The result was:  China got American Base Industries like Steel, Aircraft Parts, Electronics…..and manufacturing, starting with Fraternal Lapel Pins…….and soon much more.  Soon the great basket known as the United States found wanting markets for American Diary and Farm Products….which they could sell quickly in the “Skim Market” of Five Star Hotels and End Destinations around the world.  The jet age could get those products to market…..almost as fresh as they came off the vine.

When Bill Clinton invaded Kosovo to stop the so-called Ethnic Cleansing of Islamic Albanians who were invading a military weakened Peace Time Yugoslavia along their southern border….the reality was of course that Yugoslavia had one of the strongest economies in the world, at that time. People had good jobs, computers, great food and a great quality of life.  They were trading with the Russians and the Americans and the Europeans, making the finest electronic parts, washers and dryers and even the beginning of affordable Autos for the world market.  This was a threat to “the New World Order”…and could not be tolerated.  The United States and our allies at the time supplied arms and ammunition to the 2nd most Communist Country in the world Albania, next to North Korea…at the time.  That world called from the break-up of the Post-Tito Unification in the Balkans.  They simply had become too strong economically and were throwing off the balance and plans of the WTO, The World Bank and of course the great Global players behind the scenes.  Yugoslavia was a game changer, employed with a strategy that will now be used for the foreseeable future.

When George H.W. Bush invaded Iraq, Saddam had become entrenched to such a degree that any opening to the west or east was going to be problematic.  The message sent in Desert Storm was for Saddam to open his markets, take some control of his Shiite citizens and let the Kurds go… create their own New Kurdistan.  Which would mean having the Kurds take land from Turkey, Syria and Iraq….marking a strip of land, independent and one which would block the Sunni militants of Turkey crossing over into Iraq and Syria.  Marking a strip of land and country which could keep the Sunni’s in check to the south and west.  When George W. went back in, Saddam had already pulled his sword and put the line in the sand.  Saddam was not going to do anything after he was attacked the first time.  Saddam had to pay the price….even though he had already made a deal with the prior Administrations.

The Grand Strategy:  Perhaps it is a concept that has been in the planning stages for 150 years.  Perhaps, it just came to someone one night after the fall of Iraq.  Japan, Korea, Germany, France, Great Britain and the United States all suffer from one major complaint:  The aging of their populations.  In order to continue growth of the economy, they must either ramp up exports (which are made more and more in foreign countries)…..or bring in immigrants to boost the aging work force for Chicken Pluckers, Restaurant and Field Workers or the various Construction Industries which old indigenous folks ….just can’t do or won’t do physically anymore.  Without new consumers, the domestic markets soon fall apart, especially utilizing old folks who already have bought everything.   Robotics is about to change everything and the number of jobs will soon evaporate to levels unthinkable.  Self Driving cars, trucks and commercial vehicles, Non fossil fuel vehicles throughout the earth. Cures to all disease and health concerns.  The great demise of banking and economic production.  The reality that in order for our planet to survive….it will require only One Corporation.  One authority!  One Planet Under God!  During these times of great social upheaval, we all need to gather our thoughts…realize that politics is strictly a diversion.  Divide and Conquer has been around for way over 2500 years.  Realize, that America is not a stand alone country.  Our banking system can expand today because it has become Global.  Instead of having just 332 Million folks……..we have 5 Billion folks..which requires a lot more cash or digital credits in circulation!

As we watch the Middle East displace millions of folks, the design is simple and much the same that Andrew Jackson did to our American Indians……on the Trail of Tears.  Time to move…time to change ……time to understand that we are only talking about real estate and only talking about who will own it and how much it will bring in rent and for purchase.  The Civil War brought Reconstruction.  World War I brought new borders.  World War II brought new countries.  Every war brings death, displacement and winners and losers.  If anything, all of us must understand the process.  The process however is certainly not very transparent, so we have to pay attention.  Any of us could be the victim of so-called progress…….at any time.  Our job is to survive.  Our job is to work around the system.  Our job is to make sure that kindness and caring follow for all the neighbors we don’t know, the citizens we argue with and to to bring a bit of hope to all the dreams of future generations!  This is our job…..but remember:  One Planet…..One Corporation!  How bad can it be?  Well, As FDR said:  “We only have to fear….fear itself!”  As the diaspora of Muslims in the Middle East continues…..someone has determined that Sunni’s and Shiites will have to adjust, become less entrenched and open to learn a new language!  Maybe we all will have to eventually learn these lessons.  Whose to know?  “One Planet…One Corporation”…as they said in “Roller Ball”!

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