Will the Senate Get Enough Votes for Gun Debate?

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The NRA seems to be sticking to it’s claim that we need armed guards, police, and armed staff to protect kids at schools and that gun regulation does not work.  I would like to know if  they are willing to foot the bill by either having a surcharge on all gun sales or would they like to volunteer to pay for it all together? I can hear them laughing now.

Mean while our politicians can’t even agree to have a debate  about gun control.  However, this past weekend it does look like at least two senators,  Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) (R) and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) want to get a gun debate started —   at least  for background checks for selling firearms at gun shows and on the Internet. The NRA and those pro-gun owners interviewed on cable news want to leave things just  the way they are or suggest we get more guns in the hands of citizens. What’s  their bottom line argument?  It’s their Second Amendment Right!  What about my right not be blown away by some nut job who had easy access to a family members weapons? What if the shooter stole their parents weapons, like Adam Lanza did? Where is the accountability of the parents?  Sure Adam Lanza’s mom was killed by her son. But what if she wasn’t? Would she be held accountable?

I heard some people say they felt sorry for his mom. Seriously???  I hold her just as responsible.  She decided it was a good idea to teach her son who was unstable, how to shoot a firearm, and apparantly did not have the sense to make sure her guns were locked up. Why didn’t anyone speak up and tell her that she was asking for trouble? Where was the father’s role in all of this?

I asked someone in law enforcement if gun owners ever get into trouble when their kid or someone else uses their firearm in a crime and the answer was possibly, but it has to be proven that the gun was secured and that’s nearly impossible to find out. Law enforcement can only go on the testimony of the gun owner. Do you seriously think anyone in their right mind will admit they did not lock up their firearm? They want the guns but don’t want to take any responsibility when it is used in a crime or accidental  shooting.

Another thing about this idea of arming school staff — police train all the time in different scenarios and they still make mistakes when in an actual gun fight. Do we really expect a teacher to be able to stop someone with a semi-automatic weapon in the middle of math?  Do we really think that person will be better trained than a cop in that type of situation? And then what happens when the police show up and they can’t tell who is the bad guy? Do we really believe the perpetrator will say, “Oh my bad. It’s me officer”.

If back ground checks at gun shows and the Internet is all we get,  then I suppose we will have to settle for that. I already know that background checks probably would not have prevented sandy Hook, but 40% of gun sales are untraceable and to me, that is not acceptable. If a criminal wants to buy a gun, then buying one at a gunshow makes sense because no questions are asked. If background checks become the law for all gun sales, then the criminal will have harder time to get the weapon.

Did anyone watch 60 Minutes last week? The parents of Sandy Hook Elementary were interviewed.  I cannot imagine how horrible they must feel. This question goes to all the gun owners who insist the Second Amendment is what’s at stake –what if your kid is the next one to be killed by gun violence? Will you still think that way? What if your kid goes off the deep end and shoots up a school, mall, or whatever? Will you blame it on the medical community? If a kid has mental problems, remove all weapons from the house,  then take up whatever concerns there are about their medications with their physicians. The parent is supposed to be the responsible adult, whether their kid is 5 or 35. The parent decided to buy the guns, for whatever reason and it should be their responsibility to make sure it stays locked up. If their argument is that a stranger came in and stole the gun, I say it is still the gun owners responsibility.

If it is up to states to tighten gun laws, it won’t work because like so many like to point out — Chicago has a high crime rate and thats because the surrounding states have lenient gun laws. It’s easy to bring in guns over the state line. California  has one of the strictist laws around but Nevada and Arizona don’t. We are either all in or not.

We shall see what happens the next few weeks. My guess is that nothing happens — until maybe some politician’s kid gets shot — then maybe, just maybe something will change.

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