A Sterling End to the Clips Season!

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Congratulations to the LA Clippers for one heck of a season.  Congratulations go to Doc Rivers, the Clippers players and their viable effort for NBA stardom.  No doubt that the Clippers are a great team to watch.  Going against the Oklahoma City Thunder, in game six – down 3-2,  they just came up short.

What remains of the image of the LA Clippers is a $25,000 dollar fine against Coach Doc Rivers for remarks about the prior game.  We are sure that Doc would change nothing in this 2014 season.  Doc has brought leadership, identity and a presence to the Clippers for the first time in LA Clipper history.

It seems that no matter the adversity faced through the inappropriate actions of Shelly and Donnie Sterling, Doc maintain his excellence and vision for the team.  It is quite apparent that most other NBA teams might have come apart dramatically and instanteneously under the pressure.  Doc River’s professional conduct, including and not dismissing his $25,000 fine for comments about officiating in game five – was impressive.  It will be great to bring back Doc Rivers to the Clippers next year.


Roach Clip

Used for burning up the last little bit remaining. Hint, hint!

Shelly and Donnie Sterling meanwhile continue their great ego media meltdowns.  Just when you thought it could not be worse – it gets worse.  These poor excuses for wonderful folks are on tract to break the Lindsay Lohan, Casey Anthony, Justin Bieber, Amanda Knox, OJ Simpson record for bad press.

As mom always said:  “Money does not insure that anyone has class or good taste.”  She actually said:   “Money can’t buy class or good taste!”  Mom also used a variety of powerful words to describe extremely bad behavior:  Replusive, Revolting, Despicable, Obnoxious and Deplorable all come to mind.  This type of conduct as you might gather requires a tremendous effort to achieve.

Don Boy Sterling continues to release audio tapes which are almost impossible to explain to your eight year old child or anyone else that have an semblance of good decorum.  In Donnie Boy’s last installment, he goes into exquisite detail about his first encounter with V Steviano.  How she lured him into her web after meeting her at the Superbowl.  How she came to his office…..and…..and……the next thing you knew Donnie had downed three Viagra and  then his pants were down!  Hmmm, of course, we do not have the video of this event, but if Donnie has it, there is little doubt it will eventually come out.  The next thing you know, V has a $2 million dollar condo and four luxury cars.  V goes out with Donnie and Shelly to various events, both public and private…….and the lurid details get worse and worse.  What is “outside the lines” in our society ….anymore?

Don and Shelly hardly grasp the the harm they have done to the society, the NBA and the City of Los Angeles.  They fail to grasp their own activated bigotry, exasperating self defined moral equivelancy and their total lack of moral compass.   The Sterlings even fail to sense the harm they have done to country of Israel through their conduct.  But then, we can’t possibly grasp how or what “the Wolf of the Hardwood” has in his mind.  Shelly says she is filing for divorce but still hasn’t done so.  Donnie is not going to pay the NBA his $2.5 million dollar fine.  Donnie is getting his big time Franchise Attorney on retainer and filing a counter suit against the NBA to maintain control of the Clippers.  Meanwhile, he says that Shelly (his wife of 58 years) deserves to keep 50% of whatever the vesting is of the Clippers.

Let’s just say that without a doubt, this could be another Natalie Holloway story: purely in duration if nothing else.  This may in fact become another Never Ending Story………If we thought that the missing MH370 story was bugging, this Sterling End to the Clip Season may top them all.

Perhaps,  it really is a good time to read a good book.  The Oklahoma City Thunder downed the LA Clippers tonight 104 to 98 and took the series 4 to 2.  We now can only hope that Magic Johnson buys the Clippers along with Oprah and pays Don and Shel …….nothing!

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