Monsanto Makes U.S. Lawmakers Their Bitch

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I’m sure we all know that President Obama signed the Monsanto Rider section 735 by now. I quite frankly, am not a bit surprised since Michael R. Taylor, the past vice president of Monsanto runs the FDA.

And we can thank Democrat Senator Barbara Mikulski for chairing the committee that sneaked the  Monsanto Rider in the  2013 Budget Resolution. It was cleverly hidden in Bill H.R. 933  that contains other provisions like Homeland Security and the Department of Defence.  Democratic leaders, including Mikulski, claim they were under pressure to pass a funding a bill quickly. Some members of Congress are now claiming they didn’t know this provision was hidden in the  bill and that it was anonymously thrown in.  They didn’t know? Isn’t it their job to know what they are voting on? I found out by watching John Stewart‘s Daily Show last night.  Isn’t it amazing that we have to turn to a fake new source to find out what’s really going on in our country? I don’t mean Fox News — I mean The Daily Show and the Colbert Show. There are lots of rumors floating around about what’s in the bill, so I want to pass on to you, exactly what this means for you and me. Ok, nothing for you and me per se, unless we’re farmers, and by farmers, I mean mostly agri-business because they just got a green light by lawmakers to do business as usual.

According to Dave Murphy, Founder and Executive Director of, the twisted language of Section 735, “authorizes the Secretary to basically allow plantings of new GMO at anytime when a court case is taking place.”

I am one of those citizens who sends emails to my representatives. I used to send them via snail mail and still think that’s the best way to get their attention — a zillion emails doesn’t give off the same visual effect as a 100s of bags full of angry letters from their constituents, sitting in a legislators office. They have to pay someone to open all those letters and then they have to dispose of them. But that’s my humble opinion. Anyway, this time I decided to call Senator Diane Feinstein’s Washington office.  The email responses I usually get were not going to give me any answers because my questions were not directed at a specific bill. Well, they were sort of, but not exactly. She did vote yea on the budget bill.  Did she know what was hiding in it?  Would it have made a difference? The lines must have been burning up over something because it took nearly 30 minutes to get someone to answer the phone.

The intern who fianlly answered the phone has only been working there two months, so I don’t think by her answers, she was quite ready for my line of questioning. There were a few times I felt she was distracted. It felt like the times I talk to my son while he is scrolling down Facebook. Was she checking her Facebook page or playing Words with Friends? Or was she trying to find news sources that reported the same things I was telling her? She did ask me where I got my information. After telling her that I read  Congress doesn’t  know what is  in the  bills they vote on, she told me that someone  in the legislator’s staff knows what is in a certain bill and that someone tells his/her legislator. Legislators do not have to be present when a member discusses a bill. I believe that for sure. Have you watched the House and Senate televison channel? There is usually some congressperson or senator going on and on about something and talking to a bunch of empty seats. It sort of reminds me of when Clint Eastwood had that conversation with an empty chair, pretending he was talking to President Obama.

I then told the intern that if lawmakers really do know what are in the bills before they vote on them, then someone is either lying or has memory problems. I then wanted to know if it is true that Monsanto (among other big  groups, like the gun lobby) threatened to shut our government down, unless they had their way and this provision remained in the budget bill. She said, as far as she knew it was in fact true.  So it is apparent to me that not only do corporations have way too much power, they are now using their power too cripple our government to get their way.

I am not all together convinced that we were in yet another crisis and they should have  taken the time to debate the Monsanto rider. But then I remember that Monsanto has been kicked out of several countries because of the damage they inflicted and they cannot afford to lose more money. Its better for them to not allow any discussion, let alone debate. , Monsanto knows if people really understood what they are up to, then their days are numbered and they will have to reininvent themselves again, like they did after the Agent Orange pr disaster. They  can thank Mitt Romney for saving their financial asses back then.

It seems to me that our legislators cry wolf way too much for me to believe anything they say. I think it’s fascinating that our legislators  find the time to be wined and dined by lobbyists but can’t find any time to do real work — like actually show up to senate chambers. My question to you is this — what do you plan to do about it? We are the people right?

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