Monsanto Wins “World Food Prize” And “Most Evil Corpration” Award!

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Robert Fraley, Monsanto’s chief technology officer and VP wins the “World Food Prize” award.  The World Food Prize (WFP) foundation was started in 1987 and it’s mission was to recognize people who improve the “quality, quantity or availability” of food in the world.  I guess the persons in charge of researching such individuals or companies to possibly receive such an award, are either are former Monsanto employees or only looked at research done by Monsanto. Oh, I forgot,  Monsanto likes to threaten to sue anyone for performing individual testing of their genetically modified ingredients — claiming patent infringement.

On Wednesday the World Food Prize Foundation said the honor and the $250,000 cash prize would be shared by Robert T. Fraley, Monsanto’s executive vice president and chief technology officer, and two other scientists, Marc Van Montagu of Belgium and Mary-Dell Chilton of the United States. The foundation said the work of the three scientists, who helped devise a way to insert foreign genes into plants, led to the development of higher-yielding crops that can resist insects, disease and extremes of climate.


Did the WFP do any research about Monsanto? If they had, they would know that farmers in India went bankrupt who bought Monsanto’s GE cotton seed — or that many of these farmers committed suicide because they could not pay their debts.  Do they know US wheat farmers are suing Monsanto because a rogue, unapproved gmo wheat crop was discovered growing in Oregon? Japan, South Korea and Taiwan all canceled their wheat imports from the US because of it. These countries do not accept gmo products from anyone. Wheat farmers are now facing possible bankruptcy because they depended on selling their wheat to foreign countries. Monsanto controls the US soy market. Monsanto sues farmers for patent infringement — and wins! — when their seed ends up in a field whose farmer didn’t even buy or plant Monsanto seeds! It should be the other way around–  farmers should win lawsuits against Monsanto for polluting their fields with gmos! Do you know that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas used to be an attorney at Monsanto? Do you see a conflict of interest? Want to see how embedded Monsanto is in our government? Check out the picture below.


I find Monsanto’s award to be a complete joke and it comes on the heels of Monsanto being named “The most evil corporation” of 2013.  How can a corporation who claims to do nothing but good also be the most hated? Why did Monsanto feel the need to have a “Monsanto Protection Act” signed into law by President Obama? Who are they protecting themselves from? Why are they afraid of labeling their gmos? Is it because labeling makes it easier for them to be tracked when people get sick from eating their gmo foods? Did they learn from the Tobacco Industry and want to put measures in place before the lawsuits start coming — after people find out that eating “chemical” foods made them deathly ill?


Monsanto can get all the awards they want and pay off as many politicians as they want… Americans know what is going on and they are telling their neighbors, schools, grocers, legislators — Connecticut just passed a labeling gmos law for their state and it looks like Maine is right behind them.


I spoke with my grocer about the labeling gmos issue and he told me that manufacturers do not want to label gmo foods because they know they will lose customers — they are waiting to see if labeling laws will take effect and instead of labeling, they will change their formulas and jump on the non-gmo bandwagon. Whole Foods announced this year that they will require all foods they sell that contain gmos to be labeled by 2018. Chipotle voluntarily labels their gmo foods on their menu. Target announced they will have their own organic line of foods. It is no longer a question of “if” — gmos will be labeled…it is just a matter of “when.”



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