Weekend Open Thread: Anti-Social Skillz

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Dwight and Creed from the soon-to-be late lamented "The Office"

We’re really going to miss these guys after the next few months.

I don’t know about you, but my initial political understanding of the world was shaped largely by my slavishly reading late-60s and early-70s MAD Magazine.   (Personally, I think that I could have done way worse for early instruction about how the world works.)  It’s only appropriate, then, that I now turn to its competitor Crackedthe dot-com for which has become an unexpectedly interesting and entertaining website (and not one for kids) — for a better understanding of interpersonal relations.

David Wong, writer of John Dies at the End, wrote “5 Ways You’re Accidentally Making Everyone Hate You” in Cracked.com and I think that most people I know in the Orange County blogosphere (and politicosphere) should read it — some should more than others — if for nothing more than the laughs.  Oh no, Dear Reader, of course I’m not talking about you personally.   Still — read it.  Soon.

How do I entice you to read it?  I guess I can start with his introduction:

Have you recently had friends, co-workers, or strangers suddenly get pissed off at you for what seemed like no reason at all? Maybe you told yourself that they were overreacting or being too sensitive, or that they had no right to be angry when you clearly didn’t mean to do whatever you did (and in fact aren’t even sure what it was). If you’re a socially inept type like me, I bet you’ve had this happen within the last month.

Well, I’m here to help. Fortunately, I am the nation’s foremost expert on social missteps, with more than 30 years of experience in the field (some of you know me as the best-selling author of I Couldn’t Help But Notice Your Father’s Corpse Had a Boner: The Psychology of the Socially Awkward Man, MacMillan, 2008), and I have found that the answer to “Why is everyone suddenly mad at me?” is usually one of the following.

And then he lists some.  I’ll just give you one more taste, from Wong’s second-to-last entry on his list of 5, of how he sets up the problem:

All you did was email your boss with a simple question or idle thought, and she jumped down your throat! What a bitch!

Then, later that night, you popped into your buddy’s house unannounced, and like one minute later he’s all acting annoyed, opening the door and saying, “Well, good to see you!” like he’s ushering you out! What a dick!

Or maybe you’re on the other end of the situation in the first entry — you messaged an acquaintance with a “happy birthday” and you got cold, dead silence in return. But you know they ain’t no goddamned introvert, they talk to a hundred people a day! What a hell-shitting cockhitler!

So what is the problem he’s introducing here?  Click that link up there to find out!  Meanwhile, this is your Weekend Open Thread.  Talk about this, or anything else you’d like, within — let’s make it slightly more careful than normal bounds of decorum.

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