The Next Big Thing!

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Congratulations President Obama!  It all worked out finally.  The painfull election cycle, the terrible name calling, the awful accusations of wrong doing, the total disregard for money in both campaigns, the punitive pundits, the lying and misrepresenting surrogates, the total disregard for the truth, the off hand remarks which showed people for what they are and were, the moments that each voter in this country just wanted to scream……are finally over.  In memory, somehow this was the most despicable and awful election in American history.  We still can’t get over members of Congress not only mountains out of molehills, but one after the other of folks just being duplicitous beyond any reason.

In the words of Hyman Roth, in Godfather II – “Michael, this is business we have chosen!”  There is little doubt that through this process, emotions were tweaked, anger ran high and a few folks ran off the rails.  It would be a total understatement to say: “The process is not pretty”…..or  that” making sausage might encourage you to throw up!”  Many things were on the table…..just not all the ducks in a row….that we needed.  No one seemed forthcoming at any level.  You could not get a straight answer out of anyone elected person, any pundit and any political analyst.  The answers and polls were always couched in some political equation, rather than with an education guess or maybe even a fact or two.

Suddenly, after the election the responses were:  “OH!”, “I was muddied!”, “We didn’t take into consideration the demographics!”, “We didn’t have enough old white guys to get the job done!”  “It was Hurricane Sandy!”  “It was the voting system!”, “It was the Electoral College!”, “It was voter denial..”  “It was too many folks voting….that didn’t know anything!” and finally; “You got me!”

In between, our country has faced over three years of disabling refusal of the Congress to do business.  There were reasons of course, which no one wanted to admit.  For example; how closely the economy of the United States is inter-related with that of the European Community, Russia, Mexico,  India, the Middle East, East Asia and China!  The failed states of Greece, Portugal, Spain and others have been Hanging Chads above our heads for several years now, due to the recalcitrant actions of the European Community and how they plan on dealing with so much debt and who is going to pay.  The “Halley’s Comet” concepts of this election cycle included: $16 Trillion dollar in Obama Debt!  Also included was the so-called cost of “Obama Care”.  Also included was so-called “Immigrant Amnesty”.  Also included was: “High Unemployment”.  Also included was: “The Fiscal Cliff!”  Also included was…..more and more nonsense which had nothing to do with doubling the cost of Health Care for people in the United States or that relationship to who might be our President in 2013!

Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Big Chemical Companies, Big Oil Companies, Hedge Fund Brokers, Investment Bankers, Medical Providers, Global Banking Interest, Commercial Real Estate, the Federal Reserve, Fannie Mae, Freddy Mac, The Military Industrial Complex and even the Building Industries are all on pins and needles waiting to see what the European Community is going to do before they make their next move.  For those that are unaware;  If  you want a job…there are plenty in places like Mexico and Thailand where the Unemployment rates are less than 5%.  Lot’s of jobs….working for peanuts of course!

We also have some problems in the Middle East.  Israel refuses to close down their “Settlements” in their Occupied areas of Palestine.  In spite of the so-called Arab Spring…which occurs every 50 years or so……..there is little stability anywhere in the Middle East.  Syria is tottering and in flames, Libya is the farthest thing from stabilized you can find, Eqypt is a constant morass of push and shove politicians and their politics are in shambles.  Iran wants to build “Their Final Solution Weapon”….whether that is really true or not……their politics stink!  Lebanon is ….well, “Hamas Maybe!” Lebanon!  Iraq….seems to be doing its standard “I am Sunni – hear me roar!”  “I am Shite….in charge and poor!”.  The Middle East as usual needs some serious “Urban Renewal” and the Saudi’s and the Middle East Banking Affiliate Nations are sitting on their hands….as usual.

So, our needs seems to be to “Prioritize” our plethora of so-called “Immediate Problems”.  As they used to say:  “Take care of your home….before you run off to the next bar!”  We have some simple and fundamental issues which require immediate attention.  First issue:  Control our Health Care Costs….immediately!  The various Insurance Companies are doubling the cost of Company provided healthcare beginning in January of 2013.  Why are there no controls?  With the excuse that Expanding the Insurance Base is going to “Cost More” to provide services and insurance:  The reality is that Insurance companies will soon be doubling the number of folks paying premiums to them.  If there is a problem with providing services:  Rationing for example?  Then the people of the United States should know that.  If those Big Insurance Companies make a “Wind Fall Profit” by falsely raising rates at this time – the people that are paying those high rates deserve an immediate rebate after the First Quarter Profit Report in 2013….and a commensurate rate adjustment.

The President needs to stay on top of this Health Care issue.  This was his baby and keeping track and controlling insurance rates and costs are a huge priority.  The next Big Thing after that is the so-called “Fiscal Cliff”.  This is the “Artificial Emergency” created by both parties.  The answer to this problem will require “Three Phone Calls”.  The President needs to call the Congressional Leaders to the Oval Office… settle all differences…raise the Income Tax rates for the Rich, take a few Entitlement Programs down a peg on their projected growth, keep the “Cost of Living Increases” for Social Security Recipients and the Military, take charge of certain aspects with Tax Increases for Hedge Fund Managers, Companies that move Off-Shore and for Companies and make sure that Entitlements for Energy Companies go the way of the Buggy Whip and the Wisp!  Keeping the Bush Middle and Under Class Tax Cuts should not be on the table of any negotiations.  Show that Leader Stuff …Mr. President……get this deal done!  And don’t ask Donald Trump to help you!

So, our President has been re-elected.  We should not be discussing “Fast & Furious” or “Benghazi” or “Donald Trump’s Hair!”  The time has come to deal with real issues…..real problems……real things that affect all of our lives.  It is time to deal with the hardships of our brothers and sisters in New York and the greater North East.  It is time keep our powder dry and a time to work together to fix some things.  One thing at a time… day at a time….one hour at a time…one minute at a time.

God bless all our electeds so that they may finally understand…..that political capital is what you have left….after you have done something…..not before!!

We just can’t wait for: “The Next Big Thing!”




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