Another Sark Attack!

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Pat Haden……please pick up your last paycheck and check out of Heritage Hall.  Santa and the Christmas Grinch both have decided that you really aren’t worth the effort or the eggnog.  Your cookies got stale a while back and now that you have decided to turn your back on the remnants of a great USC Football Program and hire a near do well with a shady background……you really have outstayed your welcome.  Hey Pat, we were at the Colesium when YOUR Rams couldn’t score with eight plays from the 2 yard line against the Minnesota Vikings in the NFL Championship Game.  Our tickets on the 40 yard line couldn’t stop the giant freezing rainstorm and you couldn’t score then…..and you certainly are not going to score now.  Turn in your keys Haden and let you bud J.K. McKay take the reigns and perhaps……fire Sark right now rather than waiting for the first 6 games of the 2014 season.

OK, you started out thinking……”Coach O will lose six and win two and I will look like the Messiah when I bring in the junior Lane Kiffin to come back and do a .500 season in 2014.  We can call it:…..”a rebuilding year”.  We can call it: “dealing with onerous NCAA Sanctions”.  We can call it: “dealing with limited scholarships”.  We can call it:  “the luck of the draw!”.  We will guarantee that USC will be relegated to 2nd class status in college football for another seven years. We can be sure that UCLA, Arizona State and Stanford will get all the great players who will bi-pass USC.  Yes, we can even be sure that the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame win every game against USC for another seven years!”  Wrongo…..bucko! Coach O – WON 6 and LOST the 2 you told him to lose!  Coach O got “sandbagged” in the worst way possible!  Hope you are proud of yourself Professor Haden!

Not only did Coach O, the Alumni, the sports writers, the fan base and players all say “NO thanks Haden!”, but they even proved you very wrong!  Now, you have in your wisdom NOT listened to anyone but your own vested personal interest and now most of your players will be departing for the NFL right after the game with Fresno State Bulldogs on Saturday.  You had the pick of the litter in Coaches in in America and you choose someone that has never won any division title, is on the verge of going through their mid-life crisis and has been found out……”as dirty….even by NCAA standards”.  This is not any way to run a railroad or even a Pee Wee League Football Team.   Paying players $3000 grand to stand around may be OK in “Sarkesia World”……but we can bet this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg!  “U.S.S. Titanic……..this is Heritage Center – this may be time to move some deck chairs!”

Haden, this is your time to go back to South Bend and be that wonderful Catholic Commentator for your Fighting Irish of Notre Dame!  Sarkesian, may or may not be in serious trouble right now….but it will only be a matter of time.  Your legacy is now considered the same as “Junk Bonds – sold by Michael Milkin”.  You are strictly a “Hedge Fund Salesman” trying to selling bits and pieces of “Liar Loans”.  Put the black cloak and arm band around Heritage C enter….you have tried to kill the Golden Goose and our bet is that ticket sales for 2014 are a little off your projection scale.  Too bad, Dick Vermeil can’t come over and run the Trojan Football program…….at least you know what side he is on.  What next?  You are going to ask Mike Biloti and Chip Kelley to come on down and help you out?

Is it really too early to start our “Dump Sarkesian Campaign”?   Whatever!  One thing is sure, Another Sark Attack and you may start to feel the heat of our “Dump Haden and Win Campaign”!   By the way, when is the last time you chatted with Pete Carroll?

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