“Plastics”: First Working Plastic Gun Rolls Off of 3-D Printer; Blueprints to Follow

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Now you will be able to print up a working handgun in your own home — and it will not be detectable by security.  [UPDATE, 5:00: Nod to Ryan C. here — “will not be detectable by currently employed regular security measures.”   It could still be detectable by, say, strip searches.]   That Second Amendment, huh?  The BBC tells the story here (unfortunately I can’t embed the video, so you’ll have to click the link):

Plastic gun

Toy for tots?

As you’ll see from the video, it apparently works.  The only metal part is the small firing pin.  (I’m not sure about the composition of the bullets.)  Even the barrel is all plastic.

I’ve been following the career of University of Texas law student Cody Wilson, who I don’t think would mind being termed a Second Amendment extremist, for a while now.  Smart kid.  One might even say “scary smart.”

Wilson believes that this will allow people in repressive regimes (like, oh, Afghanistan or New York City) to bypass any government constraints on gun manufacture and ownership.  I think that Wilson needs to spend some time stuck in a repressive regime and see if that changes his calculations.  Scary smart can also be scary dumb.

He says that he plans to distribute the blueprints on the internet.  The good news is that only good and trustworthy people will be able to afford the $8000 for a printer (or get access to their parents’ printer, or a friends) and crank these suckers out.  Right?  It’s not like we’re already having any problems these days with home-manufactured weapons.  Right?  Right?

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