Sharon Quirk-Silva withdraws her endorsement of Jordan Brandman.

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sqs rejects brandman

The Orange Juice can finally report definitively that former Fullerton councilwoman, assemblywoman and current assembly candidate Sharon Quirk-Silva, the most prominent Democratic endorser of Congressional candidate Jordan Brandman, has withdrawn her support from him due to his recent inexcusable and stubborn anti-democratic and anti-Latino actions on the Anaheim Council of late.  (Please excuse Monday’s brief accidental premature publishing of this headline, but we were pretty impatient for this development.)

Sharon has been trying to talk sense into Jordan for weeks over his (first) insistence on postponing the vote of Anaheim’s sole Latino district for ANOTHER three years (after beginning his delays back in 2012) and NOW his insistence, on completely bogus excuses, to trash the agreed-upon districting map and going back to the drawing board to look at other maps, delaying the final process till possibly July and threatening to ghettoize Anaheim’s Latinos into two out of six districts for years.

I’m glad we were patient.  How would she know there was no talking sense into him?  Monday night he begged her not to drop her endorsement, and promised her he would do the right thing last night.  As she said to me, “Who knows what he meant by the right thing?”  In any case, as you all know by now, last night was just more of the same – Jordan and his two klepto-Republican allies doubled down on their anti-democratic delaying tactics, and the room erupted in a near-riot.

And Sharon washed her hands for good.  We hope for more such wise decisions from the assembly candidate and wish her good luck in defeating the lamentable Young Kim.

As for Jordan Brandman, let us quote a resolution  ALLEGEDLY passed in his honor by his patron lobbyist Curt Pringle, and passed on to us by “Anaheim Insider”:


  • WHEREAS, Councilman Brandman has so far successfully pulled off the difficult balancing act of appearing like a Democrat brandman goofywho supports district elections while continuously delaying and subverting them;
  • WHEREAS, on August 8, 2012, Council candidate Brandman called for the wondrous reform of districting while also insisting that they be delayed for years of study while fighting the reform in court, exactly as he was instructed;
  • WHEREAS, on June 11, 2013, when the Usurper Tait was attempting to put districting on the ballot and stop the court fight; and Brandman was, with my permission, fulfilling his promise to support such a move in the council minority;  and it looked like Weak Lucille may be wavering and joining Tait and Brandman to make a districting majority;  Brandman THOUGHT FAST and CALLED THE QUESTION* (with a little prodding from me by text;)
  • AND WHEREAS, on December 8 and 15 of this year, Councilman Brandman has delayed districting even longer, opening up the possibility of locking Anaheim’s Latinos into a council minority for years to come, as well as allowing our side to prepare for the 2016 elections while our opponents rack their heads in confusion; and STILL Councilman Brandman can come off as a Democrat seeking more representation for the Latinos…

As Curt allegedly cracked after that resolution was read, “We’ve come a long way from poll guards, haven’t we?”

*Trip down memory lane, June 11, 2013,
when Jordan and Mayor Tait were the “pro-districting minority.”
Start at 4:46 or so:

4:46:00 Tom urges a vote to settle the suit and put districting on the ballot,
and warns accurately of the consequences if that doesn’t happen.
He already has Jordan’s vote but they’re a minority.
At 4:49 Lucille, typically, expresses confusion,
and a problem mainly with the NUMBER OF SEATS recommended – she is in play.
Around 4:50 staff answers her questions and Kris “calls the question.”
At 4:51:33 JORDAN suddenly calls the question too, moving inexplicably to end debate.
He and Kris had both been looking at their phones.
At 4:55 the Mayor’s measure is defeated 3-2, and the fight against districting would continue for …
well, it’s still ongoing.
We’ll never know what might have happened if Lucille’s concerns had been addressed.
Because Jordan “called the question” before that could happen.

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