Old Time Politics in Newport Beach

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In these days of Social Media, 24 hour Global News – partisan bends, Global Propaganda – sex, lies and video, National political back-stabbing and the total disregard for the truth;  it was refreshing to be invited to a local event here in the neighborhood for once.  We got a nice letter in the mail that invited us to a small community get-together with three candidates for office.  Wine, cheese and no fee.  The no fee aspect attracted us greatly.  It was a Three-Fer, so it was hard to resist.  Dana Rhorabacher, Michelle Steel and Linda Lindholm.

First of all it was great to see several of our old cronies from the neighborhood;  Wally Zigler, Dick and Sandy Nichols and of course our favorite who does not live in our neighborhood:  Rhonda Rhorabacher and the kids.  We walked right up to Dana and asked him directly about Ukraine and other issues.  Dana was surprisingly forthcoming and refreshingly open.  The group of less than 20 people were all quite knowledgeable and when the presentations by the three candidates came, you could feel the guarded optimism.

Michelle and Shawn Steel stepped up first.  Michelle is running to replace 2nd District OC Supervisor John Moorlach.  The big huffin’puff regarding Michelle’s ballot designation, created by one of her opponents; Alan Mansoor, has been as interesting a story as to why grass grows between sidewalk placements.  Michelle did say that Alan got $10,000 dollars for his run in the Assembly from Michelle.  She said: “If I knew, I probably should have kept that money for my own campaign!”  Michelle has 7 of 10 2nd District Mayor’s endorsements.  We asked Michelle about the Homeless problem around the County Buildings and around the county.  We believe Michelle might do something about it – while we know in our hearts Alan would sit on his hands in all probability.  Oddly, the Homeless numbers in the press continue to flux from 230 around Supervisorville to 3000 throughout in the County.  Hardly numbers that seem insurmountable.  We put up a Michelle Steel yard sign after the event.

Next came Linda Lindholm, Mayor of Laguna Niguel whom we didn’t know too much about – other than her relationships with Pat Bates and Mimi Walters.  She seems a nice person who is running for the OC Board of Education.  We brought up the CDM Cheating Scandal and she seems prepared to go Zero Tolerance on such goings on, but then she probably hasn’t heard from those richy rich folks with kids that cheated the system.  We hear there are well over 150 of those!  So far however, without any negative specific comments from Eddie Rose – we will consider giving Lindholm our consideration.

Finally, Dana stepped up to the plate and gave what we might say was  a short presentation: 20 minutes!  We expected the typical blasting of the Obama Administration, but was surprised that Dana only isolated the Affordable Care Act in passing.  Dana brought up that he had gotten bi-partisan support for his Commercial Space Initiative which would encourage folks in the private industry to develop Space Vehicles that NASA would have little impact upon.  When we asked him how long it would take to develop and launch a Space Vehicle to get US Astronauts up to the Space Station – his response was – 6 months!  Not bad as we would be starting from scratch, except for vehicles being developed like those of Richard Branson or Burt Rutan.  Undoubtedly, Boeing is also working on this project as well.  Dana also mentioned that Russia in fact had ordered 200 Boeing 777′s and any effects from the Ukrainian issue could have consequences for both counties.

Surprisingly, Dana also came down on the side of Labeling for all food products.  Dana believes we should all have choice in what we buy, but also believes that if the product is a GMO, it should be listed as such.  There are some significant reasons why Dana seems to have turned the corner on realism and rationality.  Costa Mesa Councilwoman Wendy Leech will be challenging him in the Primary.  In the words of Ronald Reagan, “If we can’t make them see the light, the least we can do is make them feel the heat!”   Even the Democrats are getting into the act.  Suzanne Joyce Savary, the founder of the Newport Beach Women’s Democatic Club has cast her hat into the ring against Dana as well.  SJS is no weak sister; she has a Master’s from Hunter and a Doctorate from NYU.  She taught Management Communications at USC from 1998 to 2005.  SJS speaks simply:  ”The politics of no, I would consider to be part of a destructive culture!”

In retrospect, we must admit that it was a great honor to be invited to a truly “Old Time Politics” event!  The candidates all betrothed their willingness to answer our e-mails, speech logically and stand on principles of caring for all.  Whether those Campaign Promises are held, promulgated or addressed along the camgaign trail, we will soon have to see.  We might leave you with this Suzanna Joyce Savary quote:  ”The society desperately needs the ability of women to collaborate and work constructively with each other.  That needs to be added to a Congress that is very much in the male culture, even though we  have 17% women there right now!”

Welcome to;  Old Time Politics in Newport Beach!

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