Rusty Chrome?

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*Yeah, we bought this horse for $10 bucks on it’s way to the soap factory!”  “We got this horse so cheap they thought we were going to send it to Dr. Ross for dog food !”  “Yeah, we screwed ’em all them Super Rich guys pretty good…..and we even had the temerity to call it:  Dumb Ass Productions…….or was it Dumb Ass Farms?!”  “Hey, we are just some old good old boys who know how to belch and fart and  got over on all those other horse owners!”  “We put 20 chits in my cowboy hat with the words Californy Chromium and then had some babe to pick out one!”  “Sort of like the Horse Racing Business – it was fixed….kind of~”

“Hey, they offered us a million bucks after we won the Kentucky Derby!”  “Heck, they offered us six million bucks after we won the Preakness!”  “We won’t be surprised if Donald Sterling offers us a cool billion …..after we win the Belmont Stakes!”  “We can’t wait to flip them all the finger after we win Belmont!”

California Chrome

These two good old boys might be luckier than a Mexican Lottery Winner….but Steve Coburn and Perry Martin they have far less class!  Watching horse racing is totally a joke.  The real guys that bet on these things understand the back door deals are made by jockeys, weights are arbitrarily switched between horses, drugs are used to improve the horses performance!  Those elusive nose strips can be tainted with strong steroids just before the race.  Deals can be made between owners to be sure that the price of a certain colt or philly goes up after a race.  The track can make deals with owners to either run or not run their horses for certain races.  The whole system is as dirty as it comes.  Organized crime has had a handle on this “sporting race of kings” since the days when horses ran in Tiajuana, Mexico in the 1920’s and 30’s!  With all that said: the protestations of “The Dumb Ass Brothers” after their loss at the Belmont are ridculous!

There is a reason why there has not been a Triple Crown Winner in 38 years.  Affirmed and Secretariat come to mind.  Even the dirty racers that have fixed horse races for 60 years…….know they have to have one Trophy that actually means something.  A Triple Crown winner needs to take on “All Comers!” whether thay have participated in the Kentucky Derby or the Preakness before racing at the Belmont Stakes or not!  The one that wins all three – is truly a Triple Crown winner!  Otherwise, they wind up proclaiming the Triple Crown Winner after the one wins the Kentucky Derby.  As everyone could see, it would simply be “A Corination” right after the Derby….and no one would care to watch the other two races.  It would be huge surprise if the winner of the Kentucky Derby didn’t win the Triple Crown.

The comments of Coburn after the Belmont were despicable, offensive and indicate the worst in the “Bad Loser” Category!  This starts to wreek of Don Sterling, Clive Bundy and others who do not understand so-called societal proprieties.  Sadly, the more Coburn speaks the less that Californy Chrome is going to be worth.  The cache of personality has serious value.  You want Kobe Bryant’s, Le Bron James or Donald Sterlings’ autograph?  Which one has more value?

The Coburn accusations that the whole thing was a set up…….is quite right.  Chrome probably won the Preakness with Doctor’d nose breathers!  No one will ever be able to prove it now…..but from the response of Coburn on national television after the Belmont……it certainly has a ring to it.

Rusty Chrome?  Or was simply a case of Coburn being bummed out that his new media image has just run its course!  Time to put Chrome out for stud……but Coburn is a nutcase and who knows what he will do with that Blaise Faced Horse?  Tonalist was the Belmont Stakes winner and Coburn called the horse and his owner “A Coward’s Way Out!” because Tonalist never ran in the Derby or the Preakness.  Please…..a bad loser is a bad loser, but demeaning your own horse that you just made $6 million dollars on – is worse:  This is an ingrate!  OK Stevie, go chat it up with Don Sterling and you can talk about how badly you have been treated by your various organization and authorities!  Look for Steve Coburns’ name in the dictionary… will find his picture under “Sore Loser”!




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