Lakers keep flogging the dog.

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Let’s see……Carmelo Anthony, Le Bron James, Seth Curry, Durant and of the list goes on.  What to do?  Who should the Lakers go after?  Well, what does Kobe have to say about all this tripe?  Kobe is silent.  So, in the meantime the Lakers lose Jordan Farmar to the defunct LA Clippers?  Who are these people and how did they get into the locker room?  How could they let Jordan Farmar go?  Idiots!  We thought for sure that Donnie and Shelly Sterling were the dumbest NBA folks on the planet…..hopefully we will not be proven wrong in the long term.  We should give them both $2 Billion dollars just to get off of local TV forever!

Supposedly, Jimmy and Jeannie Buss have made up and are talking again and working to get the LA Lakers back on track.  If that is true, the results section of the psychological evaluation are less than optimistic.  Who is Mitch Kupchek really?  How can he stay at a job that the owners are totally dysfunctional and he has to prostrate himself before the media and public….and simply say:  “I’m so stupid!”  Good Grief Kup….do the right thing and go to work for the Sacramento Kings…where you belong!

First off, Le Bron and Carmelo are either going to stay with their current teams or together go to the Chicago Bulls and win another NBA Championship.  They are not coming to a ridiculous nightmare scenario for any money.  It wouldn’t be worth it.  What has happened to the Lakers?  Organized Crime now owns them because Jimmy has gambled the franchise funds away?  Nothing makes sense.  Nothing has a ring to it.  Nothing happening in LA is working toward even getting better as a team.  What next trade Meeks to the Heat?

Frustrating is the word.  The demise of greatness happens.  At the end of the Chuck Noll era at the Pittsburgh Steelers……Cower came in and it was never quite the same.  Leadership makes a difference and when old man Art Rooney passed away and left the team in the hands of the son Dan Rooney…..things changed.  The personality of the team changed…once and for all.  Oh, the Steelers were also rans several times… the end they finally won their division and a AFC Flag, but things were different.  They have remained so now and in the foreseeable future as long as Dan Rooney is calling the shots.  This is certainly a cautionary tale for the LA Lakers.

As long as Jimmy Buss is in charge…….things will be chaotic, twisted, stupid and the fans in LA will have to switch alliances to the new owner of the LA Clippers.  Go Microsoft!  Go MSN!  Should we mention that without a quality coach the chances of even making the playoffs are just a dim shadow of a reality.  Byron Scott has always wanted to be the Coach of the LA Lakers.  Will he take the short money, be put in handcuffs with his choice of assistant coaches and their selections and be willing to be called on the carpet by the press after every game because Jimmy really wants to coach?  We would encourage Byron Scott to just say NO!  Let Jimmy Buss get some college coach from Idaho or Slippery Rock.  What difference could it possibly make?  Even our selection Stan Van Gundy told the Lakers to go “take a hike”.  Stan is going to do very well in Detroit… we predict.  Phil Jackson is going to do wonderful …….at the Knicks.  Pat Riley is going to do a fabulous job at the Heat.  No, quality is quality and we don’t have any such thing  at the Lakers.  Our bet is that Julius Randle will be traded to some team that will give up three tattooed NBA journeymen that can score 6 points a game.  Who needs someone that you have to actually play and pay because they score 18 to 22 points a game?

So, our graves are dug.  The outlook for the LA Lakers in the coming season are less than optimistic to be sure!  Yes, because the Lakers keep flogging the dog!

The one bright light for the Lakers is that they are not the USC Trojans!  “The Sark” is in for a tough year with the fans, the media, the alumni, the students and his opposition.  Pat Haden is still dug in at USC like a Louisiana tick.  Haden has to go along with the President of the University who must be evidently a secret UCLA and Notre Dame supporter.  But we will save further Trojan comments for the fourth week of October.   Unless of course, Haden suddenly becomes honorable enough to step down precipitously!


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