The 2017 Progressive Wishlist

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For those who have yet to make their 2017 New Years Resolutions, we have a few suggestions to put on their wishlist, which might be necessary for the coming end of the Year of the Fire Monkey and the beginning of the Year of the Fire Rooster.  January 28th, 2017 welcomes the Year of the Fire Rooster.  Dawn and Awakening are the key words for this year.  However, it won’t come easily and will require all of us to utilize our patience and determined effort to dig out the facts and the truth.  Any triumph or success will only come through a lot of hard work.  Fake News, Lies, Misrepresentations and Covert Activity of all types can be expected to take our eyes off the ball of discovery – which of course seems like nothing new from the Year of the Fire Monkey, which is and was a clever dodgeball deceiver, in and of themselves.  Our Congress will have a tendency to continue to mislead us from the realities and dangers ahead.  Through pointed and directed targeting……we will or may find the actual truth – but it won’t be easy.  We don’t anticipate a higher approval rating for the Congress any time soon.  Trump will also have the lowest approval rating of any incoming President in modern history.  But then, does Donnie really care and does that make any real difference?

We should perhaps take a step back however and put to bed some of our old news concerns before striking ahead.  Number one:  When is Hillary going to come out with her next book?  “Hard Choices – Part II”.  When will Hillary finally come out and say:  “I have my own mind and I did the campaign exactly as I thought best!”  “I never listen to anyone…not Bill….not anyone and if I failed,  I did so because of my own actions and no one elses!”  “I should have taken Bernie as my VP and been bolder!”  “I should have attacked Trump directly as a despicable waste of human garbage! – Not those that voted for him because he wasn’t black or a woman!”  “I should have employed a Hollywood Director and Acting Coach to help with my on camera presentations!”  “I should have not repeated myself, over and over again about how much I loved children and family!”  “I should have never attacked the Gun Lobby or Gun Owners or anything at all to do with the 2nd Amendment.”  “I should have pointed out that Trump wasn’t even a member of the NRA……and I should have reminded the American people of that during every debate!”  “I should apologize to my millions of supporters for making some very fundamental ‘rookie mistakes’ of campaigning – when I actually knew better, but just couldn’t follow anyone’s advice – that would have helped me!”

So, our first 2017 Progressive Wishlist issue:  “Hillary comes clean and picks up the mantle of leadership to help create a New Progressive Coalition along with Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Al Franken and Maria Cantwell.”  The second issue would be to create this possible bi-partisan NPC,  would be to support a Single Payer Healthcare for all Americans, based upon the ability to pay on a graduated scale.  The third issue; Would be to raise the annual rate percentages for Social Security, Military Pay and Medicare to match whatever Congress gets!  The Fourth issue; Would be to freeze all Drug Prices for Critical Drugs necessary for life, as in AIDS, Heart Disease, Cancer and other critical drugs – making them priced the same as on the current Global Pricing Structure.  This also would include a ban on all television Drug Advertising, unless it is connected to a Public Service Announcement of Recall, Poison Control or National Disasters!  The fifth issue would be:  A National Program to end Homelessness, fully funded by both parties.  Finally, making sure that the United States and all Global or US Companies are abiding by the Global Warming Treaty….with maximum applicable fines and felony indictments for those companies that fail to comply or have criminal liability.  Put Cialis and Viagra Ads were they belong on the back pages of Mechanics Illustrated or Handyman magazine.

These issues are only a start;  They do not include a complete Anti-War Declaration, unless attacked.  They do not include a variety of freedom provisions and 4th Amendment protections.  They do not include your thoughts of what you might want to see accomplished in 2017.  One is for sure,  Chuck Schumer is not going to be the Prophetic Leader of a Modern Progressive Bi-Partisan Coalition to save our country.  Big Oil, Big Agra, Big Pharma, Big Chema, Big Banking and Globality in general will not create jobs, improve innovation, reduce global warming or create the technologies of the future which will reduce Medical Costs and improve our quality of life.  These are the very companies that will continue to ship jobs overseas, hide profits in off shore banks and apologize for product price hikes, while CEO’s complain bitterly that they have run out of non-paper Egyptian Terry towels in the Executive Wash Room.

The Progressive 2017 Wishlist……is now open for your thoughts, answers and comments.

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