Correa a Likely Deciding Vote on Fracking Bill 1132 — and HIS VOTE WAS NO!

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UPDATE 5/29: Correa voted “NO” on the fracking moratorium bill, which failed 16-16-5.

From now on, he gets served only tap water.  If he has a problem with that, he can explain why.

As noted earlier this week, the bill calling for a moratorium on fracking reached its floor vote on Wednesday, with the time being held still through tomorrow morning.  Today, SB 1132 will either fail or move on.

It appears that the deciding votes are Sens. Ben Hueso, Ricardo Lara, Ed Hernandez, Richard Roth — and OC’s own Lou Correa.  Correa has abstained on the bill so far; whatever the other four did today, their votes are still considered to be “in play.”

Labor, from nurses to longshoremen, are in favor of the bill.  Environmentalists as well, obviously.  But, as we saw with how medical industries took down Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones‘s bill two years ago, forcing it to go to a referendum this November, energy companies have donated heavily to key Senators including those named above.  Most likely three to five of them will have to be willing to vote against their contributors.

If you have an opinion, the Sacramento phone number for Correa’s office is above.  We don’t know when the vote will be — so call early.  It will be close.

Meanwhile, here’s some pretty pictures from California Food and Water Watch.  The news on the GMO labeling bill is below them.

California Earthquake Fracking Map

See that big red smear in the bottom right in the coastal plain? I live there!

Olinda sign with tower in background

And meet the newest elementary school in my district, complete with adjacent drilling tower!

In other news, the GMO labeling bill OJB featured earlies this week failed on a 16-16 vote with five Senators abstaining — including Lou Correa.  It needed 21 votes to pass.

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