White People’s Problems: News from Huntington Beach, Fullerton, and Egypt

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As one who spent most of my pre-teen and teenage years in Huntington Beach, I am less than surprised by both the rioting and the focus on such matters as the attempted theft of a $5000 custom bicycle.  Look, I don’t want anyone stealing anything from me, let alone something that costs $5000, and I appreciate that the owner of the store is contributing to the local economy (and the city’s ambiance) and I’m really grateful that some people had the guts to step in and guard against marauding looters and hooligans.

But — well, have you seen any international news lately?  I’ll tell you what it doesn’t look like: this.

HB riot sucker punch 1

Guy at left in striped shirt: “Hey, this looks like a GREAT opportunity to punch some valiant defender of commercial personal property in the back of the head!”

HB riot sucker punch 2

“Feel the stinging wrath of my enormous man-muscles, repressive forces of Order!”

HB riot sucker punch 3


HB riot sucker punch 4

“Dude, you sucker punch me in the BACK OF THE HEAD? Really?”

And now, some guest commentary from abroad.

Egyptian violence

“Frankly, from an Egyption perspective, we are less than impressed with both the means employed and with the stakes. At least you won’t be headlining the evening news shows.”

“Shows how much YOU know! The arrest of Fullerton fire fighter Michael John Lytle, 30, of Anaheim, — THAT’S ME — led off last night’s news!”

Egypt violence kids

“Seriously? OK. We’re kinda busy now. Have fun with your “riot.”  …  P.S.: You’re pathetic.”

My solution: send the firefighter and the youthful rioters to Egypt and see how well they survive there.  The valiant defenders of the bike shop can stay, but they do not get a parade.

The embed codes don’t seem to be working, so OJB brings you the links to videos that matter!

Fullerton Firefighter arrested for alleged participation in Huntington Beach melee as the thankfully competent Huntington Beach City Council how contemplates to keep all of the surfing while not keeping quite so much of the rioting.

The theft of a $5000 bike is averted by a store owner and valiant locals, one of whom got sucker punched in the back of the head.  Is this where those four top stills above came?  YOU DECIDE!

OK, one last question for you all: would this have been less of a mess had lots of people around there been carrying concealed firearms, or is this a case where we’d really want the more obvious deterrence of “open carry”?

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