The (Unofficial, Non-Diagnostic … but Still) Asperger’s Quiz

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TV characters with (or possibly with) Asperger's Syndrome

No Aspersions — ha ha, get it? — cast on any actor or character pictured here as possibly having Asperger’s.  (Or as definitely having Asperger’s, in some cases.  Einstein supposedly did, after all.)

I’ve finally started remembering to schedule my time on the treadmill for during my favorite public radio programs, which aids me in my greatest wish for those moments in my life: to astrally project and leave my body entirely while it gets its exercise done.  The second of two stories in this week’s show (which just finished airing on KPCC; the link with the recording of the episode will go live Sunday at 5 p.m. PT) was about a woman who decided that her husband might have Asperger’s Syndrome and gave him an “unofficial” diagnostic test that she had found online.  This led to a variety of results, one of them being a book by said husband called “The Journal of Best Practices.”

One of the continual tropes that I hear come up in Orange County’s political blogosphere involves the informal psychiatric diagnosis of various figures.  (Generally this is not done directly to the person’s face — although I won’t say “never.”)  In such informal conversations, I’ve heard a diagnosis of Asperger’s offered a time or two (hundred) for one or another figure — and oh, I’ll bet that my name might have come up in some such conversations — so I thought that this might be a good chance for people to check themselves out.  (Just in case you’re curious.  I’m not mentioning any names.  And no, I’m not thinking of you specifically.)  Don’t feel that you have to report your score here — although don’t be surprised to be asked.

Here it is: “The Aspie Quiz”.

I haven’t taken the quiz yet, by the way, as I write this.  We’ll see what, if anything, I find.  (Or maybe we won’t!)

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