The Second Black President?

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Darth Vader Trump has been busy casting a dark spell on our country.  The so-called Great White Hope has quickly turned into our Second Black and Darker President.  The token and closet racists, the Knights of the Klu Klux Klan, the Great Communist Conspiracy, The Marxist-Leninist sympathizers and prequel Stalinists, the Global Oligarchs and Arab Princes of Doom, the greater uneducated, the 98% of this country that do not read books and 93% that do not read newspapers, those without any historical clue or sense of history, those that demand that “stupidity” brings us closer to Godliness, those that love to see others suffer, those that are unafraid of nuclear war, those that haven’t got a clue…….and don’t seem to grasp that anything is wrong.  Other than of course that the Democrats who are holding back “their boy”…..who is going to Make America Hate Again!  What a team!

Hey, can it really be that bad?  Nah…..we are probably just over reacting to a series of coincidences and events that are just really an extension of a very bad Jerry Springer Reality Show.  We should all be laughing so hard – but why do we feel like we have fallen and can’t get up without one of those Panic Buttons. America is a funny place – we really aren’t that excited about having a President in the first place.  Even when we have a good President, we don’t like seeing him on TV so often.  Isn’t he supposed to be working and doing some serious study about National Defense, International Trade and what to do when the next National disaster hits?  We like watching him occasionally playing golf or attending some dinner of some sort with his wife.  We don’t want to see him on TV every day!  If we were to see him on TV every day….we would worry that he is not attending to business.  Presidents only need to kiss a baby every four years.

The terrible Trump Administration has never had a clue.  “The Gang that couldn’t shoot straight”.. would be greatly insulted by their memory and comparison to the Trump Administration…. for being mentioned in the same thought.  The Trumpster seems to be living in his own special Dream World.  He sees Drones circling the Trump Tower tapping his phone calls to Vlade Putin…..operated by 12 year old boys living in Lawrence, Kansas.  He sees Hillary Clinton in his Daymares and Bill Clinton in his Nightmares.  He sees Barack Obama stealing his silk underwear and robbing his Champagne Collection.  He sees the Black Russian Bear sleeping in his bed and having sex with his daughter.  He sees Democrats under every door mat.  He sees Republicans with their hands out and everywhere he goes.  He can’t believe that he is so unattractive that people turn off the sound to their TV’s when he comes on and tune to the weather channel and QVC just to get away from his terrible abrasive cognitive dissonance.  He can’t quite grasp that his hair is very awful and too bugging for words.  He can’t say:  “I made a mistake!”  He can’t say: “I am so sorry, if I hurt your feelings!”  He can’t say: “I’ve been such a jerk!”  He can’t say:  “I’m not a rich as people think!”  He can’t say:  “I have terrible relationships with women and my mom was really a bitch!”  He can’t say:  “If I don’t cheat……I know I can’t win straight up!”  “he can’t say:  “I love being the victim, people don’t get how bad I had it growing up!”  He can’t say:  “I’m really a mental five year old stuck in a 71 year old body!”  He can’t say:  “I really suck as a human being!”  He can’t hire anyone that he can’t abuse, demean or attack!

Darth Vader Trump is just our Second Black President.  He attracts everything that from the Dark Side.

“Obi Wan Kenobi… are our only hope!” said Carrie Fisher.

It is really too bad that the Trumpster will never be as good, caring or great as our First Black President!  Barack Obama!

The Trumpster will always be remembered as: the “Worse President in American History!”  And we are sure he will be very glad that he at least won something!

Barack Obama only said:  “If you want to keep your healthcare you can!” (Of course, that was before the Republicans made the necessary changes to be sure THAT couldn’t happen!)  Name another Obama lie.  Hmmm….hard to remember any …eh?  OK, how many Trumpster lies can you remember in the next five minutes?  We rest our case!

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