The Winships consider the Obama Years

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As we are living history, it is sometimes difficult to grasp the long term effects to our children, our society and our world.  Today, we all look to our cell phones to determine our next move.  Parents text their children at school, kids send naked photos of themselves to their friends, Medical and Recreational Marijuana stores open all over our country, coupons arrive on our computers and cell devices to tell us of the next sale for something we once showed interest in several months ago and hackers attack our institutions and threaten lives on by cyber means.  We are all given invitations to take drugs on television; as well as offers to take millions in diverted Nigerian oil and drug money by unsolicited cyber letters.  Cyber Scams can take our identifies, bring down our largest institutions and organizations and our biggest banks take deposits and gamble them on derivatives and hedge funds as we all sleep.  Welcome to the Obama years……

With every distraction under the sun, the United States of America has their first black President.  We have a do nothing, know nothing Congress.  We have NCAA, MLB, NBA, NFL and NFL player and owner distractions with family violence, drugs and straight out felony criminal activity.  We have a society that continues to find those Bill Cosby moments, those Rihanna, Donald Trump, Lindsay Lohan, Jerry Sandusky, Joe Paterno,  Bernie and Ruth Madoff,  Don and Shelly Sterling, Ray and Janelle Rice, Adrian Petersen and the list goes on and on – as the richest in our society complain bitterly:  Big Banks, Big Pharma, Big Agra, Big Oil, Big Medical Devices, Big Walmart, Big Medical and Life Insurance, Super Rich Individuals sending their cash and goods to off-shore banks and not paying taxes, Family Trusts, Tax Exempt Organizations, The Koch Bros., George Soros and the unlimited intervention of Corporate cash into every political campaigns via the Citizens United decision of the Supreme Court.  We have the deaths of American Citizens by police across this country, due to lack of jobs for the under-class, stresses increasing for the ascending class, lack of upward mobility by the middle-class, lack of good job opportunities for College Grads – not to mention High School Grads that have many “Sheep Skins” and “Graduation Certificates and Diplomas” …many not worth the paper they are written on.

We have a huge celebrity class of people, all seemingly doing drugs, too many having psychological problems, people addicted to perscription and illegal drugs, deaths due to peer pressure, suicide and lack or failure of expectations syndrome.  Our celebrity class is not limited to movie stars, sports heroes, high tone politicians, the ultra rich, Dancing with the Stars contestants, bullies on Jerry Springer..right on down to the grammar school level.  We watch Kim Jon Un kick his heels up with NBA ex-star Dennis Rodman and some other NBA buddies.  Then Kim may have now attacked Sony Pics….because Seth Rogan thougt he was Charlie Sheen and could do an upscale “Hot Shots!” movie.  Seth should have known…these are the Obama years not 1991!  Life is dangerous today.  Our food has preservatives that will make it last 5 to 10 years and causes cancer or poisons our livers…..while movies last two or three days and then go to You Tube!

Today, is following an historic day for the United States.  President Barack Obama has been busy after losing decisively the Mid-Term Elections of 2014.  Big money has been working overtime and hardly any Democrats got elected.  The Republican now have an overwhelming advantage in the both the Senate and the House of Representatives.  They really kicked butt.  They even took out Mary Landrieu in Louisiana.  Hey, the list is long, but the American people have spoken:  NO more Democrats – until 2016 when they will vote overwhelmingly for Hilliary Clinton.

In the meantime, President Obama – in spite of being black, isn’t exactly stupid.  President Obama in six years has done more to help our country than all the Bushes and Clinton Administrations put together.  How about the following:  Banking Reform, Immigration, Foreign Affairs and now opening renegotiations with Cuba.  Finally, we will be able to get the real Cuban Cigars without paying a hefty premium skim and restocking rate!  Our Aftermarket Autoparts Suppliers should have a field day sending new parts to Cuba.  How about the Marriott and Hilton…..they should find some golden opportunities too.  Let’s hope they don’t take any of our GMO Corn or Wheat or packaged foods.  At any rate, we welcome the chance to get an authentic Che Guevera T-shirt in a nice Ash Grey color.  We want that label:  Hecho en Cuba!  Cuba Si – Yanqui Si!  That could be another collectible T-Shirt as well.  Maybe they will bring back those show girls to the Nationiale Hotel.  Gambling too?  Probably not.  Time Shares?  That might come in about five to ten years.  How about Real Estate Developers?  The rush will be on and most of them will be coming from the South Florida Cuban Community.  Good for them.  Goldman-Sachs and Bank of America can’t wait to get into Havana and do some business.  Travel Companies are putting together great tours to Gitmo as we speak.  They will probably make Gitmo into a nice US National Park like Alcatraz is now.  Who wouldn’t pay $15 dollars American to get the tour.  Of course the bus ride will cost you $40 bucks.  We would pay $100 bucks if Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan led that bus tour!  Where is Xaiver Cugat and  Charo now that we need them?  By the way, does Cuba have oil?

All we can say is that a lot has been blamed on President Obama.  We doubt that he invented Big Pharma Ads for television or billions in political ads each cycle just to keep the local television networks up and running.  We doubt he created Global Banking, Hedge Funds and Derivatives either.  Thank Mr. President for trading those three bad guys for Bo Bergdahl and taking all the heat – with all his warts he was an American soldier that was not beheaded on television.  Thank you for not taking our guns Mr. President, even though we have some pretty screwed up folks occupying our country.  Thank you for trying to save our Middle Class as the 1% wiped out as many as they could.  Thank you for selecting John Kerry as Secretary of State….he is doing a great job.  Thank you for having the guts to use Drone Strikes against our nations enemies.  Mr. President you have been blamed for everything by Republicans but the death of Christ, but then you do have two more years left in your term – so be prepared – it could happen.  Remember, no good deed ever goes unpunished!  But this is America!

Finally,  Thank you Mr. President,  the USA can get those really good Cuban fighters and baseball players over here making the millions they deserve.  Welcome Cuba!  Maybe those athletes can become US Citizens in time for the next Olympics.  The Cuba Libre may indeed be making a huge comeback at your local bar.  We wish the President continued efforts to solve the immigration mess – which the Republicans can’t seem to figure out (since 1986!).  Jeb Bush…welcome aboard.   Jeb may well be the first Bush to lose the White House.  Jeb, we do have to say – you are the best the Republican that they have to offer.  We figure Newt Gingrich has already called you five times to volunteer as your Vice President running mate.  Don’t forget; you still have Pat Buchanan, Mitt Romney, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul that will all be willing as well.  We already heard that Donald Trump is running against you……so be prepared.  Make sure you can beat him at golf, that should upset him greatly.

We are going to look back on these times in American History and tell our grandchildren…… just don’t know how tough you had to be to live through “The Obama Years……”  Thank goodness we can all look forward in two years to “The New Clinton Years……..”

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