Why We Passed Health Care Reform: Finally, an Understandable Video

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Health Care Costs - John Green

What proportion of our national health care costs are spent on “bad lifestyle choices”? Less than you may think. This and dozens of other juicy tidbits from health care policy wonk John Green.

As we prepare to destroy our government and the world economy in a fit of pique over Obamacare — the law that makes your pre-existing conditions irrelevant and lets your kids stay on your policy until they turn 26 — it seems that lots of people still, still, still don’t know the basics of our healthcare problem.  Well, this good-looking, fast-talking, funny, and informed guy wants to have a thousand or two words with you, in under 8 minutes.  You gotta watch this:

So remember: we’re comparing Obamacare to something.  And this is what we’re comparing it to. And it really, really, really sucks — and it’s dragging down our economy and destroying people’s lives. So as we go pinballing through the next month or so of crisis related to Obamacare — which certainly can be improved, if Congress was willing to do so — check out what critics are saying against what’s in this video.

Are they complaining about a $50 billion per year part of a $750 billion per year problem? If so, you’re question ought to be: do they just not know their stuff — or are they actively lying to you?

Now, you may be wondering why, over the course of almost five years, the Obama Administration still can’t seem to explain things this clearly.

(Sorry, that’s the final sentence.  I have no explanation for it either.)

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