Tears in Chicago: Barack Obama Emotionally Tells Campaign Volunteers His Story

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I think that even Obama’s detractors might want to see this one.

I like this guy. I think he’s going places.

(Also note: no teleprompter.)

Obama thanking volunteers

My big disappointment with him right now is that he doesn’t start off speeches with “Salaam Alekum” just to freak out the bigots.

Here’s some tidbits from a piece on another site:

This happened yesterday, November 7.

It happened at Obama HQ in Chicago.

Obama gets emotional several times, but the human magic happens from 3:22 to 3:59.

The guy that speaks out when Obama starts crying seems to be saying, “Hold on, Barack, hold on”, in a sort of communal, sermonic, “testifying” exchange. …

Those dudes by the wall to the right of Obama are David Axelrod (with the glorious ‘stache) and Jim Messina (who threw an epic fist pump at 0:03). …

More about Messina: Messina was in charge of the campaign. He was the David Plouffe of 2012. And boy did he knock that out of the ballpark. You can read here about the highly secretive data-crunching team Messina put together that is at the heart of why Obama got re-elected.

Make fun of those tears, radical Republicans. We can still hear you, so the hole that you’ve dug for yourselves is not yet deep enough.

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