Weekend Open Thread: Susi’s family gets ObamaCare, and Santora Rebels!

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Couple things to get you-all started off this weekend.  Follow the Diamond strictures whatever those were.  BigBox, where’s the killer videos?  Skallywag, where’s the latest stoopid rightwing scandal or outrage-du-jour?  Let’s get this PARTY STARTED!

Exhibit A to get your blood flowing:  A scene from last week’s ObamaCare event in Santa Ana.  Aren’t you sick of these cherry-picked stories about the health care law’s failures and how it’s hurting people?  Oh, maybe you’re not stuck at a place where they watch FOX all day.  Well, this is more typical, and touching – thanks to OFA OC’s Marc Sussman for sharing this testimony of Susi Lopez finally getting her family covered.  Sounds like the law really works!  Good, because it’s here to stay:

And then, TONITE! (Friday night at 7)

This is from our dispossessed Santa Ana artist friends, as they prepare for their forced exodus from the Santora Building:

In Accordance with the Principles of the True Revolutionary Avant Garde,
the “Situationists International,”
Let us, The Friends of Studio Del Sotano,
fully embrace the concluding statements  of the Manifesto of 1957.

With it as our guide, we whole-heartedly accept the invitation of our Artists Village Sister Organization, the  Grand Central Arts Center, to help facilitate a weekend of Bourgeois Avant Garde style Spectacle for the Santora Building of The Arts.

The Situation of The Spectacle to be Surrealistically Enhanced

Friday, February 21, 7:00 – 11:00 p.m.

with D.J. accompaniment and Improvisational Painting

*All-Black Attire Recommended.

Our Immediate Tasks

We must call attention, among the workers parties or the extremist tendencies within those parties, to the need to undertake an effective ideological action in order to combat the emotional influence of advanced capitalist methods of propaganda. On every occasion, by every hyper-political means, we must publicize desirable alternatives to the spectacle of the capitalist way of life, so as to destroy the bourgeois idea of happiness. At the same time, taking into account the existence, within the various ruling classes, of elements that have always tended (out of boredom and thirst for novelty) toward things that lead to the disappearance of their societies, we should incite the persons who control some of the vast resources that we lack to provide us with the means to carry out our experiments, out of the same motives of potential profit as they do with scientific research.

We must everywhere present a revolutionary alternative to the ruling culture; coordinate all the researches which are currently taking place but which lack a comprehensive perspective; and incite, through critiques and propaganda, the most advanced artists and intellectuals of all countries to contact us in view of a collective action.

We should declare ourselves ready to renew discussion, on the basis of this program, with those who, having taken part in an earlier phase of our action, are still capable of rejoining with us.

We must put forward the slogans of unitary urbanism, experimental behavior, hyper-political propaganda, and the construction of ambiences. The passions have been sufficiently interpreted; the point now is to discover new ones.

June 1957

Vern sez:  I’ll be there!  And there’s a piano there and I’ll play it if they let me … but what’s this – a freaking DJ?  Oh well, we’ll see.  Me and my buddy Marselle will take photos and add them here! – V

(Vern and Fiala, same place, three years ago.)

OK everyone – now SOUND OFF!!!

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