Ed Royce and the Phantom Press Corps

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A couple of points about Rep. Ed Royce’s recent Women’s Conference at Cal State Fullerton strike me as a little odd.

Royce's wife speaks in front of phantom press corps

Royce’s wife speaks in front of a phantom press corps. Did his office fail to notify reporters not in the underworld? Or was it only ghosts who were attracted by the spoor?

First, a total lack of press coverage, especially during the event. When we showed up, shortly before 8 am, I expected to see mobile news vans from the TV stations, a podium out front with microphones for the radio, newspaper, and TV reporters, aides passing out press kits, interviews with Rep. Royce and other principals involved—in short, an actual event being publicized.

But, nobody and nothing.

Pre-event publicity was limited to some wordage on Rep. Royce’s Congressional web site, and a short mention in the OC Register’s “Around Town” section on March 20.

Post-event publicity was limited to a really thin little puff-piece in the CSUF Daily Titan datelined March 25.

One would think that a well-known, long-term Congressman like Ed Royce would be only too happy to ballyhoo the event to the press, grant interviews with the presenters, and generally make a really big deal out of the event; especially since it’s the fifth one he’s done.

The other point that seems strange is the accountability. Since there were no sign in sheets, name tags or anything to identify the attendees, we have no idea how many people actually attended this taxpayer-funded event. Was it a dozen, or a thousand? Where did they come from? Were they constituents? Did any attendees come long distances to attend the event?

Without some accountability, there is simply no way of knowing how many people our tax dollars reached with the message.

And we deserve better.

About John MacMurray

John MacMurray is a retired junior high teacher from the Fullerton School District. He ran as the Democratic candidate for California's 72nd Assembly District in 2006, 2008, and the Special Election/Runoff election of 2009/2010. He is active in voter registration and candidate support in his community and in union affairs as a member of CTA/Retired. He blogs regularly for LA Progressive (www.laprogressive.com)