The Real Spirit of Patriot’s Day

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After the horrendous Boson Marathon terrorist attack, we are again reminded that no matter what measures we take as a nation to stem attacks we are still vulnerable.  Unlike after 9/11, Americans will unite around Boston and the marathon will come back next year bigger and better than ever.  Unfortunately it will likely never be the same.  Next year’s marathon will be an incredible event with interest and participation at an all-time high.  As goes with the territory, security will also be incredibly tight.

The outpouring of support and the heroic behavior of those coming to the aid of the victims is yet another example of the classic American spirit.  We have an amazing resolve as a nation and how we act and our reaction this week is indicative of that spirit.  It is our best quality. 

Unfortunately in times like this some of our worst qualities also come out.  One example is the overwhelming need of many to treat such incidents as a political football. It’s a funny game we play during moments like this.  As a nation we are so quick to not “rush to judgment” while at the same time many on the left are extremely quick to find a “right-wing connection”.  Much like what occurred after the tragic Tucson and Aurora shootings, many on the left cannot resist the urge to find some kind of connection to right wing thought or groups like the Tea Party.  It’s an odd connection we make, literally trying to find tyranny in those who believe in liberty.

President Obama led the way with his initial refusal to call the obvious bombing an act of terrorism.  Almost at the same time CNN employed a talking head Peter Bergen made the absurd claim that depending on the type of bomb construction the perpetrator could be “al Qaeda or a right-wing terrorist group.”  Two days later the CNN website published an article that went into great deal on the pressure-cooker bombs used in the blast and said they are a ‘signature’ of right wing extremists.

From the article:

“A senior U.S. counterterrorism investigator told CNN that pressure-cooker bombs have also been a signature of extreme right-wing individuals in the United States who he said tend to revel in building homemade bombs.”

The article goes on to discuss the construction of pressure-cooker bombs, used so many times in attacks in the Middle East that there was actually a article in the al Qaeda magazine that gave a tell how on how to construct them.  The connection to the mysterious “right-wing terrorists” was based on the Eric Rudolph Olympic Park bombing where a pipe bomb was used.  There are absolutely no examples of American right-wing use of such weapons, whereas there are a myriad of examples of these weapons  being used in Pakistan and Iraq and targeted for use in 2010 foiled Times Square attack (Faizal Shahzad) and the foiled 2011 Ford Hood attack (Naser Abdo).  Both of those foiled attacks resulted in foreign terrorists being arrested plotting attacks on US soil, similar to Boston, using the same technology as Boston.  Yet, the cable outlet that represents the MSM can’t help but find a mystical connection to the “right wing” of America.  This coverage, on MSNBC, has reached such absurd levels that there viewership is literally tanking during the coverage period of the terrorist event.

So quick to not call the event a “terrorist attack” the MSM literally falls all over themselves in the attempt to find an American right wing bogeyman. Unfortunately the game of political football does not end there.  The second most popular game is the thirst for lefty politicians to somehow connect the horrible event to the recent sequesters controversy.  For the left every event is part of a bigger political story, and Steny Hoyer, the house minority whip, tied the bombings to the sequester with the tragic event less than 24-hours old.

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), speaking to reporters Tuesday morning, said the bombings are “clearly another place where it demonstrates why having the ability to address security concerns is important.”

Yes, of course they are Steny, we agree. Unfortunately your timing couldn’t be worse, but is not surprising in the least.  For many in the Democratic Party, everything is politics, and every opportunity is an immediate need to connect events to a bigger failure on the part of government to act.

In the refusal to “rush to judgment” we get an immediate need for those on the left to rush to their own judgment. Of course their own judgment is an insatiable need to somehow tie such events to their own bias’s regarding their political opponents.

Many have said we have lost some of our freedoms after 9/11, however, I believe we have found a way to reach out to one another because of those freedoms. President Bush was an authoritarian  figure after 9/11, most had felt the same after seeing him in New York, his power and command of the state of affairs was masterful, he was completely in control and we all seem to know it.

We will have leaders once more that will rise and assure our freedoms and lead us once again, I am sure of it.

Boston will guide us on one more passageway.  We as a nation will find a way to reach out to what matters to us in our lives.  We will remember our freedoms which are envied and coveted by those who do not have them, our family, and our liberty will once again remind us of those who have fought so hard for us to keep them.  We will manage to hold one another a little closer, reassure and console our families and friends, we will remember who we were before the attack and confront those who choose to hide and strike out at our freedoms.  We will heal as we have always done and as we rise and rebuild and unite against them, our cities will come together, yours and mine and we will move forward, again.

It’s just our nature.  If only we could say the  same of our elected officials.

Carlos Arredondo, the “inspirational anti-war protester whose soldier son died in Iraq and another took his own life is being hailed a hero after he selflessly rushed to help victims of the Boston Marathon bombings seconds after the attacks.” …

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Irvine Valkyrie is Katherine Daigle, the once and future Irvine mayoral candidate, an independent-minded Republican who is aligned with neither of the two dominant Irvine political cliques.