I Can’t Stand That No One’s Running Against Tony Rackauckas — So I’ll Do It

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[I just made an announcement on Facebook, so while I'd planned to spend a few hours today polishing my campaign announcement, I'll just go ahead and reproduce that statement here.  More posts, detailing my qualifications, my plans, and why I think that Tony Rackauckas needs to be replaced, will be forthcoming in the days and weeks ahead.  For now -- here it goes.  You'll pardon me, I hope, but anonymous comments on this post will be trashed.  Anyone who wants to challenge me in comments under their own name -- don't worry, unlike some people it's not like I can retaliate against you -- is welcome to do so.  -- GAD]

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Greg Diamond, not all THAT many years ago.

I just made my announcement this morning to Los Amigos and have now been interviewed by Martin Wisckol of the Orange County Register, so the cat is apparently out of the bag: I will be running against Tony Rackauckas — who hasn’t had a challenger since 2002 — for Orange County District Attorney. I’m prompted to do so in part because apparently not one other attorney in our county of over 3,000,000 Californians is willing to take him on — or, if they are, they’ve waited too long to stave off my campaign. And DA Rackauckas desperately needs an opponent. I deeply want to vote against him myself — but that requires that another name be on the ballot!

Someone needs to make the case for better government. I’m qualified, and I’m humble enough NOT to take on a high-profile murder/manslaughter trial myself when I’m supervising an office full of highly qualified Deputy DAs are available to do it, so it turns out that it will have to be me.

Fair notice to all of my wealthy attorney (and in some cases academic or other) friends: I’m going to be hitting you up for donations this week and next. By March 7, I’ll need $30,000 in hand if I am to file a ballot statement in the Voter Guide, in which I’ll make a pitch for a smart and principled and scientifically validated approach to prosecution and punishment. I would be honored to give you the chance to live through me vicariously for the next few months, so look for my e-mails and reply quicky. (As I just made this decision last Friday, a website and a PayPal link are … let’s say “still under development.”) Until then, I’m not soliciting donations wholesale — though, if you just can’t wait to donate, you’re welcome to contact me first!

You are welcome to share this post as widely as you wish. Win or lose, I’ll make an aggressive case against corruption — that alone will help to shake things up in OC. I’m eager to begin. I hope that you’re eager to join me.

About Greg Diamond

Worker's rights attorney now moving into "good governance" litigation. North Vice Chair of Democratic Party of Orange County and occasional candidate. Proud to be prolix. Unless otherwise specifically stated, his writings never speak for the Democratic Party at the local, county, state, national, or galactic level. He tries to either suppress or openly acknowledge his partisan, issue, ideological, and "good government" biases in most of his writing here. If you have a question about any particular writing, just ask him about it and (unless you are an pseudonymous troll) he will probably answer you at painful length. He lives in Brea but generally doesn't blog about it. A family member works as a campaign treasurer for Wendy Gabriella in AD-73; he doesn't directly profit from that relatively small compensation and it doesn't affect his coverage. He does advise some campaigns informally and without compensation, although in 2014 he may receive some compensation for campaign consulting and fundraising for the campaign of Jorge Lopez for Orange County Assessor.