Don Sterling needs a nutritionist.

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Don Sterling… know…the crazy jerk that owns the LA Clippers?  Donnie has been riding on his personal railroad in his back yard and thinks its a bullet train!  The NBA needs to say to Don…..Keep the Clippers for always….but they are not playing in any NBA games …..ever again. “It is so bad… bad is it Johnny?”  It is so bad that the LA Lakers are starting to look good.  Gee, let’s go out and get a Jim Buss Double-0 Laker purple and gold jersey.  Or a Triple K Mitch Kupchak Jersey…..for 2015.    The fun part is that Kobe Bryant gets to play with rookie Julius Randle.  Then there is Steve Nash who will be coaching on the sidelines by the fifth week on the new season.  Nash is so old…..How old is he Johnny?  Nash is older than Old Faithful……who only goes off every three or four hours….on any given day.  Jeremy Lin will be a good plus if he can stay healthy.  The newly acquired  Boozer joins the rest of the LA Lakers that are tatoo parlor and dredlock wonders.  God, what happened to clean cut?

Meanwhile, Derek Fisher and Phil Jackson are putting together a really powerful team that will include Carmelo Anthony, who will be the only weak spot on the New York Knicks roster.  Our sentimental favorite, Coach Stan Van Gundy will be kicking it hard in Detroit and we predict that the Pistons will be contenders by the end of this next season.  The Cleveland Cavs…with LeBron James are automatic favorites and we wish James well, even though we have never found him to be in any way – an NBA favorite of ours.  The Miami Heat….may not make the play-offs this year.

We truly feel sorry for the LA Clippers fans and players.  The way the Sterling is going……they might not play one game in the coming season.  If we were LA Clippers season ticket holders we would be turning in our tickets for refunds now…..before the rush….when the NBA finally has had enough and locks the Clippers totally out of the process.  Let Don and Shelly play games in the courts for five or six years………in the meantime, all the Clipper players can go to other play-off teams and the world will be a peace.  Don Sterling can write his autobiography:  “Sterling…..the lost reality!”  Hey, maybe Doc Rivers can come over to the LA Lakers this year and take over our foundering Championship Dynasty Franchise from Hell.


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