Mr. Toad Manifests Himself in Irvine!

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Now we know whose signs Larry Agran has been removing. Dave Ellis in Green Next Tuesday’s Irvine City Council meeting will probably include a report from the Great Park Auditors.  So like clockwork, bright orange signs went up, and,   as usual,  disappeared. yawn. What’s new is that an entity supporting the signs has now stepped into the light: None other the Orange Juice BFF Dave Ellis.

[Editor Vern to Tyler:  No, THIS is the ur-text of the Orange Juice / Mr Toad relationship.]

Dave apparently forgot that Irvine residents get extremely pissy about signs of any kind blighting our lovingly tended, recycled-water irrigated, deeply green medians. He is complaining that his free speech rights are being violated.  Heck, even Occupy Orange County has to get permits to be on our hallowed grass. Why is Dave surprised city crews cleaned up his ugly orange signs?   For the curious, here is the legal demand letter in pdf form:  Agran – Baric Letter

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