Time to play Hard Round Ball with Sterling!

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The slimy moves of Donald and Shelly Sterling know no bounds!  They obviously think they are smarter than everyone else and have no qualms or proprieties regarding their own abysmal human behavior.  These people are making a mockery of the Social Contract that is supposed to exist in our society.  Sadly, the time has come to just deal directly with this clown.  The NBA Owners will meet on Tuesday, June 3rd to Vote on whether the Sterlings need to sell the Clipper Franchise.  We are expecting 29 Yea Votes – Zero No Votes!  The Clippers need to be disenfranchised effective immediately!

Sterling with baseball

Just illustrating a story here. Not intended as a realistic suggestion.

Donnie Boy Sterling has vowed to fight this out in the courts.  We say yes, please do that.  But in the meantime, the whole Clipper Franchise should be dismantled.  While the Sterling’s spend the rest of their lives in court – the NBA needs to move on.  All the Clipper Players should be assigned in a Special NBA Draft to any of the other NBA teams – all as Free Agents – to begin.  Any players not picked up in this draft should be assigned or selected by the NBA to go to other designated teams.  2ndly, the NBA owners should vote to not schedule or play any games that include the Clippers for the 2014-2015 season.  The loss of Clipper jobs to Coaches, Administration and support staff should be picked-up and paid by the NBA while the Sterling’s go through their court foolishness proceedings.  The NBA could then merely counter sue; for being forced to pick up these costs as, during and after, the culmination of the court issues are being resolved.  Richard Parsons should obviously remain the temporary CEO and oversee the complete process.

The cost of facilities and other concerns would require that NBA/Clipper funds be put into a special escrow account that is eventually charged to the Sterling’s.  These people cannot be toyed with….that has become obvious to the extreme.  The NBA will have to step up to the plate financially, physically, mentally, emotionally and philosophically.  The Clipper players will be required to sign a petition to the NBA – that as long as The Sterling’s own the Clippers – they request NOT to Play for those owners.

The time has come to play Hard Round Ball with the Sterling’s.  Let the NBA take corrective action now.  Make Donnie Boy Sterling show his hand now….not in two or three years as the NBA, the City of Los Angeles, the State of California, the United States and International Sports are forced to remain in Sterling limbo! Unless the NBA can thwart this racist bigotry now…..the untold harm to society may last for many, many years to come!












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