Corporate Welfare: Pretty soon you are talking real money!

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Let’s start with our National Debt – $16.4 Trillion dollars.  The new 2013 Congress says we need cuts to Entitlement Programs.  The new 2013 Congress says that the National Debt in on the table in any negotiations regarding the funding of current or new government programs.  The new 2013 Congress says we have to change Tax Laws for the little people, Take Away CPI – Cost Price Indexing for Social Security, Medicare, Military Wages, Retirements and Medical Payments – just for starters.

How did you get here again?  Well, let’s start with the two wars:  Iraq and Afghanistan:  $3.2 to $4 Trillion dollars in round numbers:

Next let’s take the costs with Fiscal Bailouts of Banks:  TARP and the Bush/Obama Fiscal Stimulus Packages:  $4.5 ri $6.8  Trillon dollars in round numbers:

Nest let’s take the cost of Private Industry Bailouts for companies such as GM?  $80 to $100 Billion depending on who you ask!

Now let’s take the cost of the new National Healthcare:   Obama Care:  $1.1 Trillion over 10 years!

Now let’s take the amounts for the Annual Cost of Military and Federal Government Retirements: About $80 to $100 Billion a year – to include family members.

Now let’s take the Annual Cost of State Pensions for Bureaucrats, Teachers, FireFighters, Police and other State or local officials:  Unreal!

Now let’s talk about the Annual Deficit for 2012-2013….. Fiscal Cliff….remember that?   Around $900 Billion dollars!


OK – How much of these things do the Republicans want to cut to reduce the National Debt?

OK- How much of these things do the Republicans want to cut to reduce the Annual US Budget Deficit?:

OK – How much of these things in regard to Social Security and Medicare could be reduced by “Means Testing”, so that a cap is put on those with high retirement  incomes?

Why do we even have a Republican Party?  Is their job – to just to say NO to everything that comes up?  Take away the tiny upticks for the underclass?  What?


OK – How much was the National Debt when President George W. Bush tookover as President in 2001 again?  About $11 Trillion dollars.

There is lots to do in Washington D.C. and lots of things to fix:  We need a Farm Bill,  We need a Medicare and Big Pharma Price Control Bill, We need a new Military Budget for 2013-14,  We need an Immigration Law, We need  Simpson-Bowles Bank Regulation,  We need strict Federal oversight of State, County and Local Pension and Retirement Plans.  We need to institute Legislation which encourages companies to stay in the United States and create jobs here which our own citizens take/apply for – not those with HI-B Visas.  We need serious penalities for bankers that defraud the public.   We need a Congress that gives a hoot about the people – not only their own fat checkbooks for the next campaign for office.    We even need food labeling, GMO Regulations and Import Standards for all our food products!  We need high tech solutions for our energy needs and cars that can get the same 75 to 90 Miles Per Gallon that are being produced by the Europeans – right now!  Can’t our Congress do something?  Anything?

President Obama needs help and the Republicans better get off their duffs and start helping rather than bitching!

Pretty soon you are talking real money!

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