Dave Gilliard’s Irvine Confusion

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Dave Gilliard can’t decide who to slime, so his latest attack placemat is a three-for-all.

Something else Liberal OC and Irvine's worst Republicans have in common: this picture of Melissa Fox.

Something else Liberal OC and Irvine’s worst Republicans have in common: this picture of Melissa Fox.

Irvine’s municipal elections are steadily polled by the best funded campaigns. The general public can glean those poll results from how those polls are used, especially mailers. For example, even though Don “Kept Man” Wagner and his corporate keepers have sent countless mailers against Mary Ann Gaido, none have targeted Gang Chen.  So one may safely assume that private polling reveals Gang is out of the running for mayor while Mary Ann is running strong.

A more interesting revelation are the third-party attack mailers against “unaffiliated” council candidates that sometimes appear immediately before Election Day.  These hit pieces reveals who is the greatest threat to the status quo. A great example is the vicious hit piece Great Park developer money then associated with Larry Agran delivered against Margie Wakeham the day before the 2008 election.  The apparent private polling result was correct: Margie finished ahead of the six other candidates, but immediately behind Larry Agran.

Which makes this weekend’s attack mailer-cum-placemat from Dave Gilliard so interesting.  Apparently, Dave doesn’t know who is most threatening to the developer-funded majority, because his massive 15″ x 12″ attack placemat targets Melissa Fox, Farrah Khan, and Dale Cheema equally!  Attacks against Melissa are no surprise, but equal billing for Farrah and Dale is revealing.   Dale has always been my pick as the strongest “outsider.” The developer-funded polling apparently agrees, and also finds Farrah running much stronger than either Anila Ali or Shiva Farivar.

P.S. The picture at the top of the post is from Dave’s attack mailer-cum-placemat.  A google image search only finds that image at a single place on the internet:  the Liberal OC.  Which, coincidentally, has also been bashing Dale Cheema.

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