The Embarrassment of the CRA Hits the OC Register

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The CRA is a great organization. However, recently the obsession over the CRP Vice Chairman’s race reached a level of absurdity not seen in a long time.

The CRA’s email list was hijacked and used to attack one Harmeet Dhillon, the leading candidate for CRP Vice Chair after the organization as a whole decided not to endorse.

Linked here is a commentary in the Orange County Register lambasting the CRA.

Please note that this CRA officer is a supporter of Harmeet Dhillon and is working to help solve the Ca GOP’s image problem.

First, to dismiss the ACLU as a communist organization and its allies as liberal is banal – not to mention, factually inaccurate. The Register’s Editorial Board has sided with the ACLU on issues of police brutality and freedom of speech. That doesn’t make us liberals or communists. The same is true for Ms. Dhillon, who had some good reasons for involvement with the ACLU, such as when the organization joined her in a lawsuit protecting freedom of speech for conservative students at Dartmouth University.

Second, in displaying such infighting, the California’s GOP leadership sends a message that it is disorganized and cannot coordinate its public policy goals. That won’t inspire new voters to register Republican nor will it help build trust among decline-to-state and independent voters.

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Sgt York - is the California Republican Assembly Sgt at Arms. He is noted for hard-hitting blogging - particularly about candidates and races in California Republican politics.