Who will be King or Queen in the 2nd District?

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Pappa John Moorlach, the classic born in blood Supervisor of the 2nd District…is going out on Term Limits.  Letting no grass grow under his feet….Pappa John is headed over to replace John Campbell in the the 45nd Congressional District which includes Irvine and Mission Viejo.  We have yet to look at the possible opponents for that seat….but the odds are that Pappa John is headed for Washington D.C.,  joining the ranks of Dana Rohrabacher R-48th,  Ed Royce R-39th and designated Bomb Thrower Darrell Issa R-49th, completing the Orange County Republican Death Watch Squad.  We feel quite comfortable with Pappa John going to Congress because he is definitely into minutiae……which you have to be if you have to deal with the current Republican Leadership.

Possible 2nd Supe Candidates

Beneath the “Moorlach for Whatever Comes Next” poster, Allan Mansoor, Jim Moreno, Joe Carchio, and Michelle Steel. (Shawn Steel not pictured.)

Moving back to what Pappa John Moorlach leaves behind, we must say we will be missing him a great deal.  Over the years has allowed for a great arms length relationship that includes a lot of great information which the good Supervisor or Orange County has allowed his constituents access.  Pappa John does a great newsletter.  Although, generally focus upon his grandiose personage – much good info slides through.  Former Bill Campbell F-3rd had of course the consummate wonderful newsletter which was entirely based on terrific information.  Oddly enough, Pat Bates 5th seems to have picked up the Campbell vibe and is providing somewhat less, but still valuable information newsletter, worthy of review.

The interesting part of this story is the great stampede to replace Pappa John in the 2nd District.  Power Broker and Republican Shaker Shawn Steel and his wife Michelle Steel are moving from LA across the Orange Curtain to take up residence in the 2nd District for a run at Supervisor.  Michelle is Term Limited out as a current member of the California Board of Equalization.  Oddly, 74th District Assemblyman Alan Mansoor has thrown his hat into this ring, even though he isn’t Termed Out until 2016.  What is that all about?  Finally, Former Mayor of Huntington Beach, our buddy Joe Carchio has decided to take on all comers and go for the Moorlach seat.  We love Joe!  Joe answers e-mails.  Joe answers questions.  Joe knows how to govern.  We even saw Joe at the Little League World Champions Parade with the HB West Team that won it.  This guy might actually be a true man of the people.  What a joy that might be.

Pappa John Moorlach has  endorsed NO ONE at this time and there is every chance that with the three that are already in the race – Moorlach will not be doing ANY ENDORSEMENTS  for his prior seat on the Board of Supervisors.  Now the question of course remains:  What other Supervisors will be doing?  Will Bates, Spitzer, Nguyen or Nelson step across the Rubicon and endorse one candidate or another?  Congressional endorsements will be a big issue as well.  Money…will that make much difference when all three candidates have that much name recognition?  Will be interesting to see who puts their signs up first.  Will be interesting to see who puts up their campaign office first.  Will be interesting to see which City electeds step up and make their choices known.  One litmus test might be the latest issue on the table – Cal-Trans and decision that the OCTA Options for the extended HOV lanes have to be over-ridden, because of some regulation in the DOT – MAP 21 Regulations.  We definitely will not support any person that wants TOLL LANES on the 405 Freeway….thank you very much!

So, in spite of it being Boring Orange County “BOC” – which also stands for Behind the Orange Curtain – politics never seems to titilate the imagination.  Our congratulations to Eric Garcetti who was elected as the new Mayor of Los Angeles.  Our congratulations to Antonio Villarigosa for taking all those political hits and still regaining his standing as a great LA Mayor….after all said and done.

So, what does the future of Orange County have in store?  Steel – Mansoor or Carchio?   Who will indeed  be the next new King or Queen of the 2nd District?


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