Off to Nevada to Oppose Some Political Whores. No, Literally.

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Hookers for Hillary line up to caucus and block an old Jewish guy's hopes.

Hookers for Hillary line up to caucus and block an old Jewish guy’s hopes.

These are some of my opponents today as I my wife and I head to Nevada.  I’m there to be a legal observer; she’s there to check out the beautiful desert bloom in Death Valley — and to protect me from my antagonists, some of whom are pictured above.  (I’m a legal observer for the Sanders campaig at what I expect will be a large — maybe even huuuuge — caucus.)

Now prostitutes are only a small part of Hillary’s army of supporters here, just as attorneys from OC are an even small portion of Bernie’s.  But if you look at the homepage of their group, HookersForHillary, you’ll notice two things (aside from the photos): (1) they actually have a pretty decent social critique and agenda and (2) their interests will be equally well-represented by Bernie.  In fact, probably better represented, because Bernie will still believe a month, six months, and a year from now what he says now — and has, for the most part, believed for 30 or more years.

So as “political whores” go, I have to admit that these are some of the better ones.  Let’s just say that in recent years in my home county, I’ve seen a lot worse.  (Also a lot less literal.)

Now these particular women are from up in Carson City.  I’m going to a place tody that’s equally famous for its prostitutes — which is why I suppose they weren’t going to send anyone without their better half — and I have to be ready for them to come out and try to influence votes at the Caucus.  So someone has to block that — and I’ll do my best.

More dispatches from Nevada — possibly as emails to Vern, which he can use to update this — as the day goes on!  Also expect some photos of what I hope is already a “superbloom” in Death Valley.

I’ll check in with you soon!  To the ramparts!

About Greg Diamond

Somewhat verbose attorney, semi-retired due to disability, residing in northwest Brea. Occasionally runs for office against bad people who would otherwise go unopposed. Got 45% of the vote against Bob Huff for State Senate in 2012; Josh Newman then won the seat in 2016. In 2014 became the first attorney to challenge OCDA Tony Rackauckas since 2002; Todd Spitzer then won that seat in 2018. Every time he's run against some rotten incumbent, the *next* person to challenge them wins! He's OK with that. Deposed as Northern Vice Chair of DPOC in April 2014 (in violation of Roberts Rules) when his anti-corruption and pro-consumer work in Anaheim infuriated the Building Trades and Teamsters in spring 2014, who then worked with the lawless and power-mad DPOC Chair to eliminate his internal oversight. Expelled from DPOC in October 2018 (in violation of Roberts Rules) for having endorsed Spitzer over Rackauckas -- which needed to be done. None of his pre-putsch writings ever spoke for the Democratic Party at the local, county, state, national, or galactic level, nor do they now. One of his daughters co-owns a business offering campaign treasurer services to Democratic candidates and the odd independent. He is very proud of her. He doesn't directly profit from her work and it doesn't affect his coverage. (He does not always favor her clients, though she might hesitate to take one that he truly hated.) He does advise some local campaigns informally and (so far) without compensation. (If that last bit changes, he will declare the interest.)