This is the Face of an American Hero

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This is the face of an American hero.

Pauline DeWenter is an ordinary woman who chose to do an extraordinary thing. She exposed the Veterans Administration (VA) for doing the unthinkable, allowing veterans to die while waiting for a doctor appointment and then covering it up.

The VA has been keeping a secret wait list for years because there are too many patients (veterans) and not enough doctors. Management could have been honest and told those in charge they needed help. But they didn’t. Instead they chose to hide what was going on and veterans paid the price.

DeWenter did something most of us don’t have the courage to do, speak up. She went through the “proper” channels and when she figured out she was being ignored, she went to the media. Good for her! That takes guts! She has to go back to that job at the VA. Will she be welcomed? Or shunned? Or worse? How many of us would have sacrificed ourselves to do the right thing?

You can watch her interview to find out more.

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