20 Children Gunned Down at Connecticut Elementary School

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A few days ago it was a mall in Oregon; last July a movie theatre in Colorado — all places  we never even think about getting shot by a crazed gunman. Today its an elementary school in Connecticut… Connecticut for crying out loud!  You know what all these events have in common? In a week it won’t be on our radar screen anymore…until its another mall, school, restaurant, workplace or whatever.

I read this meme on someone’s Facebook page:

“We are better than a country in which citizens can be shot to death in shopping malls, movie theaters, and houses of worship.”

Are we though?  Or is it all “lip service?” Amercians seem love their right to “bear arms”…no matter what.  The argument for stricter gun control has been going on for years, decades even, and it doesn’t seem to matter how many innocent people are slaughtered — the pro-gun lobby remains strong.

If I hear one more argument about our Founding Fathers and how they decided it was our God Given right to protect ourselves, I will jump off the Fiscal Cliff! The Founding Fathers lived in a time before assault weapons. What would they think about the 2nd Amendment now?  Can someone explain to me exactly why we need a weapon that can kill so many people with one clip? Exactly who are we supposedly protecting ourselves from? Anyone with half a brain knows that if our government decided to turn against us…no one has enough bullets to stop it. Its a false sense of security at best.

A quote from “Sheep No More” on Facebook claims that this tragedy could have been prevented if  teachers were armed. Seriously? I don’t want to live in a society that has armed guards in schools. Do you? The NRA has not given their response yet, so let me guess what it will be…”What a tragedy. blah.blah.blah. We don’t need more gun regulation. Guns don’t kill people. blah. blah. blah.”

If you ask me, the time to do something about assault rifles was before they went on the market. There are way too many weapons in the United States and I don’t know any gun owners willing to part with their precious 2nd Amendment right. The only public figure I know of with the balls to speak about gun control is Bob Costas and he was crucified for using his precious airtime to speak about something other than football.

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