The Evil Fog of Benghazi…….

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While our elected officials agonize over such important decisions as one Border Patrol Agent killed by Mexican Drug Cartel members (that many die  just in daily military training excercises by the way! – Fast and Furious!)…or how about the Susan Rice Affair?  No, we get confused – it  was the David Petraeus Affair!  Hey, but our self important elected’s know how “Inter-connected” EVERYTHING is in this world.  So, if you talk about Fast and Furious…you are really talking about Secession of 23 States from the Union, of Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, or how Mitt Romney got lost in forest of campaigning and how that affected President Obama who won because he gave every person in the United States $600 dollars.   NO, that was actually George and Laura Bush as you might recall.  OK, how about the cost of ObamaCare based upon the killing of our Ambassador in Benghazi, Libya?

There have been a tremendous list of important novels which have shed light on this kind of logic.  In George Orwell’s “1984”…..Mitt Romney had his face on every television screen in the world at the same time…….telling us about the dangers of “terrorism”.  In the H.G. Wells vehicle “The Time Machine”….bombs fell on London and everyone was getting blown up by “Terrorists”.  In the Kirk Vonnegut novel….”Sirens of Titan”…… a guy that looked like Mitt Romney was actually a used car salesman that wound up getting the Earth to go to war with Mars!  In Orwell’s “Animal Farm”….or a variety of  other Science Fiction vehicles…..the words of “Newspeak”  –  Get it?  NEWS-PEAK created by the words of Karl Marx – “The Opiate of the People”.  But hey, anything could be a NEWS-PEAK headline…..virtually anything in this day and age of Facebook, Twitter and CNN or Fox News.  “24 Hours”, “Hollywood Insider”, Dr. Phil, Ellen and we keep waiting for Sally Jesse Raphael to make a comeback soon.

The Evil Fog of Benghazi……is truly a perfect example of using some “almost totally insignificant event” to create a major stir.  Where were the Republican Brain Trust when Bill Clinton bombed Yugoslavia with impunity.  A country whose only sin was to manufacture excellent washers and dryers and ship them to Russia and the whole of Europe at an affordable price.  How many American Soldiers died in that one?  How many Yugoslavians?  How much better is Yugoslavia off now….manufacturing European versions of Sears, GE  and Maytag branded washers and dryers now?  How come none of the details of our war on Yugoslavia ever came out?  Oh the concept was simply that Milosevic and his Serbian Government were war criminals……the door got shut quickly …after that pat explanation.

So what about 200 Bad Guy Libyan Militia Guys……attacking anything American – on any pretense?  Do the people of the United States think this has not ever happened since 1979?  Wrong!  In any event, NO ONE wanted Ambassador Chris Stevens dead or the other three folks….except the Bad Libyan Militia guys.  The country of Libya in is flux and they have upwards of eight different Militia groups running the country.  After the death of the Ambassador, the Militia HQ of the folks that did the deed was attacked by other members of the Libyan citizenry and other militias. Who could have instanteously avoided this attack effectively?

The Blame Game is transparently so despicable.  Modeled accusations of political barbarism, lies, misrepresentations and in the end… one in the Republican party seems to want to find the Bad Guys that actually did the deed!  They blame an Administration Spokesperson (what about Jay Carney?) for not be exactly correct about the conditions or the parties responsible.  “Tough tittie” people.  This was not a takeover of a US Embassy and holding hostage of our 66 people for 444 days…..was it?  This Evil Fog of Benghazi is strictly to get our eyes off the ball – so that “The Press” could focus on what is really going on and very meaningful to each of us.

On page B-2 of the LA Times today….below the fold about Getting Ready for Black Friday….silently appeared an article entitled:  “Morgan, Credit Suisse settle with the SEC” Together both banking institutions paid $417 million dollars in fines.  Why did they have to pay fines to the Federal Government?  “The case stems from alledged misstatements and failures to disclose that borrowers had defaulted on subprime home loans bundled into residential moratgage-back securities, or RMBS.  The faulty mortgage investments fueled the housing bubble before it burst in 2007!”

“JP Morgan, which agreed to pay $297 million dollars, noted in a statement that the SEC’s complaint does not include charges of intentional misconduct.”  Which other pillars of the banking community are under Federal indictments or Federal Charges for Regulations violations?  Wells Fargo & Co, Bank of America, Countrywide Financial – for defrauding Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Goldman-Sachs, Citigroup, New Century Financial, IndyMac Bancorp and left over issues with Credit Suisse and Bear Stearns/JP Morgan.

The point is simple, we as citizens do have a right to know.  It seems academic that we will eventually track down and dispose of those that perpetrated the Benghazi killing and carnage.  It is also fairly reasonable to assume that we have the right Administration, at the right time….going after the liars, criminals and dispoilers of our country.  How many jobs, homes and lives were lost due to the criminal actions of bankers?  How many lives have been ruined?  How many years will it take to recover for many in our society?  How many businesses have affected?  How many more years will it be until Real Estate both Residential and Commerical makes a comeback?

The Evil Fog of Benghazi – is being used to take our eyes off the real criminals….the real despots……those responsible for thousands being displaced, thousands losing their life savings…..thousands their way of life.  We do not minimize the loss of Ambassador Chris Stevens.  Could he have been saved?  Who might know the answer to that question?  We do however know the bankers that killed our economy.  Perhaps our priorities should be shifted to those that deserve it more?

We will see.  Will Fox News or CNN cover the Banking debacle?  Will anyone?  They say “if it bleeds …it leads”.  We believe their are thousands of Americans that are still bleeding from greedy, criminals, shipping our jobs out of this country and that have changed forever their American… way of life.  These people should be prosecuted under the RICO statues.  They truly are and were nothing but racketeers!  It has come the time….to make this right!

*Some information supplied by the November 17th, 2012, LA Times article, Business Section B-2, “Morgan, Credit Suisse settle with SEC” by Andrew Tangel and E. Scott Reckard.


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