San Onofre May Close by the End of 2013… Permanently

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So Edison might be throwing in the towel over the San Onofre fight — that is if the NRC decides to delay or deny them the chance for a partial restart.  So far Edison has lost over 700 million dollars and counting.  Edison made the announcement last Tuesday during a conference call to analysts,

“Without a restart of Unit 2, a decision to retire one or both units would likely be made before year-end 2013,” said Ted Craver, CEO of the parent company to Southern California Edison, majority owner and operator at San Onofre.

Edison has been asking the NRC for permission to do a partial restart to see “what would happen” for months.  This spurred a growing number of cities in surrounding Orange County to send letters to the NRC asking for more public input before doing anything — Los Angeles joined the group last week.

The Unit 2 reactor has been closed for fifteen months and Edison has been absorbing the cost so far. It is estimated that the costs for repairs and inspections at San Onofre are now $109 million — with no end in sight, especially if they don’t get the restart.

I am thrilled that the reactors will remain closed — hopefully for good. The reactors are old and worn out and Edison did not come forward to warn the public when there was a leak at the plant. We had to rely on a concerned ‘whistle-blower’ to look out for us. We just can’t trust them to do the right thing.

To make sure those who make the final decision over San Onofre’s fate know we want the reactor to remain closed, I added a link to another petition. It was petitions, public input at meetings and letters that got us this far. I am happy to admit that at least this time, the will of the people was heard. I added my name to the petition and hope you do as well.

If you want to find out more about San Onofre has up-to-date local information with carefully referenced data for all you skeptics out there.

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