Romney Donors Infuriated That Romney Lied to Them to Raise Campaign Money

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I don’t know how much coverage this is getting in the traditional media, but you — yes, you, reading this right now — have got to read the original story in Politico, because this is almost too funny to be true:

As results began to stream in Tuesday night, prominent Romney supporters in Boston tried to stay positive, reassuring themselves that there was still a path to the White House. But dejection quickly turned to anger a day after an Electoral College rout that shocked many who had heard self-assured projections about voter enthusiasm and turnout in private conference calls and meetings in the campaign’s final stretch.

Another Republican outside the Romney campaign but privy to its thinking described the defeat as a complete pummeling, with Senate losses adding salt to the wound.

Romney supporters point to a series of brash statements made by advisers that seem out of touch with reality in retrospect. Inside the Beltway, Republicans trained their fire on senior Romney advisers like Ed Gillespie and political director Rich Beeson for appearances on last weekend’s Sunday shows. Gillespie said the electoral map was expanding, and Beeson predicted a 300 electoral vote win for Romney.

“There were a lot of Republicans who were on calls that the campaign was having led to believe we had shots in Pennsylvania and Minnesota,” one Republican operative supporting Romney said. “I think Republicans are split right now between confused and shocked, and also I think they are wondering did the Romney campaign have numbers we didn’t have. … Was last week a head fake, or were they just not that smart?”

So, Romney talked a load of bull to his investors about the probable success of their venture, to keep them happy — and now they say that they’re surprised?  Why, it’s as if he left a company go bankrupt while keeping the fees!

Look: they knew he was a scorpion when they let him climb onto their back; they should have expected to be stung.  (For those thinking that perhaps I would have no sympathy for Mitt Romney, this proves you wrong.)  Romney was a liar, but his donors were the greater imbeciles.

Meanwhile, this paragraph from a similar Huffington Post story is, if anything, even funnier:

“The billionaire donors I hear are livid.  There is some holy hell to pay. Karl Rove has a lot of explaining to do … I don’t know how you tell your donors that we spent $390 million and got nothing.

How do you tell them that?  While puffing on a fat Cuban cigar that their donations allowed you to buy, of course!  Karl Rove doesn’t have to explain a damn thing and need not pay a penny towards holy hell.

Welcome to the real world, Republican donors.  You’ve been away too long.

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