America is Under Attack by Knowledge

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From Barack Obama’s defenders you’ll hear a common refrain that, paraphrases, essentially that he really is the same person that ran for office, but it’s just the realities of the office that have created the recent backtracks from the rhetoric of candidate Obama.  With the scandals piling up at a rate almost difficult to keep up with, we get the most recent and perhaps most damning scandal, the use of the NSA to spy on Americans at a level well beyond anyone ever imagined.

At the crux of it all is the abundant fact that the Obama administration has an absolute inability to be straight with the American people.  Whether it’s Benghazi, using the IRS to target conservatives, targeting journalists, or the use of NSA to spy on Americans, it’s the same old pattern.  Deny, kind of admit, minimize, admit it’s a little bit bigger than they admitted before, deny, and change the talking points, repeat.  Working in tandem with a loyal press corps that has essentially given up their journalistic integrity for “the good of the state,” the administration continues to get away with falsehood after falsehood.  The arrogance is shocking.

The bigger issue is the fact that the Obama administration wants it both ways.   They want to both declare the “war on terror” over while at the same time increasing the powers of the government to eavesdrop on ordinary Americans to a new level.  In an amazing turn of events, it’s not the liberals who are exposing extraordinary NSA program;  it’s essentially the libertarian wing of American politics.  Flash back to the George W. Bush administration when judge authorized wiretapping of foreigners was the biggest issue on the mind of liberals.  There was no end to the claims of abuse of power and what Bush and Cheney were doing to our civil liberties.  Ten years later, and it’s impossible to find a mainstream liberal that will question a much bigger and more clandestine program.  In their overwhelming need to defend the failed presidency of Obama they can’t muster the courage to speak up against issues that bothered them so much not so long ago.  While they fall over themselves attempting to defend their president, the Obama administration continues to get away with claiming the War on Terror is over while nibbling away at our personal freedom every single day.

For those penning articles with the pathetic argument that if you have nothing to hide you shouldn’t worry about being monitored, take a look at the recent IRS scandal.  The IRS scandal is Big Government using their power to target individuals for their personal beliefs.  The fact that such a practice was able to go on unchecked, disrupting the lives of ordinary Americans, should make everyone reconsider giving the federal government such unchecked powers.  Liberals in the federal government have shown a willingness to target those they disagree with.  It’s a scary proposition.

Obama and the NSA are reaching well beyond the limits of the Patriot Act to monitor the communication of ordinary Americans.  Obama’s argument that this practice was originally authorized by Congress is categorically false and another example of the arrogance of the Administration.  The Patriot Act was not intended to allow the daily spying the NSA is conducting. The Patriot Act requires the government prove to a specific court (known as FISA Court) that the information sought is relevant to an authorized investigation.  The intentional targeting of US citizens is prohibited.  The government did seek approval from the FISA court but then used an open interpretation of the law at a level that was never intended.   They are essentially saying, via the FISA order, that every call made by every American is relevant to a specific investigation.  This is well beyond the intent and spirit of the law.

It’s Big Brother, folks, and it’s time that Americans wake up and realize what is happening.  To all the liberals who have protested for years about the government trampling on your civil liberties— now is the time to stand up and make your voice heard.   Some toeing the company (Democrat) line and make a real stand.  Unbounded surveillance of every American is un-American.

About Irvine Valkyrie

Irvine Valkyrie is Katherine Daigle, the once and future Irvine mayoral candidate, an independent-minded Republican who is aligned with neither of the two dominant Irvine political cliques.