On Black Lives Matter and Global Slavery in General

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black hands in chains

The approximately 12 million Africans who were brought to the new world in the 18th Century, for the fields of the Carolinas and homes and mansions of various wealthy land owners in the New World – today they have expanded the Black Population of the United States to: approaching 46.3 million: or 14.3%.  The History of Slavery in general of course goes back to antiquity.  The Babylonians, the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Goths, the Franks and the Vikings – just to name a few.   In the 16th and 17th Century, slavery was given a variety of new names.  In England, Indentured Servants and those Pressed into Service for the British Navy.  Fortunes of war included huge populations that became slaves to the new masters.  This of course followed on the heels of the days of the Knights of Chivalry and their peasants and of course the Santa Hermandad of Spain – which were all approved by the Catholic Church – after they went into Real Estate investing.  The French Revolution gave a short reprise for the Courtesans – until the days of Napoleon that brought back “the good old days”.  Many Courtesans that had donned a head scarf and apron and joined in with pitchforks and torches … and stormed the Bastille – soon were welcomed back to the court of Louie Napoleon when things went back to normal.

White or those of color Sex Slavery has been around for a long time – is our point.  In the mid-1800’s people were Shanghai’d in San Francisco and the on the East Coast for two year passages on various Commercial and others for Government “on the spot drafting opportunities”.  Today the Hispanic population of the United States is about 55 Million or 17%.  The Asian populations of the United States is now about 15 million or 5.6%.  This of course means that well over 36% of the population of the United States is now what used to be called “Minorities”.  The overall immigration story of the United States is staggering.  The population of the founding Colonies of the United States in 1776 was about 2.5 million souls.  85% were white.  The other 15% were either black slaves or native Americans.

Today as war ravages around the globe – slavery is still no stranger.  Boko Haram in Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, ISIS throughout the Middle East, Central and South America and many other areas around the world are creating a class of immigrants that are being exploited by slavers of all descriptions.  Prostitution and Poverty always follow on the heels of the ravages of war.  So it is, that not only do Black Lives Matter – but those of every color and those of every ethnic background need to grasp firmly – That All Lives Matter!  The Economic Bigotry, Economic Racial Bias and Economic Ethnic Cleansing continues to bring the inequities and fertile ground that creates the deaths of Blacks, Hispanics, Homeless and many poor whites in our country.

The simple system being employed today is that of an unjust: “Pricing people out of the market!”  Globalization has created a huge cash cow that will soon become unsustainable for a safe and caring society.  Today, Airbnb’s, Short Term Rentals and Self Sub-Division of one’s property are creating chaos.  Property in Newport Beach for example – can take rental property and simply make it into an Airbnb and charge $300 dollars a night for an apartment that was being rented for $1800 dollars a month – just a few years ago.  Supply and Demand they say.  So instead of a Rental Property Owner getting $1800 a month – now they could conceivably make $9000 a month.  But with what consequence?  Will the RPO have those renting their property properly vetted?  Will those renting these Short Term Rentals be Columbian or their  equivalent Drug Dealers or Pimps for High Dollar Prostitutes or Convicted Felons or Child Abusers?  Do they even care about their Societal responsibility to the Community at Large?  What will be the costs to additional Public Safety, Potential Property Damage or even the Noise and Furor caused by over crowding at Holiday locations?  The societal message – Just Rent where it isn’t very popular or safe for that matter!  Soon, homeowners will have to rent their own homes for 10 days a month – and live with relatives; just to make their home or lease payment.

Another issue of great concern is the Self Sub-Dividing Sale of properties.  The traditional “Mother-in-law Unit” above the detached rear garage area….has turned into another Cash Cow.  Rear Units in Newport Beach are selling for well over a million dollars.  The owners get these prices without regulation or parking restrictions, because the property is zoned as R-2.  Based on that thinking, R-3 Units could soon be sold individually.  Who is watching the “Our Quality of Life” Store in this society?  Our society is changing rapidly.  Jobs are evaporating as fast as technology grows.  In five years we may not even recognize of country, our economic paradigm’s or the conditions of our Quality of Life.  Economic Slavery has always replaced stability.  These are facts of life that have been experienced since the beginning of time.  The Heathcare Industry is holding back cures…..to keep their Marketing Based Industry afloat.  How long that is sustainable – will be interesting to watch.  Those jobs are going away too.  In five years – we will all be self medicated with real cures, in spite of what Big Pharma or the AMA wants.  Ford just announced that they will be introducing their Self Driven Driverless cars in 2021.  Can the Solar Powered Driverless Turbine Car and Vehicles be far behind?

One thing is certain, the time to adjust is long past due.  The time to target and re-evaluate our basic principals and values is now.  Black Lives Matter – no doubt.  However, All Lives Matter……even more!  We need to start pulling the oars together in this society.  We need to offer a sense of human kindness and caring into our lives and our society.  It really isn’t all about ME or US!  It really is all about YOU!  The time to “do unto others – as we would have done unto us” is here!

Black Lives Matters and Global Slavery in General …. Time will tell!

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