Disney Employee Arrested in Explosion

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So Disneyland’s Happiest Place on Earth got snapped back in to reality yesterday when a trash can exploded in Mickey’s Toonetown. The first reports were a bomb exploded at Disneyland. Today more information about what happened is coming out — that it was a Disney employee who placed a water bottle containing dry-ice inside a trash can… I didn’t even know dry ice can blow up.  The suspect, Christian Barnes, an outdoor vending “cast member”, told the cops he put the dry-ice in a plastic can. Depending on which media report you want to believe, it was either a prank or an employee simply working. He is being held on  $1-million dollars bail. That amount sounds a bit excessive to me, since no one was injured, except maybe Mickey’s pride and they lost revenue for about two hours from tourists who would otherwise be buying their over-priced — made-in-China crap.


It really doesn’t matter if it was accidental or a prank …this is just a reminder how easy it is for someone to actually place an explosive in a busy, public place that can hurt a lot of people.  We live in a different world these days and there are plenty of people who are not terrorists that simply enjoy seeing people suffer or run in fear.  It really is “a small world after all.”




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