They call me Mr. Gridlock!

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Mitch McConnell……just goes to prove that stupidity does not grow on trees.  People that know how fat their back pockets are really have to work at being stupid and keeping up the facade.  Not two days after the Slam Duck Republican Conquest and Overwhelming Win over the Democrats and President Obama in the off year election of 2014…….our first robo-call arrived…….in the voice of Senator Mitch McConnell himself.  The first words out of his mouth were:  “If Obama goes ahead with HIS Immigration plan……we are going to shut down the government!”

Haven’t we heard those magic words before someplace?  The dust has bearly settled.  The President has invited the Republican Leadership to the White House for a Bi-Partisan sit down con-fab tomorrow Friday……….and McConnell has taken the bull by the horns and thrown down the gauntlet in his own personal premptory strike against Obamaism in general.  What a guy!  What a great man!  What a wonderful honor to be in the same country with a hero like Mitch.  We may all look back on these days in 10 or 20 years and think……”There hasn’t been someone like Mitch in govenment since LBJ!”  Mitch is a businessman.  Mitch has money in off-shore banks like Mitt.  Mitch loves to send middle-class jobs overseas and bring in HI-B Visa personnel to man-up businesses that prefer to hire out of work folks from India rather than hire minorities right here in the USA.  Mitch wants to send every illegal immigrant home!  Mitch hates Obama Care!   Mitch lives (or is supposed to live) in Kentucky.  Too bad we love those Kentucky Wildcats, the basketball team and Ashly Judd……who additionally should have run against him and beaten his butt hard!

We can’t wait to hear from Linday Graham, John McCain, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Rick Perry on this Sunday’s pundit and political talk shows.  They won’t bring in Cristy……because he might chose someone off and in Jerry Springer style knock them on their butts ……. right on stage!  We can’t wait to hear from apologist George Will or other left overs from Fox News…….that are sure to give Mitch his due.  Standing up for the right to be the worst winner in American history.  Spike the football, do the Lambeau Leap, do the Heisman poise, do the Jamie Winston……the rape, swear and demean and laugh it off poise, do the Johnny Manziel…………”They call  me Mr. Mr. Mr. Johnny Football!”   Where do we buy those Mitch McConnell RED Republican Football Jerseys with the big WHITE Elephant with the trunk down on the back…..and the name MR. GRIDLOCK!  Oh, with the number on the front, a giant  14…of course!

“They call me Mr. Gridlock! And….. I will answer to nothing else!”  So, Mr. Gridlock what happens if you mention another name what will be your response?

Hillary 2016!







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