The LA Lakers Psychic Hotline

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Shaq as Kazaam

This graphic works here on SO MANY levels….

Full Disclosure Disclaimer:  First of all, this is not Magic Johnson, Jerry West, the ghost of Jerry Buss, the other worldly voice or brain of Phil Jackson nor any of the LA Lakers commentators, Sports Pundits on LA Laker Access or AM 710.  Finally, we are not members of “The Laker Girls” nor do we know anyone in El Segundo, California.  We have only been to Staples Center a few times for various events not related to Laker Basketball.  We do not work for Cable Companies, the Los Angeles Times or the Orange County Register.  We have only advertised in the Penny Saver three times in our lives and that was over 25 years ago!   We did attend an International Hockey Competition at the Fabulous Forum in the late 1980′s!

Having said all that, we have been ready for Mike D’Antoni to be gone from the LA Lakers since day one of his tenure there.  We wait with baited breath for  Steve Nash to retire from basketball and move back to his home in Phoenix.  We are thrilled to watch tonight the Golden State Warriors come down to play our LA Lakers, with Steve Blake on board – being used wisely by the Warrior’s coach under 20 minutes a game.  Blake will probably hit 11 three pointers tonight and Laker fans will wonder why he can hit them with the Warriors….but always missed any three’s in the last eight minutes of anyof his Laker games.

As the worst season in LA Lakers history slowly winds down to a precious three or four games – our hearts go out to Pau Gasol (out with Vertigo) – realizing that he never really looked like James Stewart, but could still possibly do a “stand-in” gig.  We wax poetic, knowing that Jordan Farmar is in reality a very good replacement for Derek Fisher – he just can’t play that many minutes with having injuries.  Jodie Meeks is also a very stable guy that the Lakers will need in the years to come.  Kobie Bryant …..may or may not come back next year, so Laker fans should prepare themselves emotionally now.  Either way, current group assembled should be trimmed to three or four of the very best.  Let’s just say if we keep Farmar, Meeks, Gasol and Bryant……we are still two short of a six pack.

The great dissection of Lakers has occurred because of very poor leadership, whether that includes our love Jeannie Buss or not – is irrelevant.  Mitch Kupchakt just got another contract extension for four years or more.  Does that mean that  Jim Buss is going to retire; to off-shore racing boats and dates with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models?  Let’s hope so!  We already miss Phil Jackson……just being in the neighborhood, but we can’t cry about spilt milk can we?  The New York Knicks are guaranteed to make the play-offs and do better than anyone could have expected – even with Carmelo on board.  How can our old Zen Coach pull those miracles?  The answers are: Intelligence, Motivation and Understanding to start!

So, will the Lakers rebound next year?  No, sadly they won’t.  We need a great coach or a coach with a great sense of humor.  Or how about a great coach with a great sense of humor.  We need 10 new players.  We need new uniforms.  We need new programs.  We need a complete re-birth of the LA Laker organization.  We need vision.  We need a vision of the future that makes sense in this power play New NBA!  We have shuffled the cards we have way too much.  We need a fresh deck and a new dealer.  If we had Love, Griffin, James, Curry, Westbrook, Durant and six more like that……we could win.  We could win the entire thing…couldn’t we?  Not unless, however – that we had great coaching too!  Not unless we could keep them healthy!

The 2014 Baseball, Football and Basketball seasons will be tough.  Only the UCLA Bruins have a chance to take a title in Los Angeles.  However, they have a well known ability to fail miserably at the end of any season.   Unless the Bruins can stay healthy, they to will fail again!  The Dodgers, the Angels, The Clippers, The Trojans, The Lakers will find no Championship this year.  The only teams that have any chance at all are in NHL Hockey – the LA Kings and the Anaheim Ducks.  They will have to win against all odds….but perhaps one of them can do it.   We wish them both well in their quest.

Finally, we see none of the present group of LA Laker acquistions this year – returning in 2015!  Perhaps, Kurt Rambis could serve as interim coach while the wild trading season, the NBA Draft and the LA Lakers Psychic Hotline.…….makes some superstar picks for 2015.  We hope so!  We need players first….then… the Coach will come!







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