You Great Big Big Big Stupid……

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Arte Johnson was renowned during the days of the Rowan and Martin “Laugh In” show of the 70’s, when he rode around on a little tri-cycle with a black Spiked German WW I Helmet and Black German trench coat.  He would ride around and say:  “Stupid….this is very very very stupid!” and then he would ride into a wall and fall over.  Goldie Hawn and Gary Owens helped coin the phrase:  “Sock it to me!”  Guest President: then Richard Nixon,  became famous for appearing on the show (trying to get down with the little people) when he said:  “Sock it……to ME!”

The new Trump Administration seems to be following in the very footsteps of Richard Nixon more and more and more….as each day goes by.  Richard Nixon surrounded himself with pseudo racist Nazi’s….H.R. Haldelman and a list that would choke a horse.  Additionally, he added lots of sycophants, “nodding doggeys in the widow” we used to call them which included such wonderful folks as John Dean and Rosemary Woods…his faithful secretary.   When Dean figured out he was going to be a scapegoat and collateral damage…he turned states evidence.  When the end came it was in the perfect Greek Tragedy Tradition.  The broad wave on the hand at the top of the steps as he boarded Air Force One for the last time.

We jokingly have mentioned that Trump brings in Sean Spiker Geobbels, Kellyanne Eva Braun, Steve Bannon Himmler and of course our willing array of Republican Reichstag Brown Shirts.  When Don Trump ran for office last year, he kept saying:  “I’m not a politician, I just started doing this 16 months ago.”  Well, we are convinced.  Don Trump is certainly NO politician!  The number of errors of judgement are starting to become painful.  We thought Jimmy Carter and his crazy brother Billy were going to embarrass our country.  Then Jimmy screwed the pooch on the Olympics, when Russia Invaded Afghanistan and the Iran Hostage Crisis!  Holding our Embassy staff hostage for over a year, destroying our economy….by fear mongering:  “We live in a time when America must lower its expectations!” The result of that stupid statement was 22% interest rates and almost that much in unemployment.

D.J. Trump hasn’t quite grasped the implications and nuances of being President just yet.  He hasn’t got a real good grasp on history, especially of this country.  We would love to know what kind of grades he got in High School when it came to US History.  His grasp of Philosophy seems a bit lacking as well.  He probably never heard of John Paul Sarte…….but we won’t hold that against him….anyone can learn this stuff….all he has to do is “Google it!”   Maybe he should just Google “President of the United States” on Wikipedia rather than Wiki-leaks!  After 10 days in office he has stepped on his hand – nine times!

Americans are a funny lot….they keep saying that they like winners!  The truth of the matter is that they love “Losers” more.  “Hey, it took the Chicago Cubs 105 years to win the World Series.”  Tom Brady may be the most fantastic quarterback in NFL History, but some people just hate the Patriots….because:  They win all the time!   When Charlie Sheen (who we love!) said “Winning!” when it came to all his peccadilloes many folks didn’t  like that.  When he had to go to rehab six times….people loved that!  Everyone loves the “Under Dog the Wonder Dog”! Sometimes “Doing too much can be very counter productive!”  Especially, too soon.  It shows a complete lack of thoughtful planning, it doesn’t allow the little people to grasp or understand “what the hell are you doing…anyway?”  When you push your weight around and brag about anything……that is never attractive and has absolutely nothing to do with being a President of the United States.

Every failed Presidency has occurred because of over reliance on EGO.  “Bigger than all outdoors!” was a halcyon call back in the 1960’s.  LBJ failed because of many things.  He surrounded himself with sycophants that pandered to his ego.  Those that didn’t were either fired or lambasted into criminal concessions of his choosing.  Always having the lever in his hand.  The so-called Great Society he created was born and created in the JFK Administration and Robert Kennedy’s Justice Department.  LBJ had no problem however calling up Southern Democrats or Northern Liberal Republicans and calling them everything but white people!  LBJ was a racist power monger.  His evil deeds will eventually come out in 2065 when all the JFK records will become available.

Gerald Ford sold out in order to become Vice President and eventually President.  Getting rid of Spiro Agnew was a prime concern to Richard Nixon.  Agnew worked behind the scenes and probably was the early real “Deep Throat”.  Nixon made sure that Agnew got put out of office based on taking the Milk Money from the children when he was Governor.  Ridculous!  Ford on the other hand was a complete sold out bumbler from Michigan, as described by Chevy Chase on Saturday Night Live.  Actually, Chase was way too kind to Ford who made so many policy gaffs, you could hardly count them all.  The Mayaguez Incident and our lost Marines in Vietnam, being President when we left Vietnam on the last day of April 1975 and finally Pardoning Richard Nixon.  These were crazy times too.

Well, even a two term President like Bill Clinton had his issues which included:  Waco, Whitewater, Ruby Ridge, Elian Gonzales and of  course the dreaded NAFTA!  Don Trump however is breaking new ground.  Carter, Ford, Nixon and Clinton had experience in Governing and experience in Government.  Right now we are asking Don Trump to perform brain surgery on the United States of America, although he never spent one day in Medical School other than watching ER, Scrubs and Code Black on TV.  Perhaps he even remembers a little from his childhood like: Dr. Ben Casey, or Marcus Welbey M.D……who knows?   So as Arte Johnson might say:  “Stupid…..very, very, very Stupid!”

The difference between being President and being the Irvine Company is pretty simple:  Even Donald Bren…doesn’t want to be President!  A few words of advice to the new President – picking on immigrants is a real loser.  You cannot win that debate….ever!  Picking on a Women’s Right to Choose  is another real loser.  You cannot win that debate ….ever!  Picking on the Voting Rights Act is another terrible loser.  You cannot wind that debate…..ever!  Picking on people’s Civil Liberties is another terrible loser.  You cannot win that debate …..ever!! Picking on people by Labeling them is another real loser.  You cannot win that debate…EVER!  Dollars and sense and just the facts will allow the meaningful innovation into our society to build a new future.  The movie “Back to the Future” is what has happened in the last two weeks.  We are mess….and we better put this ship right in no time flat, because even when the boat goes turtle….eventually the mast will go skyward again.  Trump has really made some people in the Global Economy very upset *watching the British House of Commons for example!”….well, except for Israel and Russia that is.

Sadly, the Republicans still cannot believe what a great team of people Barack Obama put together to run our government.  Sadly, the Democrats cannot believe what a great team of people Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush put together to run our government.  George H.W. Bush….we are leaving out of the conversation….because he and Barbara have just recovered and gotten out of the hospital.  We can say however that the Cabinet choices that Trump has put up are some of the worst we have ever seen.  At least from the position that all the people need to be represented.  T-REX Nay, DeVos Nay, Price, NAY, Sessions, NAY……..but who cares what we think?  We are just looking at this stuff from an historical standpoint.  What do they say:  The Best of Times and the Worst of Times!  Or as Arte Johnson kept saying redundantly:  “Stupid…..very, very, very Stupid!”  “You Great Big, Big, Big….Stupid!”  “Very Interesting………”

With our personal apologies to George Orwell….of course!


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